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EasyMat® Kids Placemat & Divided Suction Plate In One with Spoon. No Mess Toddler & Baby Happy Face Feeding Set. Suction Bowl Sectional Baby Plate. From Baby Led Weaning Age 6 Month+ 
HAPPY FACE PLATE AND PLACEMAT ALL IN ONE WITH MATCHING SOFT SILICONE SPOON- EasyMat provides the perfect sized quality placemat with deep set divider sections for Kiddie’s food. Time to make meal times more fun thanks to EasyMat. – Why not take fun eating one step furher and be creative and make use of the cute face to add colour, textures, make meal times super fun.MULTI SUCTION POINTS. 4 CORNER SUCTION POINTS – Super suction on all surfaces (There may be limitations of suction experienced on unfinished grained wood like oak) . Our Goal was to design the best and most secure All In One Silicone Placemat and Plate. Our EasyMat prevents children tipping or throwing thier plates or bowls. Our mission is to promote self – feeding with less mess.100% FDA & LFGB Approved High Quality Food Grade Silicone. Unbreakable, Easy to clean, Durable, BPA Free Food Grade Silicone , free from chemicals, Dishwasher and Freezer Safe.SPECIAL NEEDS FEEDING – helps children with autism, picky or selective eating disordersSIZE GUIDE- LENGTH : 38 cm WIDTH : 26cm HEIGHT/ DEPTH : 3cm. Please check these measurments if you are first planning to use the EasyMat in a highchair. Highchair trays do differ in size. If however your highchair tray can be removed you can simply use the highchair against a normal table so that the EasyMat can be used everyday.

*Please Note This Item is Not Suitable To Be Used On Wooden Surfaces*

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EasyTots EasyMat Reviews

Product Tested by: Sarah Airoud – Lilly 8 Months

Product Tested By Sarah Airoud – Lilly 8

Sarah Awarded The EasyTots EasyMat 4.5/5

Nice simple packaging, looks bright nice
colour. Mat was very easy to use, it’s a lovely design, looks like a smiley
face, it stuck well to the surface, however it was a little big to fit lily’s
standard high chair shelf. Suction pads worked well enough however as mentioned
the mat itself was too big for the highchair for the suction pads to have
worked properly. Lilly loved the mat. She was fascinated by the mat, very interested
in it. Was very happy with the sections, which she was able to use to feed herself
finger foods. The portion size was excellent fitted lots of things from toast
to carrot sticks, the different sections allowed my child to explore for food,
and also giving her freedom of choice. I absolutely loved the spoon that came
with the mat; the mat itself was fantastic however the spoon has been a
godsend. It was perfect for my daughter; she used it well and loved the soft
rubber, especially whilst teething. There was hardly any spillage coming out of
her mouth as the spoon adapted to her mouth and bite. I take the spoon
everywhere we go. This is very easy to clean. Very good quality, maintained
shape and colour so happy all round. For the spoon alone definitely, however it
would be better value if the mat fitted perfectly onto the highchair. Definitely,
lovely product for my daughter and feeding time was made a nice experience full
of choice. I would recommend. I really
did love this product I thought it was really lovely and I would have bought
it, even if I hadn’t just been testing it. This product is great. It has good
sized portion holes for children to have a variety of food. The suction pads
are a great idea to stop falling on to the ground. The spoon is amazing, the
best part of the product. The colour was nice and bright which took my
daughters interest. If I had only one negative comment, it is would only be
that the mat could be resized to make sure it fits standard high chairs, so it
can be used to its full advantage. Sarah Airoud – Lilly 8 Months

