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Earlybirds Jumpsuit

Beautiful clothing for Premature and small babies.  The Earlybirds Pattern Jumpsuits – 100% soft cotton rib.  Designed for ease of dressing.  Cuffs fold down to form mittens to keep hands warm and prevent babies from scrathing their face.  Available in Medium 1.5-2.5kg, Large 2.5-3.5kg and XL 3.5-4.5kg.

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£13.95 available to purchase online

Earlybirds Jumpsuit Reviews

Product Tested by: Rozena Kosar - Baby Raihan Alli 11 Weeks

Product Tested By Rozena Kosar –  Baby Raihan Alli 11 Weeks

Rozena Awarded The Earlybirds Jumpsuit 5/5

Very nice soft fabric and good design. Website has a good layout, easy to navigate, good range of products available although some are expensive.  Ideal for tiny babies for which high street shops don’t really cater for and such products are hard to find.  This is very easy to put on a tiny baby in the incubator therefore excellent design. Can get to babies tubing and wires with minimum disturbance due to undoing buttons etc.  This is such a practical design and found it so much easier to put on Raihan compared to normal range from shops that do not really cater for premature or extra small babies. Excellent quality, and easy to wash as keeps shape and is nice and soft perfect for baby skin.  This looked really comfortable and room for movement.  This was a perfect fit.  Also easy to launder, does not loose shape and do not need to iron.  Will certainly continue to use.  Will recommend as nice and comfortable as well as good quality and also very practical for a tiny baby.  You just can’t find such a range in shops would recommend that more shops should stock these products.  Excellent design, good quality as well as practical for small babies.   Rozena Kosar – Baby Raihan Alli 11 Weeks

Product Tested By Laura Wright – Baby Andrew 13 Weeks

Laura Awarded the Earlybirds Baby Gro 4/5

I thought it looked like a good item in terms of design but I did not find the finish impressive. On my first visit to the Company’s website I found that it took quite a long time to load, which made me very impatient. But the product range is good and the styles/designs would be very appealing to a new Mum. The design of this product is very practical for babies in NICU (SCBU), as it opened fully to enable tubes/wires to be fed direct from the tummy and down either leg. It would less suit a premature baby that has come home and does not need this capability. I was puzzled by the use of a ribbon to tie across the chest, rather than discreet press-studs under each armpit. I also tested the second size of the product and I felt that the sizes fit exactly right. The fabric was of very good quality, but I was rather disappointed that some of the stitching had come loose. My baby enjoyed wearing this item; it looked a little too big when it wasn’t on him but when it was it fit him perfectly. The item of clothing does not cause my baby any irritation and seems very safe and comfortable. The Gro also was very easy to launder and it did not misshape or require ironing. I think that personally this product is not very good value for money because I cannot afford to buy expensive clothes for my baby, also if it was a lower price then it would appeal to a wider target market. Now that I have tested this product I did continue to use it for nighttime wear until Andrew grows out of it. I would recommend this product to Mums because it is great for premature babies. Laura Wright – Baby Andrew 13 Weeks

Product Tested By Lucie Baverstock – Baby Elana 11 Weeks

Lucie Awarded the Earlybirds Baby Gro 4/5

The product arrived in very nice packaging and looked really lovely. The Company’s website is great. You can easily find out what sizes you will need and which products are most suitable for your baby. It does take a little time to load each page however. The design of the clothing is fantastic; it is evident that a lot of research has gone into producing these for premature babies. The design of the Gro is brilliantly suitable for premature babies; it fits great and looks good on. The only improvements that I can think of are to be able to cover the feet a bit better. The fabric is of great quality too and it has been washed and worn many times with no need for ironing. The Gro looks very comfortable on my baby and is very simple to launder. I do not however think that the product is very good value for money, it seems rather expensive. Now that I have tested this product I will continue to use it for as long as I can. I would also recommend this product to other Mums who have had a premature or very small baby because it is very hard to find suitable clothes in store. Overall, if the product was a bit less expensive and not as tight around the arms and feet then I would have given it top marks! Lucie Baverstock – Baby Elana 11 Weeks

Excellent design, good quality as well as practical for small babies.


Rozena Awarded The Earlybirds Jumpsuit 5/5

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