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Evenflo ExerSaucer® Jump & Learn™ My First Pet

The Evenflo ExerSaucer® Jump & Learn™ My First Pet offers parents a safe and stable environment for their child to move, explore and play. With lots of wiggly giggly fun and a variety of age-appropriate toys to help baby achieve important developmental milestones. Its 360 degree rotating seat with extra jump allows baby to exercise, play and learn at the same time. This adorable pet theme also offers engaging lights, sounds and music. IMPORTANT: Never use on an elevated surfaceSuitable from 4 months to walking, maximum height 76 cmAssembled product dimensions: Width 90cm – Depth 90cm – Height 100cm 
FEATURES & BENEFITS – 14+ fun learning activities: Lights, sounds and music help babies achieve important developmental milestonesTake With Me Toys™: Provide for customisable learning and play experience, wherever you areRotating seat: 360 degree rotating seat with extra jump allows baby to exercise whilst being entertainedPhysical exercise: Helps develop baby’s neck, back and leg muscles and improve strength and balanceSafe: Provides baby with a safe and secure learning and play environmentExtended use: 3-position leg height adjustment grows with your baby to provide maximum product valueConvenience: Easy to remove machine-washable seat pad and all toys can be removed and cleaned easily and conveniently

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£129.99 Available to purchase online

Evenflo ExerSaucer® Jump & Learn™ My First Pet Reviews

Product Tested by: Stephanie Wright – Alyssa 5 Months

Tested By
Stephanie Wright – Alyssa 5 Months

Awarded The Evenflo ExerSaucer® Jump & Learn™ My First Pet 5/5

was very excited to try this product as I had looked at getting one for my son
but he grew very quickly and before we knew it he did not want to be in
anything like this so having the option to try one for my daughter was great!
When my husband first put the product together, I thought it was very big! I
had seen the fisher price version and it wasn’t quite as big. None the less, I
was still very excited! It is very colourful and there are lots of things to do
on it so that made up for the size of it. The packaging was simple but showed
what was in and had writing telling you about the product. It wasn’t an overly
large box either which is always a positive.
The instructions were so easy to read and understand. I was able to read
them then tell my husband what step was next as he put it together and it was
up in about 15 mins. My daughter was 5
weeks premature so I thought she was slightly behind what she should be but
after putting her in to the ExerSaucer she seemed to develop in leaps and
bounds. She loves looking at the different activities and really took an
interest in touching and trying to move things. It also really helped with
making her head control better and she started pushing on the floor with her
legs to move. She has developed so much and I am so proud. And very grateful to
have been given the opportunity to test!
I love the fact that its sturdy enough to support my daughter when she
isn’t bouncing but as soon as she tries it supports her do it which encourages
her to try! She loves the cat on it which makes noises and moved. My son loves
taking the tortoise off too so it makes him smile as well which is a bonus! Seeing my little girl in this and how well
she has developed and learnt while using it is incredible. Alyssa loves her
play and learn time because she is so happy looking at all the different things
and her being in the ExerSaucer makes it easier for her and her brother to
interact (he is 2). Alyssa stays
entertained for about 10 mins in the ExerSaucer but I don’t think that’s
through any fault of the ExerSaucer it’s just to do with the fact she gets
bored and tired quite quickly. It is a very high quality product that is held
together well. At first I wondered if it would just slot together but having
the screws in it put my mind at rest that it is held together better. Knowing that this product is £129.99 when
there are similar products for nearly half the price puts you off a little but
having seen this up and used it and having seen others up, I think that I would
definitely be tempted to spend the extra to get this product. I would consider
buying this product, and I think other people who have seen this at my home
will also consider buying it! I would,
and have, recommended this product to friends and family. I think you do get
what you pay for and this product is brilliant. I am really impressed with this
product so gets top marks from me!! (And my daughter!!). My experience
with this product is brilliant. I am so impressed with it and so happy that my
daughter has been able to experience it and learn as much as she has. I
couldn’t be more grateful and pleased I was able to product test this. I also had a little scary experience because
my 2 year old climbed into it and sat there playing but I was very pleased to
find that it held his weight fine as well! The seat cover was quite difficult
to put on the seat the right way and took 3 attempts but I managed it in the
end and it’s very securely on. I love the fact the bits that the animals are on go over the top and bend when a child pulls on them and they do not come apart just bend and get closer! Thank you again for giving me this
opportunity! Stephanie Wright – Alyssa 5

