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Ecoforce Recycled Bag Grips

When considering the versatility of the peg in association with the unique moulding that we have perfected, a recycled bag grip seemed the logical next step.Surely one of the most irritating things in a busy life is cleaning spilt peas from the bottom of the freezer or untying knotted plastic to get to whatever might be inside, let alone how best to pin up your negatives in the dark room.Well these are issues no more. EcoForce recycled plastic bag grips can be used on almost any bag.

most unbreakable these handy grips are perfect to have around the house. Key features are:Frost proof. No rust or stains. Easy to store. Dishwasher proofEasy to use attach and detach 


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Each item priced £1.49 for pack 12 - Available Sainsburys, Tesco, Waitrose, Oxfam, B & Q, Homebase, Dunelm Mill and online at

Ecoforce Recycled Bag Grips Reviews

Product Tested by: Lauren Gee – Sebastian and Daphne 3 & 1 year

Product Tested By Lauren Gee – Sebastian and Daphne 3 & 1 year

Lauren Awarded The Ecoforce Recycled Bag Grips 4.7/5

Nice packaging, good information, pegs look basic but interesting. It’s not particularly eye catching – you wouldn’t necessarily pick it out in a line-up of similar items.  But it does the job of giving you basic information about the grips, plus it’s easy to open which is always a bonus. They don’t really need too many instructions as they are fairly simple to use!  The instructions given were fine. They’re a bit bulky compared to my other bag grips. They didn’t work on one of my larger / thicker plastic food bags but in general they worked very well. I used them as clothes pegs after we ran out of our usual ones and they worked really well.  I also used them to keep pairs of the kid’s shoes together.  For washing they were great as they have no metal bits to go rusty and if they got a bit dirty I could just stick them in the dishwasher. They seem very good quality – robust and well-made. They’re a bit more expensive than my usual bag grips but I think the price is reasonable. Brighter colours would be an advantage – I did find it a bit hard to see them in amongst my drawer of oddments (which is inevitably where small kitchen gadgets end up). I already have purchased more and some of the clothes pegs too. I think they are a good product especially for people like me who are forever breaking things (they’re more robust than my other bag grips) and they are easy to use for people with weak hands too (I have problems gripping things). Very impressed with the quality, grip and use of these.  Will definitely be using them a lot in the future and recommending them to friends and family too.  A robust and simple solution for a multitude of domestic dilemmas. Lauren Gee –Sebastian and Daphne 3 & 1 year


Product Tested By Karen English – Holly & Benjamin 3 Years 6 Months & 2 Years

Karen Awarded The Ecoforce Recycled Bag Grips 3.8/5

Really funky colour and design and sadly I got really excited at something so cheap that will help stop all the many spillages in my pantry! Packaging is basic but sufficient. Instructions clear and fairly easy to figure out anyway. Seemed to be the right size for most jobs. Grip on these was not strong so the grips were knocked of easily, most annoying was the raisins in the nappy bag spillage. We have had hours of fun playing with them and found them very useful for dress up! These were a nice idea but not gripppy enough for me. You get a lot of clips for the price so good value. I would make the grips stronger. These did not deliver enough grip for our needs.  A nice colour, good design and lots in the pack but the grip needs to be a bit grippier.  I really liked these but feel the strength of seal could be vastly improved. Karen English –Holly & Benjamin 3 years 6 Months and 2 years


Product Tested By Laura Henderson – Alana & Holly 3 & 1 Year

Laura Awarded The Ecoforce Recycled Bag Grips 3.6/5

A useful product which would come in handy both for food storage and out and about. I like the fact that they are made from recycled plastic. Packaging is fit for purpose and makes the product clear with a brief description of what it can be used for. It would have been ideal if the packaging was resealing to be used to store the food grips when not in use, but this would probably increase the sale price. A picture was provided to show how the product could be used, but I did not find this the best method of using the grips. The grips are quite small which avoids excess bulk and makes them easy to use. However the grip head was too small to fully seal many of the food products I would have liked to use them for. They are best for small food items, e.g. snacks for taking out and about. On a couple of occasions I did have spillages where food I thought I had properly sealed opened up during storage. I found that this was reduced if I rolled the packaging to be sealed down before using the food grips rather than gripping the packaging round the neck as the picture on the packaging suggests. I have not found any other uses for this item yet, but I wouldn’t be surprised if I discover some other uses along the way. These grips appear to be well made and despite repeated use, I have not noticed any wear or tear on them. They are easy to use and grip really well. The product is very well priced, particularly for a recycled product. I like the gripper style design as it is quick and easy to use. They would be better with a bigger gripper head however. These are useful and handy to have around. I seek out recycled products and would buy these over a similar non recycled product as the price is really good. I would recommend but I would mention the problems with sealing larger food bags however due to the small size of the product. This product was very useful for sealing small food products, e.g. snacks and is easy to use and good quality. A couple of spillages means that I wouldn’t trust them with bags of rice, etc. in the food cupboard and they don’t work well if used as indicated on the packaging. Good to see that the product is made from recycled plastic. A handy, easy to use, recycled product which I will use again and again. Laura Henderson – Alana & Holly 3 & 1 year




A robust and simple solution for a multitude of domestic dilemmas.    


Lauren Awarded The Ecoforce Recycled Bag Grips 4.7/5 

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