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Elodie Dummy

Elodie Pacifiers – You don’t have to be able to speak to express yourself! Suitable from 3 months -Complies to European safety standard EN-1400 – Exclusive packaging


Elodie Detail’s flagship product is the only stylish way to make sure your baby has a clean pacifier. Pick the ones that suit you from our selection of the world’s best looking pacifier clips.

  • Elastic silicone ring attaches to most pacifier designs
  • Complies to European safety standard EN-12586
  • Nickel free, durable metallic clip

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Elodie Dummy Reviews

Product Tested by: Michelle Thomas – Imogen 11 Months

Product Tested By Michelle Thomas – Imogen 11 Months

Michelle Awarded The Elodie Dummy 5/5

Loved the packaging and the colour of the product.  There were not age guidelines on the packaging but it is common sense.  The quality of this product is excellent. This was a pack of 1 which for the quality and with the strap was perfect.  Because we used the strap it was easy to handle.  Also easy to clean too. The teat/nipple was ideal for Imogen and no complaints.  My daughter preferred this to a cherry style teat.  A winner with us and so easy to clean and sterilize.   My daughter loves this dummy and for us certainly is good value for money.  I think it’s stylish & does what it needs to do.  Will continue to use and have already recommended to others.  Stylish, clean looking and we are thoroughly pleased with the product.  Michelle Thomas – Imogen 11 Months


Product Tested By Christie Woolley – Alyssa-Jamie 14 Months

Christie Awarded The Elodie Dummy 4.1/5

Good, not too much packaging and a cool look to the dummy. Comes as a small package, with a lot of info on the back. Not to easy to open needed a pair of scissors.  Brilliant funky design.  Pack Very good as it came with matching clip. Did have some trouble keeping it clean as it didn’t have a cover but can go in the dishwasher so it was a bonus. Just the right size teat and the right shape for my child. Very hard wearing, my daughter used it as a teething chew, apart from a few dents there was no breaks in the dummy.  Very cool designs, liked the fact you can buy the matching clip as well. Had a cut-out for nose so comfy for my child to sleep with.  Very easy to sterilize as you can just drop in the dishwasher.  My daughter really liked this dummy.  A bit more expensive than the normal dummies out there but for the original designs of them, I would certainty buy one. I will certainly continue to use this and have already recommended.  Cute, funky designs well worth the money. Christie Woolley – Alyssa-Jamie 14 Months


Product Tested By Claire Martin – Alex 13 Months

Claire Awarded The Elodie Dummy 4.3/5

Cool and trendy dummy.  Packaging good, no instructions really needed for a dummy.   Very good quality.  Always good to have a two pack of dummies in case one is lost.  But Elodie come in one off packs, but they are a higher end product and a two pack may cost too much for the average person.  No cover came with the dummy. But easily washed as all dummies.  The teat was soft and a nice texture.  Unfortunately it was the orthodontic shaped teat which unfortunately no matter how many times I try Alex with them, he will not take this kind of dummy. He prefers the kind of flatter cherry type ones.  But that is just a matter of personal taste for fussy babies.  You can buy dummy chain for the dummies that I also tested; this was fantastic, really good metal clasp that kept the dummy on the clothes really well.  I loved the dummy chain, it was well made and you could tell it was a higher end product and much more pleasing to the eye than the usual ribbon and plastic ones you can buy.  Nice oval shape with a cut out for the nose to assist breathing.  All in all a fantastic dummy.  I didn’t sterilise as Alex is over 1 and have stopped sterilising his bottles and dummies.  However, this would be easy to sterilize.  He like to look at the picture s on the dummies and play with them, he just unfortunately didn’t like the shape of the teat.  Quite expensive, as you can usually get two branded dummies in Boots for less.  But for a present very good or for a special occasion dummy yes I would buy it.  Unfortunately I would not purchase the dummy as he will not take it, but the dummy chain yes I will.  I would recommend but most probably on as to buy as a gift or for that special occasion as it is quite costly compared to usual brands.  Nice product, stylist, trendy and ultra cool, unfortunately the wrong shaped teat for my fussy baby.  Claire  Martine – Alex 13 Months

Stylish, clean looking and we are thoroughly pleased with the product. 


Michelle Awarded The Elodie Dummy 5/5

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