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ecoegg Stain Remover

Removes the toughest of stains with ease. Exceptional resultsHypoallergenic: no harsh chemicals. Accidents happen, that’s life.  But now you don’t have to use harsh chemicals to deal with them.
Our powerful Stain Remover is free from harsh chemicals and anything that could irritate your skin – so much so in fact that you can apply it with your finger!  It tackles a whole multitude of stains with ease.Safe on all fabrics, it contains powerful plant extracts and is formulated from non-toxic, gentle ingredients, so it’s kind on sensitive skin – and the environment.Tip: try it on carpets too, you’ll love the results.

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£3.99 Stocked in Lakeland, QVC, Holland and Barrett and various other companies in the UK and Abroad or click online to find local stockist

ecoegg Stain Remover Reviews

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Tested By Amy Louise Butcher – Lily 2 years

Awarded The ecoegg Stain Remover 4.9/5

fresh. Has a picture of Kim from how
clean is your house on packaging. Pin
points what the product is and what the company stands for which is environmentally
friendly. Fresh looking, squeezy tube with a sponge at the end. I was egger to try it out. I didn’t give it a full 5 out of 5 because
the sponge gets a bit dry which then I couldn’t get anything out of it. So I just
took that bit off. It has little quote from Kim known from TV series how clean
is your house. On the back says that it’s good for all kind of fabrics and can
be used on carpets. Ingredients in the back a use by date not tested on animals
and the packaging is recyclable so all thumbs up so far. Couldn’t fault
anything. Three pin point clear instructions. Its
looks well made .a lot in the tube 135ml, clear instructions. Gets very tough stains out of clothes. I had
a chocolate stain and tomato satin on my daughter clothes. I thought they
wouldn’t come out or will still have left a mark. Put the stain remover on for
10 minutes washed it. They come out
spotless. This is amazing! You get a lot for 3.99 for a stain remover. Plus it does what it says and great
value. To be honest if I saw it in the
shops I wouldn’t think of buying it, as I haven’t heard of Eco egg. I could spent
two pound more on a well-known tired and tested name BUT. With Kim’s face on
from how clean is your house , sad I know but if it’s not a good product I
don’t think she would put her name to it .. Having read everything about made
in UK, not animal tested and recyclable its value for money. It gets out stains what more could you want. Tough stains at
that. I have brought own brand stain remover and they don’t do much at all. It
is brilliant for households with pets and small children. It’s a great product and great value for
money. Would be great if it was done at an introductory price to get
known. The sponge bit at the end dried
up so none of the inside could make its way out
but I took it off and wasn’t an issue any more maybe ditch the sponge and make the nozzle smaller. Amy Louise Butcher –
Lily 2 years

Tested By Louise Stringer – Annabelle 18 Months

Awarded The ecoegg Stain Remover 3.7/5

was something a little different from the other stain removal products I’ve
tried before. I liked the green and white packaging as that gave the product an
eco-friendly feel. I wasn’t keen on the
celebrity picture on the front; I found this a little tacky. Very easy to follow instructions. Good
quality product, when it came out the package, the paste was quite thick. £2.99 is a more reasonable price for this
product as it doesn’t go very far as the paste is so thick. I would consider it
but would maybe look for other products that are slightly cheaper first. I
would recommend but not for really tough stains. I liked that the product was eco-friendly and
contained ingredients that I felt happy using on my daughters clothes. The product was effective at getting out
stains that were recent and not too dark.
For example, it didn’t fully remove the bolognaise sauce from a top but
was successful in removing other slightly lighter stains. Louise Stringer –
Annabelle 18 Months

Tested By Jessica Dixon Smith – Daisy 2 Years

Awarded The ecoegg Stain Remover 4/5

looks good. Good size. I was excited as it was eco-friendly, which I love. The
bottle was sleek and easy to hold. I like the design and the use of images. Instructions very easy to understand. Product worked on some stains but I found I
had to really scrub at the stain to remove. Not like in the instructions where
is said all you needed to do is put it on the stain ten minutes before. It is
slightly cheaper than the stain remover I normally use. Unfortunately my old
stain remover is so effective I will be going back to this. I would recommend
for light stains. I have enjoyed testing
this product but my daughter gets very dirty and is more of a tom boy and this
product just couldn’t remove some of the stains like felt tip pen and large
stains. Jessica Dixon Smith – Daisy 2 Years

Having read everything about made in UK, not animal tested and recyclable its value for money. It gets out stains what more could you want. Tough stains at that.


Amy Awarded The ecoegg Stain Remover 4.9/5

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