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ergoCocoon Organic Zip-up Swaddle

The ergoCocoon helps babies sleep longer and better – When babies are born they like to feel snug and secure. They are born with a startle reflex which can easily jolt them awake, so the organic stretch cotton helps your baby move arms or legs into comfortable position without waking. With a TOG rating of 1.0 this swaddle is suitable for 20-24°C.Unique poppers in the arms mean you can use as a swaddle then transition in to a sleeping bag
- When your baby is ready to sleep arms free, its an easy transition. Start with one out first, then the other arm a week or so later.Made from organic stretch cotton with an inner layer of super soft stretch bamboo terry.It is simple to put on, just zip it up and you know that baby will stay swaddled throughout the night.No harmful chemicals are used in the cultivation of this material. Better for farmers, better for the environment and better for your baby.2 way zip for easy nappy access and car seat placement.Sizing guide: 3-12 months swaddle is 80cm long (suitable for 7-12kgs)
Why Swaddle? Studies have shown that swaddling:is a useful method help babies settle and sleep on their backcan have a calming and sleep-promoting effect on young babiespromotes more sustained sleep and reduce the frequency of spontaneous awakeningsis associated with a reduced risk of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS)

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ergoCocoon Organic Zip-up Swaddle Reviews

Product Tested by: FlissMills – Oliver 8 Months

Product Tested By Fliss Mills – Oliver 8 Months

Fliss Awarded The ergoCocoon Organic Zip Up Swaddle 4.5/5

The swaddle looked very small and I thought it would really restrict my son. I wouldn’t have been tempted to buy this if I have seen it in a shop. The packaging actually shows the product and what it actually does without having to open it and read the instructions inside. The instructions are brief making it quick & easy to read with pictures of how to use it. The fabric is soft & very stretchy; it washes really well and still remains soft. It is quick & simple to use & much easier than the traditional swaddle wraps. It kept him warm but didn’t restrict his movement as he is very active in his sleep. My son was very happy sleeping in the swaddle; however we only used it as a swaddle for a few nights due to the age of my son and the fact he likes to move around his cot a lot and put his fingers in his mouth. The armholes are plenty big enough & he is very comfortable. However I am not sure if the armholes will still fit once he gets closer to the upper age limit of the swaddle. My baby was very content using this as a sleeping bag and currently wears it as soon as he gets ready for bed & until he is dressed in the morning. It is a little on the expensive side as you would need more than one. I just wished we had used this when my son was first born. I would recommend.Soft, Snug & Versatile, however a little pricey. Fliss Mills – Oliver 8 Months


Product Tested By Sharon Joy – Alana 2 Months

Sharon Awarded The ergoCocoon Organic Zip Up Swaddle 4.3/5

Good quality & useful. The packaging was very good. Instructions are easy to follow. Lovely quality fabric. Found it very easy to put my baby in this swaddle. This did not really help Alana sleep any better as she is a good sleeper. She always seemed content when in her swaddle. I have found it useful when out and about in the buggy/car seat. When we used as a leeping bag Alana seemed comfortable. It is a bit pricey for a product that can only be used for a short amount of time, but it is a nice product. The product is good, but the price would put me off buying another one. I would recommend. I found it useful to use as a sleeping bag when out and about. Good quality material and washes nicely. Sharon Joy –Alana 2 Months


Product Tested By Heather Tumble – Joseph 2 Months

Heather Awarded The ergoCocoon Organic Zip Up Swaddle 4.5/5

This looked very interesting and not seen anything like it before. The packaging is very good as it shows the product and information on how to use it, very informative. The instructions are very clear and easy to follow. The fabric is lovely, really soft and cosy and stretchy too. I have washed this a few times and comes up really well and still stays like new and lovely and soft. This is easy to use and never had any problems putting Joseph in this swaddle. It kept him lovely and cosy and I found it did not restrict hi smovements. My son seemed to enjoy sleeping in this swaddle and always looked cosy and comfortable.T he armholes are a good size and big enough for us. I loved using this as a sleeping bag and this has been the main use for this swaddle. Joseph seems content and comfortable and sleeps very well in this. It is expensive but the quality is excellent. I would certainly recommend especially for new mums. Would also mak ea lovely baby shower gift for any new mum. A lovely soft, cosy, comfortable Swaddle/sleeping bag which Joseph enjoyed sleeping in. Heather Tumble –Joseph 2 Months

I just wished we had used this when my son was first born. I would recommend.Soft, Snug & Versatile.


Fliss Awarded The ergoCocoon Organic Zip Up Swaddle 4.5/5     

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