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ergoCocoon Hybrid Swaddle/Sleeping

ergoPouch has developed a style of sleeping bag that is designed to keep your baby in perfect comfort, reducing the number of times your baby wakes in the night due to fluctuations in body temperature or from kicking off blankets or duvets. If you are not sure whether to swaddle or not, then the Hybrid is the perfect option, a sleeping bag with swaddle feature. From chest up it’s a 1 Tog swaddle – with organic stretch fabric and poppers in the arms to allow swaddling. From chest down it’s a 2.5 Tog organic cotton sleeping bag filled with organic cotton. It can be used from birth as a sleeping bag, or from 3 months as a swaddle (this is because baby needs to be large enough not to slip through the neck opening, which is not an issue if used as a sleeping bag as baby’s arms stop this from happening). Double ended zipper for easy nappy access with material safety flap to cover zipper access.

ergoPouch products are strictly compliant with all safety regulations. Their sleeping bags are fitted correctly around the arms and neck to ensure the baby won’t slip through. With the slim fit ergonomic design, there is no risk of loose fabric covering the face. The Hybrid measures 80cm in length, suitable up to 12kgs.


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ergoCocoon Hybrid Swaddle/Sleeping Reviews

Product Tested by: Angela Playle – Samuel 4 Months

Product Tested By Angela Playle – Samuel 4 Months

Angela Awarded The ergoCocoon Hybrid Swaddle 4.5/5

Nice packaging and good product idea. Going from swaddle to sleeping bag. Well packaged with good pictures and information, Instructions and guidance are on outside of packaging. Instructions on how to use the product are clear and easy to understand. Photos showing a baby using the pouch in the different ways are very helpful and reassuring that you’ve done it right.  Which tog to use in which temperature is also very helpful, I think there should also be information on what baby should wear at each temperature. It does say there is a room thermometer and guidance on this but I couldn’t find it. The section on safe sleeping says that you should "avoid” exposing babies to tobacco smoke; I think this should be re-worded to convey how serious it is. Fabric was nice, soft, warm and cosy. Easy to get into swaddle, however my baby likes to have his arms out so we used it as a sleeping bag. Personally I did not find my son slept better, as my baby likes to have his arms out but would be perfect for a baby who likes to be swaddled and less fiddly and safer than using blankets. My baby was very happy using it as a sleeping bag. My baby is having treatment for club foot and wears special boots at night; a sleeping bag is really helpful as stops him from fiddling with them and getting them off.  Arm holes were big enough. Value for money depends on needs of baby. Avoids parents who want to swaddle and then go on to using a sleepingbag having to buy 2 products.  Also useful for older babies who still enjoy the security of being swaddled and can have just one arm free for safety once rolling. Quite expensive. For my particular needs now, I think it is abit expensive. If  my baby was younger and still being swaddled I may have considered it.  I would recommend to parents who want to swaddle baby and have a product which adapts with baby. I think it would be better value and more appealing if it could be designed for use for babies under 3 months? Excellent idea, really easy to use, bit expensive. Angela Playle – Samuel 4Months


Product Tested By EmilyPassmore – Milo 16 weeks

Emily Awarded The ergoCocoon Hybrid Swaddle 4.6/5

Really good idea – surprised no-one has thought of it before. Good quality item wellmade. Nicely packaged in box that had full information about the product. Very easy to use and instructions clear. Really good quality, nice and soft too. Didn’t use it as a swaddle as my son prefers having his arms out! My son looked nice and cosy in it. Was nice and snug. My baby was very comfortablein this when using as a sleeping bag. Quite expensive for a sleeping bag but is a quality item that is also versatile. I might’ve bought it before my son was born but, as he doesn’t like being swaddled I wouldn’t have bought it after his birth. This is nothing to do with the item, just the way my son is! Is a really good idea, and a quality product. It’s a very well made, quality, innovative item that my son is enjoying using as sleeping bag, even if wasn’t used for swaddling. Emily Passmore – Milo 16 weeks


Product Tested By Pippa Selby – Erin 7 Months

Pippa Awarded The ergoCocoon Hybrid Swaddle 4/5

Pleasing to the eye and looks to be of high quality. Soft and simple to use. Simple packaging but effective. Says what it does, and font and photographs make it look expensive. Cardboard handle makes it easy to carry home, no plastic bag required (environmentally friendly!). All information required to use the product is on the instructions, but importantly, it is concisely worded, and easy to understand. Straight to the point. Verysoft, perfect for a baby’s sensitive skin. Please note, didn’t use it as a swaddle for more than 1 night, as baby didn’t like having her arms tucked in, so comments below relate to it as a sleepingbag. It solved the problem of my baby kicking off her blankets every night.  Before, she would wake up cold, but the swaddle has kept her warm through the autumn nights, without the need of putting on heating. Once baby is in, she looks very comfortable! Sometimes problematic to get the baby’s arms in as the arm slots are not very wide – as my daughter has got bigger, it has become harder. Measures quite small for a 6-12 month old in this sense. Apart from problem mentioned, getting arms in, baby was very comfortable when using it as a sleeping bag. As a product for a 3-12month old, it is great value for money. However, I found this size to be smaller than its tag suggests, thus making it less so, as I think it would only last 6 months. I would consider purchasing this and I would recommend. Pleasantly surprised by this product. I did not think I would use a sleeping bag for my baby, and hadn’t bought one previously, but I have used it nearly every night and will continue using it! Pippa Selby – Erin 7 Months


Excellent idea, really easy to use.                


Angela Awarded The ergoCocoon Hybrid Swaddle 4.5/5     

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