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Duplo Polar Zoo

Fun on the ice at the LEGO® DUPLO® zoo! They may come from opposite poles, but they all have fun together at the LEGO® Ville zoo! As the playful penguins slide down the tube, the polar bear and its little cub play with the block of ice and wait for the zookeeper to feed them their favorite fishy snack.
Just the right size for smaller hands! Includes 2 penguins, 2 polar bears, 1 fish, zookeeper and penguin tube.


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£23.99 available, Toys R Us, Smyths, Amazon, Argos, John Lewis and all good independent toy shops

Duplo Polar Zoo Reviews

Product Tested by: Lucy Larkin – Finn & Milo 4 Years & 20 Months

Product Tested By Lucy Larkin – Finn & Milo 4 Years & 20 Months

Lucy Awarded The Duplo Polar Zoo 4.9/5

Great, we love Duplo in our house and the boys were very excited when this arrived, Packaging Shows exactly what is inside!  Perfect playset size and great it can be added to. My boys have had lots of fun playing with it so far.  Seems to entertain both boys. They get different things out of it. My 4 year old builds the sets and the 20 month old loves playing with the animals and putting the penguins on the slide.  My boys have played great games with this.  Definitely helps child development, the building of the different sets is a great challenge for my 4 year old.  Easy enough for my boys to play with as it consists of chunky blocks of bright colours which are always great!  We have used our existing Duplo to build larger play sets.  Quality is Excellent, Duplo is always a winner!  Duplo is expensive but lasts forever and I love that it can be added to and used with existing Duplo.  We are fans of Duplo, will be purchasing more.  Recommend without hesitation as fabulous range.  My boys have loved it! Duplo and animals are always a winning combination!  Lucy Larkin – Finn & Milo 4 Years and 20 Months


Product Tested By Kerry Pocock – Jake Aged 2 Years

Kerry Awarded The Duplo Polar Zoo 4.2/5

I quite liked it, looked fun and never seen this type of product for the age range of 2-5. The packaging looked fun and we couldn’t wait to open it and play. He did play with it for at least 45 mins at the start and this is pretty good for a 2 year old.  Packaging was bright and clearly marked what it is, what it does and what age range.  The pictures were fun and exact copy of what you had in the box.  I think for the age range it was just right, not to big and not too small.  The parts are quite large so not easily lost and no worry of being swallowed.  My child loves building things but the normal larger building blocks can be a little boring.  My son is still playing with it 3 weeks down the line, he asks me to join in with him and some of the parts are still a little bit fiddly for him e.g. the tunnel which is in 3 parts.  He is unable to put these together but knows how they go together. This is perfect for Jake as the parts are large enough not to worry about him swallowing, nothing is sharp.  So I would have no problem leaving him to play with this toy while I was doing something else.  He does not understand at 2 how the parts all go together to make something, but has fun trying to put the parts together in a random way.  He is thinking about what he does when playing and he knows how certain parts should go together.   We interact together with this toy and he watched me put items together and then copied.  He did get slightly frustrated when he couldn’t put together the parts that make a tunnel as there was a bit of a nack to it.  When he did put the bricks together he was excited and proud of the finished result.  He knew exactly how to play with it and where the penguins go down the tunnel. I think if my child was slightly older he would understand it more.  He used the polar Bears and Penguins with his other toys.  He took them everywhere with him for the first couple of days.  Quality Very good, packaging bright, parts are not just bricks and they are colourful and easy to put together.  I think it’s quite expensive for what you get.  I think this item is slightly overpriced.  We enjoyed playing with it and he is still playing with it which is a good sign. The only thing I found annoying as there were pictures on the box of how to put them together but no instructions so lots of guessing work which I don’t think 2-5 year old is going to find easy.  Overall I would buy this toy for my child if the price came down slightly.  Kerry Pocock – Jake Aged 2 Years


Product Tested By Claudine Hardman – Isaac & Ava Aged 3 & 6 Years

Claudine Awarded The Duplo Polar Zoo 4.9/5

Good fun and something a little bit different.  The box has clear pictures of the duplo inside and also helps child to set the zoo scene up so that is really helpful.   Ideal size for my three year old, pieces are not too small that he would lose them or put them in his mouth. The set is also not too big that it can not be stored easily.   Both of my children have had lots of fun with the zoo so it really has kept them entertained.  The box gave the impression it would be totally safe and suitable for all ages really and I had no concerns regarding age suitability.   My 3 year will come back to this set time and time again although his attention span is very short so each play is perhaps less than 15 minutes. My 6 year old has sat and played with the set for maybe 40 minutes or more. It stimulates her imagination and she imagines the figures and the animals speaking to each other. The set really helps her to put on a real show.  This set helps to develop many skills within the children, co ordination in constructing the set. The children use the picture on the box to help them construct it. It is delightful listening to the children doing role plays with the set.   It is simple enough for my 3 year old although he does need a little help to construct the set. My 6 year old can easily construct the set and this is all part of the playing.   As my 6 year has great imagination she has used it as an assault course for her little dog figures. Superb quality, totally safe and tough enough that it will last. It does offer good value for money as it will not really date and it will last for years if looked after. It could actually be passed down generations because every child loves to play with duplo/lego.  Would certainly buy this item and recommend to others.  A quality set that will last and great value as it can be played with over and over again.  Claudine Hardman – Isaac & Ava Aged 3 & 6 Years

My boys have loved it! Duplo and animals are always a winning combination! 


Lucy Awarded The Duplo Polar Zoo 4.9/5

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