Saved In Children's TV channels is the brainchild of Keith Littler and Victoria Brook. The two met in the early Summer of 2015 and discovered a shared passion for Children’s Television. It wasn’t long before the idea of creating a 100% British content, free to view online channel started to take shape and was born. Keith brings 30 years in the Children’s TV Industry to the channel having Produced and written BAFTA nominated Series for BBC, Nickelodeon and ITV as well as working on over 300 Series from all over the world including Magic Roundabout, Lazytown, Watership Down and Casper The Friendly Ghost. Keith has also written 11 Children’s books. Victoria, winner of the 2015 Mumpreneur Award from Achieve Magazine, and in 2012 Women in Business runner up had already had online success with Herbie The Hound as well as publishing books and brings many years of commercial experience to the Marketing and PR of Our aim is to create the biggest independent online Children’s Channel in the UK and to guarantee original, British content and to become a trusted choice of parents and little ones. Our 2 hour Switch-Off and no advertising policy are foundations of our Children’s channel and will go some way to demonstrating that Online viewing can be safe, entertaining and free from commercials. 2 hour Switch-Off has become a one-stop shop for kids and parents offering a safe, free and genuine channel with content that celebrates and reflects all that is good in British culture, suitable for the entire family. All this comes with a big added bonus – a maximum 2 hour viewing time. Our 2 hour viewing mantra and switch off enables us to help educate children through our anchor man Herbie who we believe will be seen as a non threatening alternative and saves Mum and Dad the job.

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Product Tested by: Charlotte Rudolph – Ruby & Dylan – 3 & 2 Years

Tested By
Charlotte Rudolph – Ruby & Dylan – 3 & 2 Years

Awarded The 4.2/5

Seemed like a
good idea but the website didn’t wow me. I think this is great, it’s
interactive, new and refreshing but maybe a little limiting if it can only be
accessed via internet. Not everyone has a computer. The programme content is Varied and suitable
for a range of ages and sexes. For me it was fine, I feel quite good at
computers and various technologies so it was simple enough. Although I though
some of the paged layouts were a little cluttered. Regarding Bopstop Parents section the robot
verification didn’t go from my parent page so blocked a lot of the content. The
info was informative but cluttered. The page was too busy. This has a 2 hour shut down mechanism built
in and I liked it and I didn’t. I like to be in control of how much they watch.
I felt that this was too restrictive with two children. Sharing the time. I
would probably mention it in a conversation but not recommend it as such. A good
concept, not greatly executed. Dated cluttered, but some good programs. My
children lost interest after a while. I liked the idea of something new as
there is only so much cbeebies I can deal with,
but if the children don’t engage with it won’t work. I think with some tweaks and some improvement
on the overall look it will do well. Charlotte Rudolph – Ruby & Dylan – 3 &
2 Years

Tested By
Becky Derbyshire – Harry 2 years

Becky Awarded
The 4/5

It was easy to use and navigate through the different options. I like
the concept but thought some of the programs were quite low in quality/resolution.
Some pretty low budget looking programs. I would have preferred more colour and
cartoon programs to grab his engagement more. For example, Charlie Marmalade
really got his attention but it would have been better if the counting part was
clearer. Even I had a hard time understanding what the cat was saying. This is very easy to navigate. The Bopstop Parents section, some of it was
interesting but I would have preferred more tips on engaging with young
children. I did not notice this had a built in 2 hour shut down feature. I
have already told family about the website. Could do much better on the
programs. More variety and better quality. It looks great and is at a good
starting place but needs work. More program options with better quality.
Possibly by age group perhaps. Becky Derbyshire – Harry 2 years

Tested By
Charlotte Bishop – Isabelle & Amber – 4 & 3 Years

Charlotte Awarded
The 3.5/5

Bright and
well laid out, easy to navigate. It’s a great idea but I would much
prefer it as an app as I don’t like leaving web browsers open for my children
as it can allow them to navigate away from what they’re doing. We weren’t
able to view the full programme content as we got the message "because of privacy
settings this cannot be played" and I couldn’t work out a way around it, I
also tried to contact the company with no response. The site is very easy to navigate and understand;
even my 4 year old could do it. We did find Bopstop parents section good as it
has lots of information about the product. Like the concept of the 2 hour shut
down so you can be sure your children are not watching programmes all day
long. If this was available as an App I
would recommend. A few technical
issues but nothing that couldn’t be improved with time. A potentially good
Product, unfortunately we weren’t able to view any programmes but my daughters
enjoyed doing the other activities on the page! It would help if there was a
quicker response to Customers too. Charlotte Bishop – Isabelle & Amber – 4 &
3 Years

Tested By
Mrs. Yudi Irvine – Henry 3 years 11 Months

Yudi Awarded
The 3.8/5

Viewing this
on a tablet, the home page appeared clear.
Personally not a massive fan of the design of the logo as it was felt it
was a bit lost on the page. The headers were clear and easy to navigate around
the page. The Facebook page was regularly updated and informative for parents –
would just watch the header image as when viewed on a mobile, a large amount of
the text was cut off. Twitter account is
updated regularly. I can see what they are trying to do with this channel in a
very competitive market with other leading sites (CBeebies, ITV). They have a
range of programmes which is obviously aimed at a range of audience with a
variety of tastes. Little Red Tractor
was a favourite in our house. Whilst my son enjoyed some of the programmes, his
attention was limited on some days when he watched this channel. As these are
new programmes, he has not formed a ‘loyalty’ to any of the characters – this
of course takes time when it comes to children especially as they don’t see
these characters anywhere else. Fairly easy to navigate as an adult and as a
child. Was easy for a child to get into this section. There was certainly a lot
to read and find out more. Enjoyed the balance between the stories,
competitions and blogs. Just need to not
‘overwhelm’ the content with too many of the same things as this minimises
attention. This programme offers a 2 hour shut down, but this was not relevant
in our household as my little one is not allowed to be online for this amount
of time. I would recommend if they wanted a change from the usual apps/channels
their children like. As previously mentioned, the child needs to ‘buy into’ the
characters more to make them a loyal visitor to this channel. Looked nice on
all platforms, provided a variety to the usual platforms used. I did
think this was a nice channel and the parents section was informative. I do have reservations as to how many times
my little one will ask for this channel – whether having an app available would
make this easier as it would sit on a homepage rather than having to look it up
with a website address. The programme contents were good and would certainly be
attractive to a number of different children – age and gender. I wish it well. Mrs.
Yudi Irvine – Henry 3 years 11 Months




I think with some tweaks and some improvement on the overall look it will do well. 


Charlotte Awarded The 4.2/5 Stockist Information