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DribbleDry T-Shirt

Using DribbleDry technology each T-shirt has a fully integrated dribble absorbent chest area which is designed to absorb dribble for longer!Key benefits of DribbleDry T-shirt:Bamboo fabric is much more absorbent than cottonSuperb wicking properties so the garment stays looking dryNo dribble bib neededWaterproof using the highest quality fabircSnug fit around the babys neck helping to prevent dribble rash and sorenessContains natural antibacterial and odourless propertiesMachine-washable and tumbledry friendly!Helps minimise dribble rash and soreness around the chest areaThe only fabric in contact with your baby skin is a soft cotton

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DribbleDry T-Shirt Reviews

Product Tested by: Katie Loneragan – Harry 11 Months

Product Tested By Katie Loneragan –
Harry 11 Months

Katie Awarded
The DribbleDry T-shirt 5/5

When I first
saw the DribbleDry T-shirt I was pleased with the style as the absorbent part
blended in with the top. It was also joined very neatly on the inside so not to
irritate the skin on the joint. I was surprised about how soft the fabric was.
The sizing of the top was as I would expect it to be for what I ordered. There
was plenty of room in the arms for my chubby little guy and having the poppers
at the neck allowed easy access over the head without the usual struggle we
have! The quality of fabric is amazing-it has stayed soft despite numerous
washes. The T-shirt has maintained its shape perfectly and allows easy
movement. I was very impressed with how soft the absorbent part stayed despite
being wet. The absorbent part itself is very generous in size-much more than I
was expecting, and so gives much more coverage than dribble bibs I had been
using previously. It reaches to about Harry’s belly button so caught almost all
the dribbling and dripping whilst he was bending over and moving around. The
absorbency was so fantastic we had no rubbing on his neck and at no point did
the underside of the T-shirt get wet despite it being worn all day. It even
coped with drinking water being spat out!!
I was very impressed that over a full day of use Harry’s skin stayed
dry, even under the neck which would usually be damp. This top can be washed in
a normal wash and so is very easy to launder. I think this top is priced in
line with other good quality tops, however, has the added benefit of great
absorbency and so is definitely value for money. It is such good quality that I
am confident my son will get many months of wear out of it. We will be
continuing its use in the future as I have found no other product that works as
well as this. I would recommend this product for a variety of reasons: the
quality and softness makes it a good everyday wear top, the absorbency is
better than any bib and so there is no damp material against your child’s skin,
and finally, not having a bib around the neck must be much more comfortable and
is much less of a risk in my opinion. This product is definitely a 5/5. Great
quality, great absorbency, great style and peace of mind that my son has
nothing unnecessary around his neck and stays dry all day-We are a very happy
mummy and baby! Katie Loneragan – Harry
11 Months

Tested By
Mikaela Lapper – Joseph 16 Months

Awarded The DribbleDry T-shirt 5/5

Looked a nice
product. The sizing is great my son is big for his age so we ordered 2-3 and it
has a lot of growing room. The quality
of the fabric is great and the practicality of the top is great too. It does
what it’s supposed too. The top was cream which is my only small issue as it
gets dirty easily and can stain. As my son is teething he dribbles ALOT. The
coverage of the big is the perfect size and it also dried really quickly.
Absorbs amazingly well and I was very impressed at how much and how quick it
did absorb. My son suffers terrible dribble rash on his neck and cheat because
of them get wet. He wore the t shirt for the whole day without me needing to
change it and there was no rash or wetness after wards. Was very easy to wash
and dry. I think this t shirt does
offer value for money. It’s not much more money than a normal t shirt and the
cost of bibs on top. Its durable and the quality is great. I will definitely
keep using this product at least until my child has stopped teething. I would
recommend this product to others. I already have. It really does do the job and
I’ve found it to be a blessing. A lot of my friend’s babies have sensitive skin
and suffer with dribbling so they are constantly changing bibs 4 or 5 times a
day. With this there is no need to do that. My overall experience with this
product has been fantastic. The product is great easy to use and easy to look
after. Mikaela Lapper – Joseph 16 Months

Tested By
Yvonne Titi-Lartey – Sunny 14 months

Awarded The DribbleDry T-shirt 4/5

I liked the
product it looked soft and the material looked durable, I like the unisex
colour and the style of it. I also thought that it looked very well made the
idea behind it is brilliant. I thought the sizing was ok I had to get a bigger
size as I have a bigger baby, with due respect most people don’t have babies
who are bigger than their age. For the age I ordered it was still slightly small
but it didn’t look like she was wearing a crop top so that’s something. loved
the quality, it was very soft my daughter spent most of the time she wore it
running her hand over the soft bib part, I believe that it is practical as it’s
easy to wash and easy to get stains out. With regards to my daughter it didn’t
provide enough cover however for the average size baby I believe that it will
be sufficient. My daughter is not really
a dribbler so did not review the absorbency of this top to its max. This did leave my baby’s skin dry. Very easy to launder and good value for
money. I know a few mothers with
children who do dribble so yes I think it’s a good product and I will recommend
it. Although the idea behind it is great
I personally don’t feel like it was suitable for my child but the concept is
fantastic, at the end of the day not all babies dribble and for the few that do
it’s a fantastic product for them. This
looks good and made a wonderful looking T-Shirt. Yvonne Titi-Lartey – Sunny 14 months



This product is definitely a 5/5. Great quality, great absorbency, great style and peace of mind that my son has nothing unnecessary around his neck and stays dry all day-We are a very happy mummy and baby! 


Katie Awarded The DribbleDry T-shirt 5/5

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