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Easy2name Stick-on Labels

These are brilliant labels that will stay stuck… Even in the Dishwasher, Steriliser or Microwave! Simply peel off and apply to any clean, dry surfaces. These stickers are perfect for bottles, beakers, lunchboxes and all utensils. They will keep track of pencil cases, rulers, books and toys. They can be also used in shoes with our Shoe label covers.

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Easy2name Stick-on Labels Reviews

Product Tested by: Julie Humphries - Katie Aged 2 Years

Product Tested By Julie Humphries – Katie Aged 2 Years

Julie Awarded The Easy2name Stick-on Labels 4/5

Look like they will do the job, a bit plain and simple.  Quality looks professional and seem to be hard wearing despite being small.  Instructions are clear and simple and had no problems removing them from their protective cover.  These are fairly small and slim, so fitted onto most things I wanted to use them on.  We used them on water bottles, dummy caps and medicine bottles.  These do stick firmly, provided little hands don’t decide it would be fun to pick at them!  Our labels were on a red background so less clear when stuck on something of a similar colour, but you can go online and choose your colour.  These certainly do stick firmly as some of them are on items that are washed daily and they are still securely stuck on.  Certainly offers value for money as they last, and also go a long way because you don’t constantly use them.  Would like to see these with fun pictures on them too.  These are just the sort of thing I would use and will be recommending to friends and family.  A useful product, tht does the job and lasts well.  Julie Humphries – Katie Aged 2 Years.

Product Tested By Ronel Lord – Jack Aged  Years

Ronel Awarded the Easy2name Stick-On Labels 4.7/5

Very simple design but practical.  The labels stick very well and have not had any peeling off and sticking well.  There is not much on the instructions but what they have given is exactly what you need and easy to follow.  These come in a protective film which is a bit slippy, but once you have worked it out the label comes off very easily.  The size is just perfect.  My son has these labels on his drinks bottles, lunch boxes and scooters and we have not encountered any problems all still in place.  We had Blue labels and really stand out well against lighter colours.  These do exactly what they say and are a very affordable and reasonable price.  I am sure there is an option to have the label in different colours, and maybe have some larger sizes so could fit school name on as well.  Would certainly consider purchasing more and already told friends and family.  These labels are very easy to use and very practical and they work.  Still stuck fast.  Ronel Lord – Jack Aged 3 Years.

Product Tested By Toni Adams – Phoebe Aged 2 Years

Toni Awarded The Easy2Name Stick on Labels 4/5

They look nice quality and the print is clear.  Quality is very good and the instructions are very easy to follow.  They are also very easy to use.  The labels are a good size for lunch boxes, drink bottles, cups etc but a little bit too big for things like spoons etc which also have to be labeled for nursery.  These stuck perfectly and stayed secure.  So far, the labels have been through the dishwasher lots of times and the stickers are still going strong.  Very easy to see once in place.   Very confident using these labels.  Do find them a bit expensive as work out at about 15pence each.   Design is good, will be purchasing more and recommend to friends and family.  I have tried many labels that don’t stay stuck on the items when they have been through the dishwasher.  There are cheaper options on the market which also are durable but these look nicer…overall, great quality products.  Toni Adams – Phoebe Aged 2 Years

Certainly offers value for money as they last, and also go a long way because you don’t constantly use them.


Julie Awarded The Easy2name Stick-on Labels 4/5

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