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Easybelts For Women

Easybelt for Women – An ideal belt for those with limited hand coordination. Easybelts is velcro closing to allow easily securing of the belt. The materials used in our belt is a high quality soft webbing that is elasticated for comfort, EasyBelt is also adjustable in size to give comfort and flexibility.This belt is the ideal belt for smart or casual wearWith Easybelt you have a choice in D-Ring, We offer the standard size and a larger size D-Ring for those that struggle with limited hand coordination. Please select the size you require when orderingThe EasyBelts has a velcro strip which replaces the buckle-pin mechanism which many people find dificult to use. The velcro strip slips through the D shape buckle and is folded back upon itself, thereby securing the belt and ensuring that the belt stays securely fastened. For more information on getting the correct size belt and D-Ring Please visit 

Bizziebaby Silver Award Winners 2014 

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Easybelts For Women Reviews

Product Tested by: Yvonne Pearson

Product Tested By Yvonne Pearson

Yvonne Awarded The Adult Easybelt 5/5

Looked well-made and good quality.
Strong and easy to adjust. Was
ideal as been on a bit of a diet and with this belt easy to adjust as waist
reduced in size as not holes to worry about?
Instructions easy to follow. The
sizing of the belt was really good and I had the Brown Stripe belt which went
with all of my selected chinos. It is
not a fashion statement belt but it does a brilliant job and so easy to adjust
that I never had to worry about letting out or letting in. Quality is really good. I would like to see more women’s designer
belts on offer just as we all love our fashion.
I have already purchased one for my mother who has trouble putting belts
on due to arthritis and she is getting on so well with this belt. Would certainly buy more as strong, ideal
for my dog walking and do a great job.
Overall this is a well-made belt, so easy to use and adjust and is
strong and works really well. For active
sports and also older members of the family these are ideal. Yvonne Pearson

Tested By 
Karina Caper

Carina Awarded the Adult Easybelt 4.7/5

Arrived well packaged
in neat jiffy bag. Did come with instructions
which were easy to follow. Quality
excellent. I ordered the purple
belt. I was not sure about this belt as
I am a bit mad on my leather belts and have quite a few. The style itself is not really fashionable
but it is Practical. So easy to use and put on.
Liked the Velcro as this made it so easy to adjust when required. This was a very good fit. Also was really
comfortable to wear. I really would not
have looked at this company online but as this is so practical and so
comfortable to wear I would definitely be purchasing more. I would like to see more fashionable styles
for women on offer though. This is a brilliant belt, superb quality, long lasting
and comfy to wear. I use this lot
now. Already recommended. If you want and easy to adjust belt, simple
design and comfortable to wear you should try these out. Karina

Tested By
Donna Benjamin

Donna Awarded
The Adult Easy Belt 4.3/5

Lots of Jazzy
designs but not very fashionable. I think they would be better aimed at
children. Packaging is suitable for item. The quality of this belt is really
good and the design is good. Great, will fit all sizes and very comfortable to
wear. This belt was so easy to use compared to other belts. I think for the
price people would pick other belts over this.
This belt worked well but I would really like more fashionable designs
on offer so would not purchase. I would definitely buy one of these for the
children, as it’s hard to get belts that fit children well. Great belt, easy to
use and good quality. I just think it would appeal to younger children rather
than adults, or maybe adults that have limited mobility struggle to do up a
normal belt, it would be very useful for. Donna







Overall this is a well-made belt, so easy to use and adjust and is strong and works really well. For active sports and also older members of the family these are ideal.


 Yvonne Awarded The Adult Easybelt 5/5

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