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ERGObaby Organic Baby Carrier

Through a desire to protect our environment for future generations, ERGObaby has developed these beautiful carriers made from incredibly soft 100% certified organic twill cotton. Whether you are a Blue Navy or a Sea Green, your baby will love the feeling of Organic cotton close to their skin- and so will you.

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ERGObaby Organic Baby Carrier Reviews

Product Tested by: Waiha Sum – Baby Eva 1 Month

Product Tested By Waiha Sum – Baby Eva 1 Month Old

Waiha Awarded the Ergo Baby Carrier 4.8/5

Very good quality and well packaged carrier. I found it a bit fiddly to use at first, especially with a newborn. I do feel that my baby is snug once in the carrier though. I find it comfortable to wear when walking, I have not tried wearing it when carrying out my daily routine but I should imagine it would not pose a problem. My baby likes being in the carrier but I feel it is a bit pricey. Nonetheless, I would still recommend it to others who could afford it. Overall, Very well made product and baby was very happy in it! Will use it when going for short walks and out shopping. Waiha Sum – Baby Eva 1 Month Old

Product Tested By Esther Mwaura – Alexander 2 Years

Esther Awarded the Ergo Baby Carrier 4.7/5

I liked the plain and simple style of the carrier on first impressions. I also loved the fact that it is organic and pure and soft. I found it really easy to fit and even more simple to put on too. I feel my baby is very secure when I wear it, especially on the hip. It’s very secure and snug and I can carry out my daily routine most of the time with ease. My baby likes being in the carrier for short periods of time but he does prefer to be out, even when in his pushchair. This is more the child than the carrier. I think you can find many alternatives although not organic or as good for a cheaper price. But I still feel it is a luxury style carrier. I am however, planning to buy the new insert for my newborn. I loved the carrier and believe with a newborn I will get much more use out of it. It was very nice to wear and my only complaint would be that it’s not wide enough to accommodate bigger people carrying children. Esther Mwaura – Alexander 2 Years

Product Tested By Helen Bottle – Emma 22 Months

Helen Awarded the Ergo Baby Carrier 4/5

Well made, organic and fab quality. I found adjusting the carrier easy when adjusting to different body sizes. It’s simple to put on by following the instructions in the book. Front and side loading of baby was relatively ok after some practice and following instructions in the manual. But, when wanting to put Emma onto my back it was very difficult. I tried repeatedly to do this following the instructions in the manual but did not manage to do this successfully without my husband’s help. I would not say it is easily possible to load a child onto your back without assistance from someone else. Emma feels close and secure to me in all carrying positions. Added insert is needed for a smaller baby that is not included with the carrier. It’s very comfortable and has padded straps and fittings. In back and front loaded positions I can carry on with daily tasks. In side position, on my hip, found she needed extra support and therefore my hands were not free to carry out extra tasks. The carrier comes with a hood for the child, we didn’t use this. You can get a utility style pocket bag and infant support insert for the carrier, but these were not included. Fabric and quality of the product give value for money but I think it is expensive considering it does not include the infant support. It’s very useful when you have to nip out to run errands and don’t want the hassle of using a buggy – as long as you have someone with you to help load baby into the carrier on your back. A good quality, organic product that is comfortable for both the parent and child. Emma was secure in the carrier, although felt restricted at times. Easy to fit onto myself but difficult to load a child onto my back without assistance. I will continue to use the product, although probably only when there is someone with me to help me put Emma into the correct position. Helen Bottle – Emma 22 Months

Very well made product and baby was very happy in it!


Waiha Awarded the Ergo Baby Carrier 4.8/5

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