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Epaderm Cream

Epaderm Cream is a 2-in-1 emollient and cleanser clinically proven to effectively relieve the symptoms of dry skin, including hydration and smoothness, after just two weeks.

Recommended by Doctors. Non-greasy formulation absorbs into the skin. Suitable for all ages, including babies. Free from fragrance, colouring and SLS. Easy to use ‘twist and lock’ pump dispensers. Available in 50g, 150g and 500g recyclable packs

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Price £6.99 Available Superdrug and Boots

Bizziebaby Bronze Award Winner 2019 Nappy Rash Creams  & Body Lotions 

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Epaderm Cream Reviews

Product Tested By Margaret Goffin – Jessica 6 years

Margaret Awarded The Epaderm Cream 5/5

Clean, solid packaging, not too cluttered with info. Design feels solid and was able to dispense the cream effectively and easily. Liked the design of the lid and the dispenser. Very easy to apply, easy to get from tub and very easy to apply and rub in. This absorbed really well and doesn’t take very long to do so while other creams seem like you can be rubbing for hours before it is absorbed.  This was certainly effective when my daughter had had any dry patches these cleared up quickly and her skin over all was smooth and healthy looking. I used this for the occasional dry patch skin condition for my daughter and it did really help improve this. I used this 2 or 3 times a week after bathing unless dry patch and then daily as required. Used for general moisturising and extra on any dry patches. To clear the dry patches it took about 2 days to see the improvement.  General overall skin smoothness certainly improved after about 2 weeks roughly. It is kind and gentle. No fragrance helps as feel somethings can be over bearing when applied to young skin if they have too much fragrance or other stuff. Would much rather have as little as possible applied to my kids skin so the kinder the better for me. I much prefer the less is more approach so much prefer things which do what they need without extra smells colours needed. Once rubbed in the colour wouldn’t have mattered and the fragrance generally wears off very quickly so much nicer just to go without to begin with.  It is not something I would actively look for but knowing doctors would recommend does add extra appeal. I think it is good quality, smooth and easy to apply think it would last a good amount of time as well.  I would be happy to pay the price for this knowing the quality of the cream. I loved the smoothness of the cream, some creams can be very heavy when applying and can take an age to rub in this was light and so easy to apply. I would buy this, it is good value for money and certainly helped my daughter’s dry patches of skin. I would recommend as I have a few friends who suffer from skin complaints quite badly and I think that they would benefit from this and it is not too expensive which helps affordability. Top quality cream which was very easy to apply with no mess and no greasy after feel. Clean non greasy easy to absorb. Solid packaging and easy to use pump system and easy off lid. Can use pump 1 handed which means able to quickly get the job of moisturising over and done. Easy to follow instructions and multi use which was handy. Margaret Goffin – Jessica 6 years

Product Tested By Kirsty Prochowski – Isla 3 years

Kirsty awarded the Epaderm Cream 5/5

The cream is nicely presented and is a good size for carrying in my little girl’s nursery bag. Simple design with all of the information required and a secure lid so that the cream doesn’t leak. The dispenser has a secure lid which I personally prefer as it’s more secure. The cream applies well but doesn’t go a long way. When first applied the cream doesn’t feel like it will absorb but within seconds is absorbs into the skin, yet remains fairly tacky for a few minutes. The cream was effective on dry skin and hydrated it on application. There was a slight sting on broken skin. This was effective in dealing with dry skin issues. I didn’t use the cream to treat eczema as I have a medicated cream that my daughter uses and didn’t want to try anything else in case it aggravates it. I used this cream every morning on dry areas. The cream hydrates straight away. I agree this is ideal for all age’s even babies as long as there are no areas of broken skin. Very important personally. My children have all reacted badly to a certain brand of baby wipes so knowing what is in anything that will go on their skin is very important. Being recommended by Doctors does not change my opinion of the cream but I suppose this would attract more people with skin ailments. Thick cream which is bottled nicely.  The product is fairly small if it is to be used daily so I think the cream is reasonable in my case as it’s not going to be used several times a day. I like how it can be carried in a handbag due to its size. I would not buy this only because I have a cream that I use which works for us.  I would recommend as it is a good all round cream. I cannot fault the product it is a very good cream.  The cream was nice to use, soaked in well and hydrated our skin. No lasting smell either. Kirsty Prochowski – Isla 3 years

Product Tested By Jayne Hope – Priscilla 4 Months

Jayne Awarded The Epaderm Cream 4.2/5

I liked the look and design of the bottle.  Easy to use and looked inviting.  Good design and easy to keep in bathroom or carry around in change bag.  Good dispenser ensures you get just the right amount you need.  Very easy to use and apply.  Did not take long to absorb into the skin and no greasy residue either.  My daughter had dry patches on her skin and this worked well and also helped with nappy rash too. Used for dry skin and worked.  My husband has really bad eczema and we also tried this on him as been suffering for years.  It did soothe the skin condition and did give him some relief and improved skin condition slightly.  I must admit his eczema is bad and he uses medicated cream but this was gentler on his skin.  I used this on my daughter daily as helped with dry patches and nappy rash.  My husband also used this daily for a few weeks to ease the irritation of his eczema.  For my daughter it took a few days to really see an improvement.  For my husband I would say just over a week as he did comment his skin felt better, calmer and not so itchy.  This is a gentle cream so it could be used on babies and all the family.  Anything that is natural, free from nasties is a must to purchase in my book. I do not really take notice if it is recommended by Doctors Etc. as the proof is in the fact that it works.  If it works then I will buy it. Good quality product. The cream works well enough and well worth the money. I liked how easily it absorbed into the skin.  I would buy this as did see some improvement and will get some for hubby too.  I would recommend to anyone who has any skin issues as this does help.  A really nice cream to use soaked in well and did see an improvement.  Would not say it was brilliant, but certainly did help with all the skin issues we used this for and good value too. Jayne Hope – Priscilla 4 Months

I would buy this, it is good value for money and certainly helped my daughter’s dry patches of skin. Clean non greasy easy to absorb. Solid packaging and easy to use pump system and easy off lid. Can use pump 1 handed which means able to quickly get the job of moisturising over and done. Easy to follow instructions and multi use which was handy.


Margaret Awarded The Epaderm Cream 5/5

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