Product Tested By Sudarsana Clements – Eesha 9

Sudarsana Awarded The EasyTots EasyMat 4.1/5

Initial impression was that the mat looked
really nice and bright but a bit bigger than I expected. The packaging wasn’t
great because the box arrived slightly broken even though the product arrived
intact. The packaging needs to be more robust. The instructions were very clear
and easy to find on the box. There are also pictures on the mat itself to tell
you that the product is "dishwasher safe", "microwave
safe", "freezer safe" etc. If the box is lost or thrown away you
will still know about the safety instructions which are really good. The easy
mat doesn’t stick to wipeable table cloths or a moon shaped highchair
tray holder so unless one has the correct table or highchair tray the mat is
not very useful. However, it sticks very well to the highchair tray if it fits
which is perfect. There is no way a little one can pull the mat off no matter
how hard they try. The suction cups
work really well. The bright colour of the mat caught my baby’s attention
straight away and then she was engrossed with trying to pull it off. Once she
was used to it she enjoyed picking up her food from the 3 different sections of
the tray but the spoon provided is a bit big for her for the moment. It is
however soft tip and should be fine in a few months, The design and portion
size is good for a 8-9 month old. The big section is good for the main meal but
I found it harder to give her anything which was semi-liquid unless I was
feeding her myself. It is difficult for a 9 month old to scoop semi-liquid
contents out of the sections. I loved the bright colour of it because it
immediately caught my baby’s attention. I loved how strong the suction cups are
on the correct surface. I like the size of the 3 food sections. The easy mat
was definitely very easy to use and keep clean. It’s easily wipeable and I have
also used it in the top rack of the dishwasher and it comes out thoroughly
clean. The quality of the product as in material is very good. It’s
hypoallergenic and BPA, PVC, BPS and Phthalate free. The mat is a bit too wide
for an average microwave and therefore I couldn’t put it in there as it didn’t
fit. Also when placed in the freezer I had to make sure it is at the top of
everything because it was very difficult to find something to cover the food
with once placed in the mat – I didn’t want the food surface to touch
everything else that goes in the shelf of the freezer. I did not think that the
easy mat is worth the price when it can only be used in very limited
conditions. I would recommend it but will also mention the various cons so that
my friends can decide if the mat will be of any use to them. The experience is
overall positive – pros: 1. Suction cup works great on suitable surfaces and
baby won’t be able to pull it off 2.Bright colour – gets baby’s attention and
interest straightaway 3. Is dishwasher safe, microwave safe and oven safe 4.
Very easy to keep clean and to use 5. Decent size of sections for baby food per
meal 6. Hypo-allergenic and BPA free 7.
Safety markings are there on the mat itself which is great for future reference.
Cons: 1. Doesn’t fit inside average microwave 2. Is too wide to fit on very
wide yet moon shaped tray holders 3. Isn’t great to be served semi-liquid food
in 4. Is tricky to put in freezer unless is on top of everything else 5.
Definitely portable but have to keep surface material and available space in mind.Sudarsana Clements – Eesha 9 Months

Product Tested By Kerry Fauvel – George 10

Kerry Awarded The EasyTots EasyMat 3.5/5

Looks quite cheap but I like the idea of it.
Instructions clear and well written. Simple
to use, although it was too large for the
highchair. It worked well on the breakfast bar. Suction pads worked well but
one consistently failed. He seems intrigued by it at the start and enjoyed
exploring it. Especially trying to see if he could lift it up! Good size trays,
although I had to change it after I had given him savoury before he had his
fruit and sweet bits. A few extra slots would be nice. I just loved the Spoon
supplied. What a brilliant idea. It’s like having a spatula and I was able to
scrape every last drop of yogurt out of the pot. I have used this much more
than the tray itself. Very easy to clean. Didn’t try the dishwasher though for
fear of discolouring it. 1 suction cup didn’t work. Considering the price I
think it feels a bit cheap. Loved the spoon, great for feeding from a jar as
you can get every scrap. Tray is a nice novelty but I got fed up having to wash
it straight away and they are far too expensive to buy more than one. Kerry
Fauvel – George 10 Months


I really did love this product I thought it was really lovely and I would have bought it, even if I hadn’t just been testing it. This product is great. It has good sized portion holes for children to have a variety of food. The suction pads are a great idea to stop falling on to the ground. The spoon is amazing, the best part of the product.


Sarah Awarded The EasyTots EasyMat 4.5/5

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