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Ecoforce Cleaning Pack

EcoForce Cleaning Pack contains EcoForce Recycled Scourers, EcoForce Recycled Sponges. EcoForce Recycled Clothes and Ecoforce Recycled Dusters.
EcoForce Recycled Scourers – heavy duty pads, contoured for easy grip, made from recycled PET plastic bottles that are ideal for cleaning tough, baked on mess quickly and easily.
EcoForce Recycled Sponges – super absorbent recycled sponge scourers made using 100% recycled foam, contoured for easy grip. Each pack contains one sponge with a heavy duty scourer and one with a non-scratch scourer.
EcoForce Dusters – A 100% recycled multi-purpose duster made from a mixture of recycled cotton/viscose and synthetic fibres.
EcoForce recycled cloths.Use EcoForce Multipurpose Cloths wet or dry for washing up, wiping up, mopping up, polishing and dusting. The supersoft quilts help to trap dirt making cleaning easier. Using recycled material to make cloths reduces landfill, saves energy and allows crop land to be used for food production.EcoForce products are made using high quality recycled materials helping you to run a greener home without it costing the earth.

Each item priced at £1.49 Each

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Each item priced £1.49 each - Available Sainsburys, Tesco, Waitrose, Oxfam, B & Q, Homebase, Dunelm Mill and online at

Ecoforce Cleaning Pack Reviews

Product Tested by:

Product Tested By Laura Devlin

Laura Awarded The EcoForce Cleaning Pack 4.9/5

Looked good quality. Minimal packaging with detailed instructions. Instructionswere straight forward and well written. Superb selection of Eco cleaning items. All of the items were well sized apart from the dusters. The dusters were small. The scourer on the sponge worked well. I tried this on my oven with amazing results.  I don’t think the sponge was super absorbent but enough to do the job. The sponge was rigid and hard for quite a while so I think this might affect absorbency .Loved the scourer.  Quite long lasting. The dusters did attract the dust and were effective in a way but they just weren’t big enough.  So slightly disappointing. Used the cloths on my benches daily and they clean amazingly. Sponge, scourer and cloths exceed a 5 but dusters are disappointing. Super value for the pack that was received. One design improvement make the dusters bigger. I would purchase these items and would highly recommend. Amazing products with amazing ethos. Laura Devlin


Product Tested By Anna Helm

Anna Awarded The EcoForce Cleaning Pack 4.2/5

They look great and the eco theme is very strong. They look like nice long lasting products, not the usual cheap and nasty product that sometimes can creep into the eco ranges. The eco theme is very clear from the packaging and the description is very clear also. Instructions very straight forward, you can’t go wrong really. The contents of the EcoForce Cleaning pack were good for our needs. All excellent sizes!  The scourers and sponge scourers where the perfect size to fit your hand. The scourer cleaned to an excellent standard but the sponge was a little stiff and hard to rinse.  The scourers were eeffective and lasted. I found that the dusters worked best with a furniture polish than being left dry. The cloths worked well and cleaned surfaces well. Apart from a few tiny little glitches that I have mentioned above they were all fabulous quality. These are definitely great value for money and for the amount of products you get in the pack, it really is a bargain. Possibly the sponge on the scourer could be improved to rinse a bit easier? I would purchase these items and have already recommended this pack to my mum and sister. Eco friendly, kitchen friendly, housewife friendly!Anna Helm


Product Tested By Melanie Phillips

MelanieAwarded The EcoForce Cleaning Pack 4.5/5

Nice, basic packaging, value for money.  Also great added extra is that they are Ec-ofriendly as made from recycled materials. I don’t care about fancy packaging for my cleaning products.  This packaging is basic but nice and bright with loads of information on but not too overwhelming. The instructions are perfect.  Being a stay at home mum using these types of products are second nature to me, but for anyone new to cleaning can easily follow the instructions. First impressions they all look a decent size and looked similar to the majority of other cleaning brands. The cloths and scourers are the same size as the majority of others on the market and I would say the dusters are just slightly smaller than the brand I used last.  The sponges were a bit thinner than my usual brand.  But they are all perfectly useable and not too small. The scourers on the sponge was just as good as my usual brand it cleaned well but I did find it a bit firm and scratchy so I personally wouldn’t use it on new kitchen items in case it scratched them.  The sponge was very absorbent, mopping up spills well.  But the sponge was a little stiff at first.  The only downside was the sponge did have a tendency to loose chunks after a few uses. The scourers were not as long lasting as my previous brand. They seemed to thin out quite quickly. But this might depend on how much you need to scrub your pots and pans.  With my cooking skills I need to really scrub them clean after use  hehe! The dusters were very good to use.  They were tough and durable.  I preferred to use them dry with no polish, as when I tried with polish it wasn’t very absorbentand seemed to repel the spray a bit.  It took a while to rub away streaks of polish.  Even when I tried to moisten with water this took some time with very little effect.  When used dry they didn’t spread the dust about and it stuck to the cloth really well. I tried one to clean my TV (also using with a cleaner) and it left it very streaky and smeary. I would say they are more designed to be disposable not for use again and again. The cloth wiped and cleaned well and was quite absorbent after an initial good rinse through. It was avery tough and durable but soft cloth. The only downside to this is that along the ends the finish is quite rough so might not be good on delicate, new or polished surfaces as it could possibly scratch them. Overall they were good quality products.  The only downsides as stated before was the chunks of sponge coming off and the thinning of the separate scourer but this might be down to how much usage the yare subjected too. This pack isdefinitely value for money £5.96 for 2 cleaning sponges, 2 scourers, 2 cloths and 10 dusters.  That works out to be 37p  an item which I think is a more than fair price! Also you’re not paying extortionate amounts for it being eco-friendly. Personally I would make the scourer on the sponge a little softer and maybe improve the way the sponges are put together so they didn’t fall apart.  Make the dusters a little less waterproof and remedy the scratchiness on the ends of the cloth. BUT these are all basic niggles for me other people might not have/notice the same problems.  Overall they are good products. I would definitely buy them all again.  As although there were some minor issues it’s still great value for money and you’re doing your bit for the environment too. I would recommend to friends and family as i tis great value and so much better for the environment. I was really looking forward to trying these products as I’m always looking for eco-friendly alternatives at a fair price and I wasn’t disappointed.  They are really good value for money. Great value for money, eco-friendly and does the job, what more could you want?Melanie Phillips




Amazing products with amazing ethos.


Laura Awarded The EcoForce Cleaning Pack 4.9/5

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