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Ernie Fire Engine

Ernie Fire Engine – No Batteries required

Friction-powered fire truck. Fire! Fire! Here comes Ernie to the rescue with his powerful friction motor and crew of fire-fighters. Ring hispush-button bell & watch his revolving light before using his click-and-turn ladder to fight any imaginary blaze. The fire fighter’s hand opens thebackdoor to reveal two emergency barriers. Great for long lasting role play fun. Suitable for children aged 18 Months -5 Years

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Ernie Fire Engine Reviews

Product Tested by:

Product Tested By Colette Burns – Jake Aged 3 Years

Colette Awarded The Ernie Fire Engine 4.5/5

Looks nice and easy to use, looks like would be suited to younger children. The website is easy to navigate around, the toys available look lovely, I’m sure my son would love some of them.  I may look on their website for Xmas presents.  Packaging was good, took a while to get the toy out, but no more than other toys have experienced in the past.  No assembly required, all the parts were already together.  I thought it would be more suited to a young baby at first but my son loved it, has lots of other little things that it does (beeps horn, motorised movement).  My son played with this for a long time when it first came, its still one of his favourites now, he kept the part of the packaging which was a cardboard house on fire so would definitely say this encourages imagination. We played this together, rolling the toy from one room to another so was good for sharing.  It certainly kept him entertained for a long time the first time he played with it. I think its very good quality.  If I saw in a shop I would have probably thought twice about paying £15 for but now he’s played with it I think its good value .  One design suggestion, maybe make the front so that both firemen could sit in the seat.   Would purchase and certainly recommend to friends and family.  Very pleased with toy.  My son loved playing with this and I loved the simplicity of it, will definitely look into their other products that are available.  Colette Burns – Jake Aged 3 Years


Product Tested By Sandra Butler – Zackery Aged 2 Years

Sandra Awarded The Ernie Fire Engine 4/5

Product looked good fun and good quality.  Took a quick look at the website and all seemed to be ok. Will look once boys birthdays come around. Packaging Good because you can see all the products and there weren’t too many ties inside.  No assembly and was quick to find out how things worked.  No instructions necessary but what was on the box was sufficient.  No concerns except there was a lot of arguing between my 2 boys on who was playing with it because they both loved it.   It kept his interest to start with but his attention spans if very small.  He does go back to it every now and then and loves the movement and noise of it. He is very protective over the toy from his brother.  Average because he is very good at hand eye co-ordination and he doesn’t like sharing but we are teaching him so it is a good start.  Very simple for Zackery to play with, but he loves lights and noise and this is a little limited on the toy.  Quality Good, simple and sturdy. Good for a 2 year old.   I think it is a little bit expensive for what it is.  The light on the siren doesn’t light up when it is moving which I think it is supposed to.  Would suggest making the light brighter.  Would consider purchasing if the price was a little lower.  Very good for boy toddlers especially ones that love vehicles. Good product and well played with for any age. Good, robust and popular for boys.  Sandra Butler – Zackery Aged 2 Years


Product Tested By Jatinder Lambert – Daniel Aged 2 Years 11 Months

Jatinder Awarded The Ernie Fire Engine 5/5

Bright, colourful, uncomplicated and sturdy. The website is well designed and easy to navigate with large, bright icons. There are pictures of the wide range of products available, which can also be viewed in a PDF format as well as an extensive stockist list. With so many of our children’s toys manufactured abroad, it was refreshing to see that these products are made in the UK.  The product was ingenuously packaged, as part of the packaging is a street scene with a house on fire and can be used as a background during play.  The toy required no assembly.  The recommended age is 1 and 1/2 to 5 years. Both my children (aged 14 months and 2 years 11 months) love the fire engine. It is the most popular toy at the moment. I have no concerns with my younger son playing with it even though it is targeted above his age. However, I am not sure whether a 5 year old would play with it.   I am amazed at the length of time Daniel spends playing with the fire engine. He loves the friction powered motor, the revolving light, the click and turn ladder and the two fire fighters. He sets up the cardboard background and emergency barriers then whizzes around the house with a fireman’s hat on his head and his fire engine before coming back to put the fire out.  There are moving parts on the toy, which require the child to push, pull, turn and lift various bits. This all helps to develop hand/eye co-ordination and fine motor skills. This toy is simple yet stimulating.    The quality of the toy superb. It is built to last.  The fire engine is excellent value for money. Love the fact that it doesn’t need batteries. It is a friction powered toy. My only criticism is that it is quite noisy. But then, it IS a fire engine.  I would buy this range of products for my children and for friends and family who have children. I would highly recommend this range of products to friends and family.   A fantastic toy, which is simple and gives long lasting role-play fun..  Jatinder Lambert – Daniel Aged 2 Years 11 Months

My son loved playing with this and I loved the simplicity of it, will definitely look into their other products that are available. 


Colette Awarded The Ernie Fire Enging 4.5/5

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