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EkoTuptusie soft sole baby shoes from Fiorino

Our leading product and greatest pride, are ekoTuptusie-  leather slippes for adults and tiny tootsies.What makes them so special and loved?- They are made of certified materials and 100% genuine leather,- Are sewn by hand in Poland,- Equipped with an additional, innovative non-slip system, which ensures excellent grip feet for even very slippery ground,- They are soft and very comfortable, are not borne and nor wipe feet allow it to breathe, which prevents sweating,- This type of footwear received the prestigious Association of American Doctors sign of Pediatrics for a product which supports the natural function of the foot,- Perfect as kindergarten shoes and home slippers – bring relief for tired feet after a long day.- Thanks to elastic, perfectly fit to the foot, not squeezing it – are a great option for pregnant women and people whose problem is the swelling of the feet.- Create beautiful designs in order to bring joy and smiles of our little customers.All applications are made of  100% natural genuine leather.

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£16.00 Including P&P order online ebay -http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/161836622344?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1555.l2649 or click onto www.fiorino.eu

EkoTuptusie soft sole baby shoes from Fiorino Reviews

Product Tested by:

Product Tested By Stephanie Aguilera
– Lucia 1 Year

Stephanie Awarded The EkoTuptusie soft sole baby shoes 4.5/5

quality, handmade product. Colourful, soft and easy to use. Came well packaged
and protected. Might be nicer to receive them in a box. Great soft leather
shoes. Less fragile than I thought they might be. The decorations and detailing
are well put together and sewn. Great colour and decoration. I did think the
colour would be different when I chose online. I ended up really liking the
colour and pattern. Sizing was perfect. They were easy to put on and off. There
was also room to grow and can still use them now. Not sure how Lucia’s feet
fare on average but think she is average size for her age group. Very easy to
put on even if you little one is wriggling about. I think this was the best
thing about this product is how easy there were to put on and Lucia didn’t seem
to be able to pull them off too easily which was great. Once in place they
fitted comfortably. They look very comfortable and allowed Lucia to still feel
her feet on the floor but be protected especially when we were out and about. When Lucia wore then
the shoes stayed on and Lucia was at ease with them and comfortable and didn’t
really try to get them off. I think it is always a question for how long they
will last and the shoes are still in good condition and with room to grow a
little. Yes, I do think they offer value for money. The design is good, nice
fit and comfortable. I would purchase
these and would certainly recommend. Great, easy to use,
comfortable, no fuss shoes. Stephanie
Aguilera – Lucia 1 Year

Product Tested By Farwah Farrukh –
Shanzay – 14 Months

Farwah Awarded The EkoTuptusie soft sole baby shoes 4.6/5

comfy and high quality leather shoes. To be honest, the packaging
shouldn’t matter. As long as they are well sealed which they are.Expensive
as they are, but they have used high quality leather which stands out. Love the
softness! These are super stylish. Funky characters and they look
so cute. When I saw them, I thought they would hardly fit in but like they
mentioned on the website, the shoes were an exact fit, the measurements are
accurate. My babies show size is average. They are very easy to handle,
no straps and the elastic stays intact so the shoes don’t fall out.
They are more comfortable than you can imagine. The shoes stay on. The
elastic is powerful. These certainly offer value for money. The designs are all fabulous. The colour
could have been a little brighter. I would definitely purchase more but would
like to see the price a little lower. I would recommend if somebody is looking
for quality, here it is. Highly recommended.
Super soft, high quality and funky cute shoes for your cute miracle. Farwah Farrukh – Shanzay – 14 Months

Product Tested ByMarlene McIntosh – Blake 1 Year

Marlene Awarded The EkoTuptusie soft sole baby shoes 4.7/5

When these arrived
looked a cool looking pair of shoes.
Packaging was fine. The quality
is very good. The style of the shoe is
very nice. Good size fit with a bit of
spare room to grow. These are very easy
to put on. Blake certainly looked
comfortable in these. The shoes stayed
on. This
is the 1st pair of shoes he has not tried to remove as he always
removes whatever shoes I put on his feet straight away. I think they are a bit expensive for what
they are; I wouldn’t pay more than £9.99 for them, as they are for indoor use
only. I would recommend as they are high quality, good fit and comfortable to
wear. Very happy to have trialled them as he
is still wearing them now. Marlene McIntosh
– Blake 1 Year

I would purchase these and would certainly recommend. Great, easy to use, comfortable, no fuss shoes.


Stephanie Awarded The EkoTuptusie soft sole baby shoes 4.5/5

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