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Eselle Organic Baby Bottom Balm

Eselle Organic Baby Bottom Balm – Size- 30ml -Certification- Soil Association. Awards- "Best Organic Baby Care Product 2008" from the Soil Association annual industry awards. This 100% organic baby bottom balm is a great natural alternative to petroleum based nappy salves. The organic ingredients absorb easily into the skin allowing the gentle oils of calendula and chamomile to work immediately, instantly soothing any soreness and irritation. The use of Chickweed helps to condition the skin, the Sea Buckthorn Oil which is known for its healing properties helps to relieve soreness quickly and the Beeswax acts as a moisturiser and natural antiseptic, perfect for delicate bottoms! Instructions- To be used after the bottom has been cleansed prior to putting on nappy. Gently rub a small amount, approximately the size of a 10 pence piece, into skin around the bottom area. Ingredients- 100% Organic, Organic Extra virgin Olive oil, Organic Calendula oil, Organic Wheatgerm oil, Organic Beeswax, Organic Sea Buckthorn oil, Organic Chamomile, Organic Lavender, Organic chickweed, Organic Marigold.

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£11.00 (30ml) - Available to purchase online

Eselle Organic Baby Bottom Balm Reviews

Product Tested by: Mairead O’Connor – Baby Harry 3 Months

Product Tested By Mairead O’Connor – Baby Harry 3 Months

Mairead Awarded the Eselle Soothing Baby Bottom Balm 4.2/5

I thought that the pot was very small at first but the product looked like it would go far. The packaging looked lovely and being glass it is recyclable rather than most products being in plastic tubes. It gave a good coverage to the nappy rash and it acted well as a barrier to nappy dampness. It didn’t soak in quickly but this was a benefit in this case as it acted as a barrier so it was effective. I was not so keen on the design of the pot because every time I used it I got cream under my fingernails. Although I did love the fact that it was glass.  Due to its size it would be a great product to take out with me but due to the problem of it getting under nails I would have to have a sink available to wash my hands afterwards therefore adding time to the nappy change.  So although the size is good I would prefer not to take this out with me. I would say this product would last a long time so is worth the extra money. Overall a great product, that is effective but can get a bit messy. Mairead O’Connor – Baby Harry 3 Months

Product Tested By Charlotte Carney – Faith & Caden 2 & 6 Weeks

Charlotte Awarded the Eselle Soothing Baby Bottom Balm 4.4/5

The product looked very compact, I wasn’t sure if it was worth the money and the smell wasn’t as nice as I had expected it to be. The packaging was really basic and straight to the point; the labeling was clear which is great. It was easy to use but I was reluctant to use it on my newborn at first but it was absolutely fine, no rashes or bad reactions. It was quite oily and I found that I only needed to put a tiny bit on otherwise it would leave his bottom very slippery. I used it for nappy rash on my 2 year old and it cleared up his baby rash fine. This product worked within 24 hours, brilliant when compared to my usual product! It did moisturize the skin but I had to be careful not to apply too much. I only used it for nappy and heat rash when my baby girl was a bit poorly but I found that it soothed it and made the rash less irritating for my child. I liked using the product but I would have preferred a bigger pot preferably not made out of glass because of safety. Extremely easy product to carry around with me. Although the product worked well I am not sure if I would spend this much money on it because of the size/material of the pot. Cosmetically it’s brilliant and does what it says it should! Charlotte Carney – Faith & Caden 2 & 6 Weeks

Product Tested By Lydia Cummings – Sophie 8 Weeks

Lydia Awarded The Eselle Soothing Baby 4.5/5

I really liked the design of the pot (not keen it was glass though!)  but that is a personal preference.  Looked good quality.  I also always like Organic items and try to use these on Sophie all the time as natural and gentle.  Details of contents ie ingredients and how to use very clear.  Very easy to use and a little goes a long way.  You do not have to use much and it is really effective.  Although this is high in price it will last for ages.  I used this all the time for Sophie and was great at dealing with nappy rash and helping dry skin patches. Works really well and certainly kept Sophie’s skin feeling soft and smooth.  I liked the pot size only thing is not happy about being in glass pot but it was strong and kept in nappy bag and used all the time.  A really good product, works very well and quality is great.  Will be purchasing more in the future as effective and also loved the range of products on offer from this company.  Have already recommended and only marked down due to being in a glass pot, but that is personal preference.  Great product and deals with nappy rash quickly and good moisturiser for the skin.  Lydia Cummings – Sophie 8 Weeks.

I would say this product would last a long time so is worth the extra money. Overall a great product.


Mairead Awarded the Eselle Soothing Baby Bottom Balm 4.2/5

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