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Easybelt School Belt

Easybelts – School Belt made especially for Children. Easy to Fasten Belt are the ideal School Belt, helping to enable independence and build confidence at a time when the child needs to be independent in dressing. Easybelt replaces the pin mechanism with a VELCRO® Fastening strip attached to the quality soft webbing, The webbing slips through the D shape buckle and is folded back upon itself, thereby securing the belt and ensuring that the belt stays securely fastened, Easybelts unlike other children’s Velcro® Belts are adjustable in size to allow for growth and comfort. We also offer a larger D-Ring for those with limited hand coordination Please select the size you require when ordering The materials we use in our Belt are off a high quality soft webbing with genuine VELCRO® brand touch fasteners For more information on getting the correct size belt and D-Ring Please visit Helpful Tips page

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Prices Start from £6.00 Available to purchase online

Easybelt School Belt Reviews

Product Tested by:

Tested By Eva Fern – April 4 years

Eva Awarded
The Easybelts School Belt 4.6/5

Looked very
good quality. Nicely packaged and
arrived in neat jiffy bag. The material
used is strong and certainly will last.
Instructions not really required but easy to follow. The material is very strong, elastic is very
strong too and Velcro enables your child to adjust to suit size
themselves. This item will last a little
while and adjustable so will grow with April which means we can be sure of
longer use even as she grows. April
found this easy enough to put on and adjust herself after a few little
lessons. She also said it was very
comfortable to wear. You can check out
classic colours for the school belts online but if you wish to be a bit more
adventurous you can select brighter colours and styles as early school allows
you to have fun with colour. I was impressed as would not have thought of clicking
onto this website before. I will
definitely be buying more when she goes back to school later this year. Already recommended. Easy to use, Excellent
quality and will grow with your child.
What more could you ask for. Eva
Fern – April 4 years

Tested By Fiona Wright – Charlie 7 years

Fiona Awarded
The Easybelts School Belt 4.5/5

Arrived neatly packaged and was well protected. Looked good quality
and most definitely hard wearing.
Instructions simple to follow. These
school belts come in classic colours and suit most children’s school
uniforms. I was not sure what Charlie
would think of this belt but he found it really easy to use. I also really liked the fact this will adjust
as he grows, as on a burst at the moment and will not have to buy another belt
for a while. The quality is brilliant. Velcro makes it so easy to adjust and school
colour selection ideal for any uniform.
I was surprised how easily Charlie used this belt and said it was
comfortable. Very good value for
money. I will certainly be getting more
for later this year when back and school and another year older. Already recommended to friends and family as
these are so easy to use and the Best Thing is they adjust so they allow you the
chance to use longer as your child grows and develops. Top quality, easy for my son to use and
comfortable and available in classic school colours. Thank you Fiona Wright – Charlie 7 years

Product Tested By Charlene Smith – Lauren 5 years

Charlene Awarded The Easybelts School Belt 5/5

Lovely colour
and packaging. No real need for instructions but very clear. I thought this
belt was very pretty. Beautiful belt, lovely and soft. Does not dig in like regular belts. Sizing
was Perfect, easily adjustable. This belt is much easier to use, great to
manage for little fingers. Very good value.
Would definitely be purchasing again. Already have recommended. Beautiful. Perfect for little ones! Charlene
Smith – Lauren 5 years

Easy to use, Excellent quality and will grow with your child. What more could you ask for.


Eva Awarded The Easybelts School Belt 4.6/5

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