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Drumond Park Super Ski Jump Game

Earn points by jumping the farthest, doing tricks and sticking the landing as you tackle the toughest slope of them all! Stay cool under pressure and time your tricks just right! Challenge your friends and score the most trick points to win!

2 – 4 players Ages 8+

£19.99 Available to buy online

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Drumond Park Super Ski Jump Game Reviews

Product Tested By Sarah Cummins – Bethannie and Emillie – 9 & 11 Years

Sarah Awarded The Super Ski Jump Game 4.5/5

The box of the game was bright and colourful, it is definitely something I would pick off the shelf and have a good look at. The back of the box has photographs of the game so it’s very clear to see what the game involved and we knew what to expect straight away. If you look at the front of the box only you would know nothing about the game. A photo on the front of the box in the corner would give you an instant idea of what the game is. When you are looking at a row of games on a shelf you won’t always pick up every box. So although there are photos on the back they may not get looked at. The instructions were simple and it was very clear to me how to play the game. Initially I thought it would be hard to score the players but once we saw the score cards it was a-lot easier than expected. The instructions on how to build the game were good too although there was one part that looks like a ski rack that we were not sure what its purpose was. I really liked that in the hints and tips area it suggested recording on your phone in slow motion. This was a great idea and we loved watching the videos back to score. Sometimes seeing something we didn’t before. My children understood how to play the game straight away. With the score cards as a reference they were able to decide which set of skis to go for and decide if they wanted to go for maximum tricks or a good landing. My children are 9 and 11 and totally grasped the concept of the game. They really enjoyed playing it too. The whole family took part and it was a lot of fun to play and can take as long or as short a time you want depending on how many rounds you have. There is a large element of luck in this game which means the children have as much chance at winning as the parents. This is great as sometimes they get disheartened if they feel they are losing. My four year old did have ago but did not have the coordination to do it alone. She enjoyed a simplified version so I would say that the game could be suitable from age 6 or 7 but has no upper age limit. It’s a little bit fiddly to put the track together but only takes a few minutes. You do need a good sized play space in order to film it and babe plenty of room when your skier goes off route! I loved the concept of this game. It’s simple and its fun. The idea is to a core the most points by performing trick and doing the best landing. But you can choose a strategy by using a high scoring ski or a more stable ski. The scoring system works well and is easy to do especially with the score cards. I found that the kids were not even that bothered about winning they just loved playing the game and laughing at the tricks. This is great for us as sometimes wanting to win can spoil the game. I also like that they suggest 3 rounds but you could have as many rounds as you want. The contents of the game were good. The instructions are clear and the game board is very stable when built. It doesn’t fall apart when you play. The characters are colourful and the score cards work well. There is nothing else you need although it would be nice to have a full pad of score cards and maybe a podium for the winners at the end. You can download more scorecards if needed. Both children understood the rules and knew what to do. There was no complaining about it being too hard and they followed the rules correctly. They have enjoyed playing this with friends and each other. They are able to play without adult support although do need a hand to assemble the track. They have played it really nicely without arguments too. We have played this several times as a family and its great fun. It’s quick to set up and tidy up and doesn’t take too long to play so it’s easy to fit into the day. Both me and my partner have enjoyed this game and have even played each other without the children. My four year old has had a go too so it’s really fun for the whole family. They loved trying new methods to go for flips and good landings. They also love filming it and watching it back. With practice their timing has got loads better and therefore so has the tricks and the landing. The children really love this game and can play it again and again. Watching the tricks back in slow motion show us things we didn’t even see. They can play it happily for a good couple of hours. I will be recommending it.This game is exciting as you never know what is going to happen. Although it is competitive I found that as the children enjoyed the process of the game they didn’t get upset if they lost. Due to the nature of the game it’s easy to come back from behind to take the win so the children stayed competitive throughout the game. The game is made well, is easy to play and has been thought about well. I think £19.99 is an acceptable price for a board game. The pieces will last and as the children won’t grow out of this game we will be playing it for a long time. I really enjoyed that we could play as a family. It can be really difficult to find a game were everyone has a fair chance at winning. Often my older child has an advantage over the other children or as a parent you have to let the children win now again. With this game everyone has a fair chance of winning as there is a fair amount of luck involved. It makes it more fun as a parent that everyone can join in and do their best without anyone winging it’s too hard.I would definitely buy it. It was great fun playing with the whole family and the children ask again and again to play it. We really had fun and laughed a lot. I would recommend as it is a fantastic family game that is fun, not too complicated and doesn’t take hours to play. It makes you laugh a lot! We love this game but a lot of the fun does come from watching slow motion on your phone and without this technology it would be harder to play. That’s the only reason I did not score 5 as not everyone has a phone. It’s easy to set up and fun to play. This game really brought us together as a family. I often dread playing board games as it often ends up in either someone finding it too hard and crying or someone getting bored. This game kept the attention of everyone and we had no fights or tears it really was just fun to play. I love this product. It’s fun. I would like to see a little podium included as the end can be a bit of an anti-climax. Although this stops the tears from the losers. This really was fun and I will be telling my friends about it. Sarah Cummins – Bethannie and Emillie – 9 & 11 Years

