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e-cloth Stainless Steel Pack

 e-cloth’s Stainless Steel Pack is the ultimate cleaning solution for stainless steel. It has all you need to tackle finger marks, grease and grime on stainless steel surfaces and appliances. Our specialised cleaning and polishing cloth will leave them gleaming.1 x Stainless Steel Cloth, 1 x Polishing Cloth   

Stainless Steel Cloth
Designed for all types of Stainless Steel, the versatile Stainless Steel Cloth easily removes grease, finger marks and bacteria from stainless steel, using just water. The scrubbing stripes on one side of the cloth are highly effective on brushed stainless steel. The other side has a smooth absorbent texture for polished stainless steel.32cm x 32cm
Polishing Cloth
The Polishing Cloth’s specialist fibre construction and weave increase the speed at which moisture is absorbed, to remove even the lightest grease and finger marks to leave stainless steel completely streak-free. It will easily outperform specialist cleaning liquids.40cm x 50cm




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£9.49 twin pack Available Lakeland, John Lewis or click online to find local stockist

e-cloth Stainless Steel Pack Reviews

Product Tested by: Emma White

Tested By
Emma White

Awarded The e-cloth Stainless Steel Pack 4.6/5

I’ve heard of e-cloths before and
know they have a good reputation but I really didn’t believe it would remove
grease. First impressions were of good quality cloths in attractive, functional
packaging. The packaging was functional
and made it very clear what the product was.
The instructions were very easy to follow. The cloths feel like good quality cloths that
aren’t going to deteriorate as others do.
I really didn’t believe the claim that these cloths could remove grease
with just water alone but I was pleasantly surprised that they actually did! If you have a lot of stainless steel in your
kitchen these would definitely be a good investment, they do not leave smears
and would save a lot of money on normal stainless steel spray cleaners. I’m not certain I would purchase these cloths
personally as I only have a stainless steel stove and I am happy using a normal
spray cleaner on this. However if I ever had a stainless steel worktop I would
certainly consider buying. I would
recommend this product to friends and family. It does what it says on the tin! I ‘m not convinced that using the product
with just water is good enough to remove all bacteria but they claim it does. Pleasantly surprised how effective the cloths
are. Emma White

Tested By
Natalie Bailey

Awarded The e-cloth Stainless Steel pack 4/5

effective and good that it also cleans as well as shines. Nice packaging would stand out in shop and
shows product well. I was a little
unclear about which side to use for what. The product appears to work very well
and leaves items with a lovely shine! It
really did do what it said on the tin and cleaned well. I think the cloth is very expensive, so
although effective I would be unlikely to purchase one unless I had tried one
out before and seen how good it is. I would recommend this as worked well. Cloth is very effective with excellent
results, but I feel it is priced too high against comparable products. Natalie Bailey

Tested By
Marilyn Brown

Awarded The e-cloth Stainless Steel Pack 4.5/5

checked these out online before they arrived and was eager to see if what they
claimed would work. Arrived very well
packaged. Packaging very nice and eye
catching and good information. Looked
good quality and instructions very easy to follow. The cloth is very good quality and feels
strong and also looks like will last. I
tried this on our Stainless Steel cooker, toaster, kettle, sink unit and all the
taps and accessories in the bathroom. I
was very surprised how well this worked.
I must admit I would not have looked at a product like this before using
but now I have tried it really did work.
It got the dirt off, the grease and left my stainless steel taps, tops
and kitchen accessories looking lovely and clean. They are expensive, but on the other hand
they are so easy to use and you are not using so many sprays in the home. I would purchase these again if I can find
them on special offer. Although the
double pack will last a while so carrying on using these. I would certainly recommend as now tried them
and seen they work you have to let others know.
Good quality product which makes it so easy to clean your stainless
steel items. Thank you for giving me
this opportunity. Marilyn Brown







Pleasantly surprised how effective the cloths are.         


Emma Awarded The e-cloth Stainless Steel Pack 4.6/5     

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