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EasyFeed Baby Bottle

Easyfeed Toxin free, Bisphenol-A free, safe 240ml (8oz) baby bottle. Special cap to prevent liquid from leaking from the bottle.

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240ml (80z) Bottle £4.95 Each available to purchase online

EasyFeed Baby Bottle Reviews

Product Tested by: Sarah Cook - Oliver 1 Year 4 Months

Product Tested By Sarah Cook – Oliver Aged 1 Year 4 Months

Sarah Awarded The EasyFeed Baby Bottle 3.8/5

First impression – Nothing special and similar to other baby bottles.  Packaging adequate and all relevant inforamtion about product printed clearly on box.  I was supplied with set of 4 bottles to review.  Quality looked average.  This bottle does not have a very wide neck and found it was not as easy to fill as other bottles I have used in the past.  Easy to hold for both myself and Ollie.  The measuring guage is not very easy to read as same colour as the bottle.  This bottle also benefits from cap to seal bottle which I found quite fiddly.  Very easy to clean and I must say this bottle was consistently leakproof.  I will continue using this but maybe they could improve the lid design (as leaked) and make the measuring guage clearer on the side of the bottle. I do feel this bottle is a little bit expensive, but if you are concerned about toxins in baby bottles, then this product would appeal to you.  An easy to use bottle with the added peace of mind that they are safe for baby.  Sarah Cook – Oliver Aged 1 Year 4 Months

Product Tested By Steph – Baby Isabella 6 Months

Steph Awarded The EasyFeed Baby Bottle 3.6/5

I really like the idea of a toxin free baby bottle.  Product looked attractive and is clearly marked with 0z and ml measurements.  The informtion on the box doen not include details on the speed of flow from the teat or really any other information other than the fact it is toxin free.  We were sent 4 bottles to revie which was ideal amount for my 6 month old daughter.  This does seem to be a good qualtiy bottle, although some of the white writing has come off after several uses and sterilisations.  I did not find it easy to read the mesuring guage whilst filling bottles as it is very faint.  A good ergonimic desing which is easy to hold.  Very easy to asemble and disassemble.  Found this bottle narrow so not as easy to clean as other bottles.   Ideal bottle to take on your travels and did not leak.  This is a lovely bottle to hold and for baby to feed from but so narrow slightly impractical, as every time I use it I spill milk powder as the bottle neck is only marginally larger than the powder scoop.  Might be an idea to increase the width of the bottle opening.  Lovely to use once baby is feeding but not so easy to fill and clean.  Steph – Baby Isabella – 6 Months.

Product Tested By Laura Tilda  – Oscar Aged 1 Year 1 Month

Laura Awarded The EasyFeed Baby Bottle 4/5

Looked just like most bottles on the market, but always worth trying new ones to see if they suit your needs. The packaging was good and lots of inforamtion about the product clearly marked on the box.  Was nice to be supplied with 4 bottles to review as you alwasy need a few extra.  This bottle is fairly easy to fill, but neck is not as wide as other bottles we have used.  The measuring guage was easy to read and liked the fact they came in an assortment of colours.  I found this bottle comfortable to hold and Oscar never had any problems. .  Easy to hold for both myself and Ollie.  This bottle came with a cap to seal the bottle which I thought was a good idea.  Also we took this bottle out and about with us and no leaks so another bonus.  Also very easy to put together and a breeze to clean. This is a BPA free bottle, works well, can take on your travels as no leaks and easy to clean.  If you are looking for bottles to try would take a look online as has some good benefits.  Bit on the expensive side, but safe and easy to use.  Laura Tilda  – Oscar Aged 1 Year 1 Month

An easy to use bottle with the added peace of mind that they are safe for baby.


Sarah Awarded the EasyFeed baby bottle 3.8/5

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