Tested By
Cristina Tilchiji – Emily 4 Months

Awarded The Evenflo ExerSaucer® Jump & Learn™ My First Pet 4.5/5

I thought the product looked like a great activity centre that would keep my
daughter entertained with lots of fun toys and activities. I noticed that it
does take up quite a lot of space and it can’t be moved to a different room
after assembly as it can’t fit through the door. The product was well packed; all parts were
protected in plastic bags/wrapping and came together in a sturdy box which
could be easily handled by one person. The instructions were very good with
clear and easy to understand step by step assembly guide. I found the detailed
images accompanying each assembly step very helpful. Putting the parts together
wasn’t too difficult and it didn’t take too long. Since using this activity centre I noticed
some developments with my daughter. She is now better at grasping and holding
on to different toys whereas before she would drop any object I gave her
immediately. After using the products for a few weeks she can find toys around
her and play with them easily and keep herself entertained for longer. Emily’s
favourite part seemed to be the jumping function. As soon as I put her in the
ExerSaucer she started bouncing and had a big smile on her face. Her favourite
toy is the fish bowl that she loves rattling and chews on. The lights and
sounds from the cat are also fun for my daughter without being too loud or
annoying to me. The rotating seat is a great idea but unfortunately my daughter
is not strong enough yet to do it by herself.
My daughter really enjoyed spending time in the ExerSaucer as it has
lots of different activities and colourful toys and she also loved being
upright and seeing everything that’s going on around her from a different
perspective. I also enjoyed it as I could have a cup of tea and relax for some
time while watching her play. I would leave her in the activity centre for
10-15 minutes at a time, 3-4 times a day as she was getting tired and
uncomfortable if I left her in longer, however I think she will be able to stay
in longer later on when she will get stronger and will learn to sit. I think the quality of the product is quite
good. It is really sturdy and safe and all the toys are good quality and will
probably last for a long time in a good condition. I found the lack of any
cushioning in the seat a bit disappointing as it doesn’t offer enough support
for a 4/5 month old baby as they are not yet able to sit so I used a blanket to
make it comfortable for my daughter. I
think this product is a bit expensive for what it offers however it is not much
more expensive than other similar products out there. I would consider buying it as my daughter
really enjoys it and it also gives me some relaxation time. I would recommend
it to friends and family. This is a
great product that helps babies learn and develop in a fun and safe way however
I can’t give it the maximum mark because there are similar products available
at a lower price and because the seat lacks appropriate support making it more
suitable from around 6 months rather than 4 months. Overall I had a good experience using this
product. I had no problems unpacking and installing the item, I found it sturdy
and safe, my daughter really enjoyed it and it helped her develop her motor
skills. I also loved the fact that the soft toys are removable and could be
attached to my daughters play gym and pushchair toy bar. I didn’t think the
seat pad was comfortable for a 4 month old however this can be easily solved
with a small blanket and shouldn’t be a problem for an older baby who can sit.
I found it takes up a lot of space and is not easy to move to another room but
this is to be expected with this kind of product. I also think it would be good
if it had more height settings as my daughter (she is average size for her age)
started using it at the second setting at 4 months so with only one more
setting to go I don’t expect it will get more that 3-4 months use. Cristina Tilchiji – Emily 4 Months

Tested By
Jaclyn Colquhoun – Joseph 5½ months

Awarded The Evenflo ExerSaucer® Jump &
Learn™ My First Pet 4/5

Very excited
to receive the product. Picture on box
looked great. Product mainly good,
however not as bright/appealing looking as some other brands of similar
products. Was still looking forward to
trying out the product with my son though! Packaged very well. Box in good condition, and picture on box
looked great! Very clear instructions.
Easy to assemble the product. No
issues. I did notice this help his
development to an extent. Joseph has now begun to do several of these, and the
ExerSaucer may have helped him develop in these areas. He has begun to realise
that hitting the mouse turns on the lights over at the cat (however does not do
this every time yet), and that moving the fish bowl/rabbit will cause a noise
to occur. He has also begun to take note
of the dangling toys above his head, and especially likes the parrot. He did not play with the dog. I also placed
additional toys in the green tray, and he liked picking these up and looking at
them/playing with them. He had also begun to realise he could make the
ExerSaucer jump by himself, and turn the seat around. I think this was his favourite part of the
product! Joseph especially liked to jump
in the ExerSaucer and he tried his best to turn the seat around to admire the
other toys behind him. He liked the
rabbit, and spent a lot of his time trying to eat it! He also liked when the cat/mouse lit up and
made a noise. My favourite part was the cat light & sounds toy, however I
think it needs more of this. Music
playing continuously (not necessarily in the cat toy) and more flashing lights
would be nice! Joseph had begun to get excited when placed into the ExerSaucer
as he knew what was happening. I liked
watching him in it too. I also liked how
the toy is very boy-is looking for my son.
Joseph would play happily in the ExerSaucer for around a max of 15
minutes a couple of times a day before getting bored. As he gets older, I expect this will increase
in time. At first glance, it is a lovely product. However, I do not think that the toys are not
bright enough to grab a baby’s attention.
For example, both the cat and the rabbit are grey – these should be
different colours, and a brighter colour (rather than grey) would have been
nicer. The main part that I disliked about the product was the fact that the
fishbowl and the spinning part of the dog is "cloudy” looking. This gives the product a "dirty” looking
effect, which is rather off putting. These should have been very clear and
sharp. The product is made well, however the seat unit could be a little bit
more padded. The hanging toys are lovely, and I like the additional green tray
for use with other toys. From the image on the box and everything this offers
then you get value for money. If the
product was cheaper, I would consider purchasing it. I would recommend this as my son liked this
and that is what really matters. Pros- Joseph enjoys his time in the
ExerSaucer, the jumping feature is great.
The hanging toys are lovely and most other toys are good in principle
but some issues about them need to be addressed. Cons.
Not very brightly coloured toys, all very dull and grey looking. Not enough music or lights, Fishbowl/belly of
dog is cloudy. However, I do like the product and am very glad I got to try it
out with Joseph! Jaclyn Colquhoun – Joseph 5½ months





I would consider buying this product, and I think other people who have seen this at my home will also consider buying it! I would, and have, recommended this product to friends and family. I think you do get what you pay for and this product is brilliant. 


Stephanie Awarded The Evenflo ExerSaucer® Jump & Learn™ My First Pet 5/5

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