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Eco Cosmetics Hair Mousse

Eco Cosmetics Hair Mousse is the perfect easy to use organic hair styling product for all hair types which also gives volume as well as gloss to your hair. The natural and organic hair mousse contains precious organic goji berries and pomegranate, these ingredients help to strengthen and stimulate hair growth by improving the circulation to your scalp.

Eco Cosmetics Hair Mousse makes styling easy and leaves your hair feeling soft, shiny, silky smooth and frizz free.
Yes For all hair types
Yes Easy to Use
Yes Gives Volume and Gloss
Yes Non sticky
Yes No Synthetic Dyes, Perfumes and Preservatives
Yes No PEG and Parabens
Yes GMO Free
Yes No Petroleum, paraffin and silicon derivatives

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Eco Cosmetics Hair Mousse Reviews

Product Tested By Elizabeth Fowle

Elizabeth Awarded The Eco Cosmetics Hair Mousse 4.4/5

Simple packaging looked okay. It’s a good idea, getting mousse that’s effective and environmentally friendly is generally quite difficult. Instructions clear and simple to follow. Bottle design simple and effective.  The pump action nozzle is excellent and easy to use.  Excellent, comparable to traditional delivery mechanisms. Felt like mousse should. It seemed to work well, felt a little sticky but I may have used too much. It made a valiant attempt, my hair is very frizz prone and it takes a lot of effort to get rid, the slightest hint of moisture and I look like I’m the main character from Crystal Tips and Alistair. When styling it wasn’t massively obvious but the look of my hair was not bad at all. This did add volume to my hair although not as much as I’d thought it might, this isn’t a bad thing, volume is not an issue for me! I used this once or twice a week as I don’t have much call to style my hair properly. My 2yr old got hold of it and used it on her very curly hair. It did sleek her curls but I’m not sure it’s curly girl approved. It is important to me this is natural because I’m sensitive to a lot of those (although the GMO aspect doesn’t bother me) and if my kids are going to use it to style their hair I prefer them not to put harmful chemicals in their scalp. Good value as you don’t require much for it to be effective and at the price it is, its reasonable price per pump. I also expect to pay a little me more for the eco/bad chemical free aspect, although I’d prefer not to have to. I loved the pump mechanism and the texture of the mousse were excellent and I like that it’s nasty free and eco-friendly. I would buy this if I used mousse more than occasionally. I’d certainly suggest they give it a go.  It’s pretty effective, nice texture, propellant free and a reasonable price. Not a fantastic, couldn’t live without it kind of an experience but not a bad one either. It does what it says it does as a mousse (can’t comment on its claims to improve hair growth) and its delivery method is excellent. Elizabeth Fowle

Product Tested By Vicky Bantock

Vicky Awarded The Eco Cosmetics Hair Mousse 4.2/5

Good size, easy to use dispenser. I liked the idea of natural ingredients.  Instructions clear and easy to use.  Nice simple design. Really liked the pump action, dispensed right amount of product. Product was a little sticky, although spread well into hair.  This did not really make any difference to hair styling.  Noticed less flyaways after using product.  For me I did not really notice any difference to the condition of my hair. No extra volume seen really. Hair did seem stronger after a few uses.  I used this daily. Important to me product is natural as do not want to be putting all sorts of products on my hair. Good size bottle and a little goes a long way.  I loved how easy this was to use and the lovely fragrance. Personally I would not buy this as not usually a product I would use and feel I wouldn’t use it regularly. I would recommend if they used a mousse regularly as it is a very good and effective product. Easy to use, effective dispenser. Really nice fragrance which made hair smell lovely. Vicky Bantock

Product Tested By Linda Carter

Linda Awarded The Eco Cosmetic Hair Mousse 4.3/5

Looked a nice bottle when arrived, really delicate and simple design. Like the idea of having a mousse that is natural and kinder to the environment, as this is something I am looking for more and more in products now. Simple to follow instructions. The bottle design is good and very easy to use.  The pump action nozzle is great as lets you get out just what you need when required. Really easy to use. The consistency was OK, a bit different to the mousse I normally use but worked well enough. I do not have frizzy hair but did style my hair nicely. Using this did give me a little bit of volume and hair looked nice and silky. I would not say it stimulated hair growth as my hair grows pretty quickly naturally. I used this daily. I was the only one to use this. Good to know it is natural and this is becoming more important to me now.  For a good hair mousse this is on par with other products I buy. I really liked how easy this was to use.  Just apply, style and go.  I do use mousse regularly as always style my hair before I go to work.  This is a good mousse not as good as the one I use regularly but I was happy with the results.  I would buy again but not buy it as my regular mousse.  I would recommend as it is easy to use, works well enough and no nasties. I had not heard of this brand before and glad to have the opportunity to test and I would buy again in the future as always good to try out different products on your hair and it did work well. Linda Carter


It’s pretty effective, nice texture, propellant free and a reasonable price. It does what it says it does as a mousse (can’t comment on its claims to improve hair growth) and its delivery method is excellent.


Elizabeth Awarded The Eco Cosmetics Hair Mousse 4.4/5

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