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Ecoiffier Pro Supermarket & Trolley

Supermarket shop and shopping trolley is a beautiful roleplay set for boys and girls. Consists of a Supermarket shop with produce, selling accessories and a realistic shopping trolley. All parts are attractively designed in contemporary colours. Suitable for ages 18 Months +

Colourful roleplay;Supermarket shop;Shopping trolley;Lots of fun shopping accessories

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Ecoiffier Pro Supermarket & Trolley Reviews

Product Tested by: Eamonn Kennedy - Niamh & Libby Ages 2 & 3 Years

Product Tested By Eamonn Kennedy – Niamh & Libby Ages 2 & 3 Years

Eamonn Awarded the Ecoiffier Pro Supermarket & Trolley Set 4/5

My initial impression was that it looked basic and I didn’t expect it to last very long in the hands of young children, fairly cheap looking. The lack of English language on the box gives the initial impression of having been made in eastern Europe and the expectation of low quality. The size is good not too bulky, colourful, a good interpretation of a supermarket checkout. The girls have had hours of fun with the toy, it really appeals to them, even after several weeks they haven’t tired. I think it helps that there are 2 of them so 1 can be the shopkeeper and the other the customer. We were initially concerned that the toy wasn’t sturdy enough but it has proved more than a match for our girls. They age recommendation is about right although there are a couple of parts that are cardboard and would probably go straight in the mouth of an 18 month old, they would be better if they were plastic. They have had great fun with the toy, the girls have great fun copying adult behaviour, they learn that they need to pay for items in a shop. As the toy is best suited for 2 or more children to play with at one time it naturally promotes good communication skills and social skills. It’s good for hand-eye co-ordination through using the scanner, till, telephone and packing food. It helps with motor skills through picking products, placing them on the shelf, conveyor and in the trolley and by pushing the trolley. There is enough in the product, the till, scales, telephone, scanner and trolley to keep them playing. They use the trolley for all sorts of thing such as pushing their dolls around the house, otherwise the toy is fairly specific. Despite your initial fears that the toy wasn’t very sturdy, it has been great, it still looks like new after several weeks of being used almost daily. Its at the lower end of the price range for this type of toy but is good value for money. Having had the toy for several weeks I have completely changed my initial opinion, the toy is good value for money, good quality and the children have enjoyed it immensely. Eamonn Kennedy – Niamh & Libby Ages 2 & 3 Years


Product Tested By Martina Owens – Erin 2 Years

Martina Awarded the Ecoiffier Pro Supermarket & Trolley Set 3/5

It looked like a colorful product from the box. But I didn’t get the impression that this was going to be a good quality toy from the pictures on the packaging. The size of the toy is quite small and the target market is 18 months to 5 years but I think it would be too low for most 5 year olds. The entertainment value of the product is quite good but it’s limited by the lack of interactive components. Erin balances her electronic cash register on it! Space is a bit limited for your shopping. I think this would be fine for an 18 month old but I think the maximum age is 3 years. I think a 5 year old would find it awkward (too low) and become frustrated with using it. Has basic concepts of supermarket checkout although the stickers have Euros instead of Pound symbols. There is no functioning cash register so there is no money, thereby limiting the playability. Comes with very few accessories so need to add more to improve playability which is a bit of a catch. I was very disappointed with this product. Erin loves role play and we were excited by the prospect of trying a mini supermarket checkout. Unfortunately it didn’t add any more to our current checkout comprised of a cardboard box we’ve painted! I think the Euros on the stickers would be confusing for 3-5 year olds who are learning about money. I think if this product was less than £20 it might appeal but the research I have done prior to writing this review showed that there are models out there that have lots of interactive components for only a few pounds more than the RRP for this product. Martina Owens – Erin 2 Years


Product Tested By Lindy Knight – Rosie 3 Years  

Lindy Awarded the Ecoiffier Pro Supermarket & Trolley Set 4/5

looked a bit flimsy. Also the information on the box is not clear could be better.  Nice looking toy, colourful and rosie was looking forward to playing supermakets with me. I must admit I did not think Rosie would enjoy this as thought would fall apart.  I was wrong!  Rosie has had hours of fun and enjoyment out of this toy and it has kept her entertained which is always a good thing. A good toy and a good learning aid and helped her confidence.  Age recommendation I personally felt was correct as ideal for Rosie. A lot included in this product as has trolley, till, scales, telephone making it interactive and fun.  This has proved to be a strudy item and a great toy for Rosie.    Lindy Knight – Rosie 3 Years  

Having had the toy for several weeks I have completely changed my initial opinion, the toy is good value for money, good quality and the children have enjoyed it immensely.


Eamonn Awarded the Ecoiffier Pro Supermarket & Trolley Set 4/5

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