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EmmayCare Whatlock Magnetic Locks – 2 Locks, 1 Magnetic Key

”out of sight, Out of mind”. The Mag Lock Magnetic Locking System is hidden inside the cabinet. Simple to install with screw fittings included in the pack. Suitable for use with cupboards and drawers upto 25mm thick. The locks can only be released with the use of the powerful magnetic key. Ideal for securing Cabinets, Cupboards and Drawers to keep harmful household items out of the reach of toddlers. The lock can be disengaged, using a special disengaging clip. Ideal to install in Grandparent’s homes, simply disengage the locks for when grandchildren are not visiting, and it’s as if the locks aren’t there! This pack includes 2 Locks and 1 Magnetic Key

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EmmayCare Whatlock Magnetic Locks – 2 Locks, 1 Magnetic Key Reviews

Product Tested by: Birgitta Wilkman – Baby Ciaran 8 Months

Product tested by Birgitta Wilkman – Baby Ciaran 8 Months

Birgitta Awarded EmmayCare Whatlock Magnetic Lock and Key 4.5/5

Looks like a clever and unique product. Website is clear and easy to navigate. You can clearly tell if products in stock or not, good clear images of products. Haven’t seen many websites with this many safety products on them.  Packaging shows product itself off very well and it is clear what you are getting/ buying. The back of the product also shows how the product should be installed to avoid confusion. Instructions are clearly written with pictures but you do have to read them through a couple of times just to be sure you are doing the installation right as you are drilling holes in your cupboards you want to get it right the first time around! You do have to read the instructions to be sure you are doing it in the right way, but after you have done the first lock you get the hang of it and the rest are easier to install. My husband did find the screws a bit fiddly and he lost patience with all the drilling involved as we had to drill smaller holes for our cupboards to get the screws attached to the doors. Locked very securely and was easy for an adult to do. I found it neater in appearance and you don’t have to stick your hand in a small space as with other locks to switch the hinge in them in order to open a cupboard. With other locks you also end up forgetting that they are there and open the door very hastily for it to get stuck and you sometimes think you are going to damage the cupboard door by doing it. It is a bit more expensive than cheaper locks but this isn’t such an eye-sore in the kitchen as many of them are. I will be recommending this product to others. The only reason for not a full 5 is the time it takes to install them. I would have also wanted to have two keys, just in case one goes missing. I love the fact it’s not an eye sore in the kitchen and that you can’t open a cupboard at all without the key. Practical solution that makes your kitchen child-safe without any eye-sores, just don’t misplace the key. Birgitta Wilkman – Baby Ciaran 8 Months

Product tested by Lauren Goldup – Baby Alfie  8 Month

Lauren Awarded EmmayCare Whatlock Magnetic Lock and Key 2.9/5

They looked good, although I was unsure how the lock would work. I think the website shows an excellent variety of safety products. It was difficult to open without sharp scissors, which is not good They seemed easy to use but were actually difficult to use. They lock did not match up very well It was easy after the first one was done, however the first one wasn’t very good. It is difficult to locate the magnet as is time consuming not as quick to use, and you have to make sure you don’t loose the key. They are expensive and are overall not much easier to use. I think these are good locks for people who do not have children arond all the time. They would be good for grand parents who don’t want awkward locks on their drawers.  They look really good and are packaged well, but not a great idea for everyday busy kitchen. Perfect for the Grandparents who have a little money to spend on a product that’s really safe! Lauren Goldup – Baby Alfie 8 Months

Product Tested By Annette Webbley – Baby Amber 11 Months

Annette Awarded EmmayCare Whatlock Magnetic Lock and Key 2.9/5

Looks like a good idea in principle.  Website pages do not fill the whole of the page so it looks a bit squashed.  All the links I tried worked though and the content was easy to find. Advanced search option worked well. Packaging doesn’t stand out. Very rigid and quite hard to open. Had to get the scissors on it. Instructions were not very clear and slightly confusing. Half the instructions are on one side then you turn it over, then turn back for the rest. Not very easy to fit; due to instructions and lots of screws to be drilled and the markers for the screws is awkward to do. You have to drill really close to the front of the door for the magnet to work which is worrying. The door is securely locked. It is not easy to lock and unlock it as the magnet doesn’t always react. A bit hit and miss.  It has to be a very accurate shot so if you do not know where the lock is on the other side of the door it could take a while to find! Its more awkward to fit and its a concern that you might lose the magnet key which would mean that your cupboard stays locked.  It also mentions that the magnet could damage electrical equipment so if you have sockets  under the sink cupboard it could be a problem. The screw head is not very strong. Good idea in principle but disappointed in the product quality and practical use. Annette Webbley – Baby Amber 11 Months

Practical solution that makes your kitchen child-safe.



Birgitta Awarded The EmmayCare Whatlock Magnetic Lock and Key 4.5/5


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