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Dycem Tortoise/Hippo Play Mat

Dycem mats provide a secure surface that anchors items effectively in place. Dycem mats are available in a variety of shapes, sizes and colours.

"" To stabilize objects
"" To hold objects firmly in place
"" To provide a better grip

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Dycem Tortoise/Hippo Play Mat Reviews

Product Tested by: Emma Coules - Daisy 3.5 Years

Product Tested By Emma Coules – Daisy 3.5 Years
Emma Awarded the Dycem Tortoise Playmat 4/5

I initially thought wow £18.50 for this! There was a clear explanation as to the use of the product that was easy to follow. The size and shape of the mat could have been a bit larger and the tortoise shape was somewhat unimportant. We use it mainly for mealtimes but have used it for colouring and to practise Daisy’s writing. I would say that certain meals it plays an integral role in my daughter not wearing her dinner, it’s extremely easy to keep clean and it’s portable. It’s obviously made from very high quality materials but I think it would offer fantastic value for money if it was £10. In all honesty I would not buy this product even though I thought it was good and had clear benefits. It is purely a financial reason I personally would not purchase it. Fabulous for mealtimes, my almost 2 year old son has used it too, although he was able to prize it off of the table and fling it across the room. My almost 4 year old reaped the most benefits from it. It’s good for them to practise their pen to paper skills if they’re writing in a book or something thicker than paper or the ridges do cause them problems, again colouring on it was not so good if it was fine paper. So perfect for mealtimes and just alright for other things.Emma Coules – Daisy 3.5 Years

Product Tested By Rowena Paget – Eleni 18 Months

Rowena Awarded the Dycem Tortoise Playmat 3.5/5

It seemed a good quality product and an attractive design. There was sufficient information on the potential uses of the mat provided with the packaging. I thought the design was lovely but unfortunately it was a little too big to fit on the tray of the high-chair. The shape of the mat also made it difficult to use it for colouring. I know it wouldn’t look as pretty but I think a boring rectangle might be a more practical design. We tried to use the mat as a placemat at meal times and also for colouring. My daughter found the mat very interesting and wouldn’t leave it sit under her plate! We will continue to use it, especially when my daughter moves out of her high chair. The quality is excellent but I do think it’s rather pricey! I may consider buying a rectangular shaped one if it was a bit cheaper though. If a friend needed a non-slip placemat then I would recommend this with the proviso that they should first check it fits onto their high chair tray. This non-slip placemat is a quality item and it really does work. The design is very attractive but, for me, this was also the main problem with the mat as it does not fit flat onto my high chair tray. Rowena Paget – Eleni 18 Months

Product Tested By Simone Magee – Nathan 18 Months

Simone Awarded the Dycem Tortoise Playmat 3/5

The mat looked attractive when I first saw it but I wasn’t convinced that it was worth the price tag, it seemed very expensive. The size and shape of the mat are good, had no problems with that, it’s fairly generous in size and has a good shape. When we used it for eating, my son managed to pull it off his tray anyway and I found it difficult to clean this too. A nice idea and sticks well but difficult to clean and really not worth the price tag in my opinion!Simone Magee – Nathan 18 Months

We use it mainly for mealtimes but have used it for colouring and to practise Daisy’s writing


Emma Awarded the Dycem Tortoise Playmat 4/5

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