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Ella’s Kitchen Bakey-Bakies

Our bakey-bakies are crispy and crunchy snacks made just for little people whose new teeth need a good chomp and whose little mouths need tasty, real foods to tickle their taste buds! All they contain is 100% organic baby food goodness of yummy ingredients snugly baked into yummy little crackers. Suitable from 12 Months

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Ella’s Kitchen Bakey-Bakies Reviews

Product Tested by: Fiona Hutchinson – Ruairidh 18 Months

Product Tested By Fiona Hutchinson – Ruairidh 18 Months

Fiona Awarded the Ella’s Kitchen Bakey Bakies 3.7/5

I liked the look of the product and description; it looked like something I would choose to give to my son as a healthy snack. I really liked the website it was colourful, informative and easy to navigate. I did not know there was such a wide range of products and flavors; I was very impressed with it. I really liked the taste of both flavors, my son was not as keen at first but after eating a few he seemed to enjoy them. A healthy alternative to a sweet snack and with no additives in them. The packaging was simple and it was easy to see what ingredients they contained. Convenient to carry in the little packets however the snacks broke quite easily into little pieces in the packet which made them harder for my son to eat and they needed to be put onto a plate. I think it was a good quality product in terms of taste and a healthy snack, I think the snacks breaking up into small pieces so easily in the packet was a negative point about the product because it made it harder for my Son to eat. I think it does offer good value if you are looking for a healthy snack. A good experience of this product.  A good healthy snack that my son enjoyed, the savory flavor was good for serving with his lunch and he ate the sweet flavor as an afternoon snack. If I could change anything it would be to stop them breaking up in the packet but the tasty flavor and the simple healthy ingredients outweigh any negatives. Fiona Hutchinson – Ruairidh 18 Months

Product Tested By Priyal Lavingia – Sia Aged 1 Year & 4 Months

Priyal Awarded the Ella’s Kitchen Bakey Bakies 3.6/5

Very good, and very handy for healthy snacking. The Ella’s Kitchen products are great as they are healthy and good for snacking in between the main meals. I would prefer more vegetarian options however especially adding more greens; this would make me more likely to buy them. I think that they taste good but I am not convinced that my baby likes it because they are so thin. Definitely very nutritional and healthy compared to other snacking products. I would prefer a zip lock packaging as it keeps such food items crispy and fresh and lasts longer. I don’t think I can fault the quality but I guess there is a room for improvement for taste. But I would definitely recommend because tastes vary from baby to baby. Priyal Lavingia – Sia Aged 1 Year & 4 Months

Product Tested By Inga Pretorius – Odie 13 Months

Inga Awarded the Ella’s Kitchen Bakey Bakies 3.5/5

The packaging looks nice and very handy, although the biscuits looked more like little crisps because they are so thin. I am not too keen myself on the taste of the Bakey Bakies. Personally I think they are a little bland so I covered them in cream cheese and peanut butter to make them taste better for my daughter. These are organic and do not contain salts, whilst containing the nutritional benefits of the various vegetables it contains. Much better than a packet of ordinary crisps or biscuits or crackers. They packaging is really lovely and eye catching. The colours are bright but slightly toned down and the rest is in line with their other products and makes it very recognizable as ‘Ella’s’. This is a multi pack that contains four little packets that are nice and small and light and so it is easy to put into a going out bag or lunch box or just in your pocket for when you need a little snack. These biscuits are organic and healthy for toddlers. However, they are very thin and so quite easily break into little pieces once bitten into. I think the taste could definitely have a bit more variety, I think eating healthy is good but not if it tastes too bland. but I would not purchase them in the future because the packets contain too many little biscuits for a little one to consume in one session, which does mean you could be carrying an open packet around for a few days and so they can get quite soft and loose that crunch. They are extremely thin and so crumbles into a few bits once bitten into, which means you have to put the whole thing in your mouth in one go – even though the biscuits are small, it is not an easy thing to do for toddlers. They also do not taste of anything exciting and I had to add cream cheese or peanut butter to encourage my toddler to eat them. Even then, she was not easily convinced and this is a little girl who will eat almost anything! I was rather disappointed with these good looking biscuits. The packaging looked great, the idea is great, but I think that they are sadly let down when it comes to great taste and quality. Inga Pretorius – Odie 13 Months

A good healthy snack that my son enjoyed, the savory flavor was good for serving with his lunch and he ate the sweet flavor as an afternoon snack


Fiona Awarded the Ella’s Kitchen Bakey Bakies 3.7/5

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