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English Breakfast is a very British tea which was first blended and named in America by an English migrant, Richard Davis.According to another account, it was the creation of a Scottish tea expert by the name of Drysdale. Queen Victoria is said to have been an absolute fan of this blend so she brought it back to England where it was rather controversially named ‘English Breakfast’This full-bodied classic marries bold texture with rich flavour. Its smooth taste comes from hearty, malty teas of Assam and Ceylon blended with refreshing hints of muscatel from Darjeeling. A very uplifting tea that goes well with a splash of milk. Perfect for anytime of the day.
Blend of premium Assam, Ceylon and Darjeeling black tea.

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£2.50 for sample pack available to purchase online


Product Tested by:

Product Tested
Kimberley Kelsall

Awarded The English Breakfast Black Leaf Tea

I first took this product out of the box I had a little surprise. I hadn’t
expected so many varieties but also I didn’t realise that it was tea leaves and
not tea bags. Luckily I love a nice cup of tea made with loose leaves and so I
already had a pot designed for this. Anyone without one of these or even a tea
strainer would have struggled. I was
very impressed with the little packages of tea. They were colourful and had
detailed descriptions of the tea on each one. It made me want to try them all
straight away. The individual packs were also re-sealable which is always
useful. They came in a small cardboard box which was just the right size so no
waste and it could be recycled. The
instructions were clear if not a little too detailed. They stated how many
teaspoons of tea per person and what temperature water to use. I have to be
honest that checking the temperature was too much of a hassle for me and so I
just boiled the kettle and used the water straight away. The tea still tasted
great. The tea leaves looked crisp and fresh and the tea tasted lovely. I tried
all of the varieties and was impressed with how many there were. My favourite
was the vanilla rooibos. Having
researched the company I was very impressed that they have pledged 50% of their
profit to a charity in the Darjeeling region. The company was set up as a co-op
specifically for this reason. I like that they are thinking about helping
others and not just getting rich! I
understand that this is a co-op company but the packets are fairly small and I
think that £2.50 per pack is a bit steep. I would definitely buy the product
again and in fact I am planning on buying some as Christmas presents for tea
loving family. I would definitely
recommend this product to friends and family. The flavours are lovely and they
have a large variety. Price lets it down a bit but not much. This tea both
tasted and smelt delicious. The flavours were not too strong yet the tea didn’t
taste watery like some do. I looked forward to my afternoon cup – I would sit
down and enjoy one whilst my little boy had his nap. The packaging is
appealing. This tea would make a lovely present. Overall this is a nice
product. The fact that the company is aiming to donate 50% of its profit makes
it even better and I am more likely to recommend it because of this. Kimberley

Tested By
Naomi Brown

Naomi Awarded The English Breakfast Black Leaf Tea  4.8/5

love different flavours of tea and was very excited to receive this product.
Lots of different ones I have never tried before all looked wonderful with
their different coloured packaging. Different coloured stickers on the packets
made them very eye-catching. Very clear instructions on the back of each packet
giving water temperature and brewing times. Although not all the teas tested
were to my personal taste the quality of the ingredients was evident. Clear
explanation on each packet stating that 50% of profits go towards educating
children in tea growing regions. Although a little on the expensive side, you
can see the quality ingredients used and also happy to pay a little more as so
much of the profit goes towards a good cause. I would not buy them all again
but only because of my personal tastes. Others I definitely would. I have let friends and family sample and they
have all been impressed. I am a tea drinker and although I do see myself
as adventurous with trying different flavours, I was surprised by the variety.
Usually buy bags but after sampling the proper tea and I do much prefer using a
teapot. I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of the ingredients and loved the
colour coded packaging, making it easy to spot my favourite. The company sound
wonderful and love the fact that profits made will be going back to the
community to help educate children. Naomi Brown

Tested By
Jocelyn McNeely

Jocelyn Awarded The English Breakfast Black Leaf Tea 4.8/5

packaging, descriptive names and tea smells delicious. Very clear packaging,
well labelled, not excessive.
Instructions Clear and easy to read and understand. Helpful for someone
trying different types of loose leaf tea. Excellent quality, taste was good and
not too strong or weak. Excellent company, I love that the company donates 50%
of its profits to educate children in tea growing areas. This is high quality
tea and it tastes delicious and also gives 50% of profits to help benefit tea
growing regions and that adds a lot of value to a product in my opinion. I will
definitely be purchasing more and looking for different flavours. Pretty simple summary, excellent flavour of
teas, good variety, simple but clear instructions, ethical company. Jocelyn




The packaging is appealing. This tea would make a lovely present. Overall this is a nice product. The fact that the company is aiming to donate 50% of its profit makes it even better and I am more likely to recommend it because of this.


Kimberley Awarded The English Breakfast Black Leaf Tea 4.2/5