Product Tested By Lucy Lowe – Daughter 8 Years

Lucy Awarded The Super Ski Jump Game 4.4/5

The packaging is attractive; the game idea looks fun and interesting. Eye catching box, I like the ski jumper almost looking 3D. Easy to read and understand, putting the game together didn’t take long. My child did understand how to play the game after a few practice go’s. I think you need a warm up round to get use to the speed of the jumpers. This is ideally suited to 8 years plus. Having the ability to gauge the speed of the jumpers and trying to get the best tricks needs this high age range. This was easy to set up as instructions were easy to follow and there weren’t too many bits. Good concept helps kids develop their hand eye coordination in a fun way. Contents were fine, enough parts to offer a variety to the game. The technique takes time to master, but starting off on a lower incline gives them time to get use to the concept. My daughter did play this with a friend. I would say this is a good family game as adults aren’t always better than kids at hand eye coordination so it’s anyone’s game to win. The ability to make the game more advanced as you play it more ensures it holds their interest for longer. If you get the technique right it’s a great game however if you don’t have the knack it can be frustrating. We are a competitive family so love a game where anyone can win at any point. One good trick is the difference between winning and losing. The components fitted well together and seemed sturdy. The quality of the game is good however I would rather pay £15 than £20 for a family board game. This game is a great way of developing your hand-eye coordination in a fun competitive way. I would not buy presently as have a 5 year old and he would not be able to play with us as a whole family just yet. I would recommend for those with older kids. It’s a fun game as an adult to play and it can be any length you want to make it if you are restricted on time. Excellent new concept for a game, great for a competitive family to play together. Fun game to play with older children to help develop their hand eye coordination. Great new concept for a game that gets rid of a boring 2d board and uses an interesting 3D idea. Lucy Lowe – Daughter 8 Years

Product Tested By Frances-Anne Lees – Darragh 9 years

Frances Awarded The Super Ski Jump Game 4/5

It looked like a normal box package, no problems, addressed well. It was packaged well, no excess padding or cardboard. Well labelled. The print was on the small side making it hard to read instructions. The instructions to build it were difficult to understand as well. They did understand the game but parents had to explain every single turn. The children couldn’t understand the scoring system. The children think it should be more aimed at 10+. We did not find this easy to set up. It took over 20 minutes to apply all the decals and assemble the pieces. There are quite a few pieces to build. The idea of the game is brilliant. We’ve played a similar game in which the landings have to be counted up and its great fun. This game definitely brings out the competitive sides.The contents were fine, although there were a lot, so seemed a bit daunting. Once it was set up and explained to them they found it easy enough to play. They did play with friends. They found it a great activity and loved challenging each other to win the best scores. We did all play as a family and it was mental. The squeals and shouts when a great score was achieved were hilarious. They loved trying to beat each other’s scores; however their daddy was more competitive than the children. This certainly kept them entertained as they loved working out new challenges. This is a challenging and exciting game; however I got more entertainment by watching the adults try to beat the kid’s scores. It’s built well with good sturdy bright coloured materials. It is good value for money as the kids keep asking to play it again. I loved seeing the kids try to outdo each other and make strategic moves in order to win. My family enjoyed this at family time and it’s not one that is easily forgotten about, so I would buy this. I would recommend as I think my extended family would love it as much as we do.The game has a great concept; however there are so many parts and the instructions are many. If it were simplified slightly it would be a higher rating. It’s a great game for a competitive family and appeals to adults and children. However the only fault I can find (and it’s a major one) is that the pieces don’t fit back in the box once it’s been assembled. Maybe I’m doing something wrong but I couldn’t see how to dismantle the main part without snapping it and breaking it. So now that the box doesn’t close there’s a bigger chance of parts getting lost. Frances-Anne Lees – Darragh 9 years


I love this product. It’s fun. I would like to see a little podium included as the end can be a bit of an anti-climax. Although this stops the tears from the losers. This really was fun and I will be telling my friends about it.


Sarah Awarded The Super Ski Jump Game 4.5/5

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