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Take a look at our range of ladies wellies. Order before 1pm for same day dispatch and choose from standard delivery, next day or saturday delivery! SALE- Grab a bargain today at the special price of only £21. Our new stock arrives next month, including 2 brand new designs.

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Evercreature Adults Wellies Reviews

Product Tested By Katy Bead

Katy Awarded the Evercreature Adult Welly Boots 5/5

These are great quality, fashionable wellies. The style and fit are very good, I was pleased that they were adjustable around the leg too. I like to wear thick socks with wellies so this came in handy. They were easy to put on and when wearing them, even for hours, they were very comfortable. I have worn them many times throughout the bad weather and my feet have remained dry and warm at all times. They are very fashionable and the website has lots of lovely designs available, these are so much better than standard wellies and are well priced. Highly recommended! Katy Bead

Product Tested By Julie Mundell

Julie Awarded the Evercreature Adult Welly Boots 5/5

When I received them I was impressed by the quality of them. They looked really sturdy and look like real wellies rather than some of the cheaper ‘fashion’ wellies. I’m really impressed with the overall quality of the boots. They look like they really will with stand a winter like we had last year. Some of the ‘fashion’ wellies that you see don’t look as though they would stand up to much! The style of the boot is great. My friend was quite impressed as she thought I had Hunters on! I like the small heel and also the adjustable with on the calf so you can tuck your trousers in. I have size 9 feet that was why I was so keen to try these as I have such difficulty in finding women’s wellies. I can normally only find men’s ones which are then too wide – even though I do have quite wide feet. These fitted perfectly. I would even say that were slightly on the large size, but this just meant that I was able to fit a pair of Welly Socks in them making them really snug. Even with the Welly socks on them, I found them really easy to take on and off. I could just stand on the back of the heel and they would slip off. They are comfortable. I wore them to a fireworks display which involved a walk to the station, a train journey and then a 15 minute walk to where the display was and then back again. It was quite hard work and I did feel a little like I was walking through treacle; however I think all wellies are a bit like that! They didn’t hurt my feet at all, but my legs were quite tired by the end of it. My feet stayed perfectly dry and I feel that they would last a few years. I think I would be prepared to pay that amount. If you have smaller feet maybe you would find it easier to find cheaper ones. These boots were great, and I am so pleased with them. They’re a great pattern/design and don’t look like boring old wellies. I shall be proud to wear them if it snows again this year and will be confident that my feet will remain dry and toasty. Julie Mundell

Product Tested By Charlene Mansfield

Charlene Awarded the Evercreature Adult Welly Boots 4/5

I liked the style and design of the wellies, they also looked really sturdy on first impressions. The size is a good fit for my feet and even with really thick socks on they still stay comfortable. I don’t wear wellies much, but when I have done previously I haven’t enjoyed it. But these are very different because they are so comfy and look great too! They are a little pricey for my budget but I would definitely prefer these wellies when compared to the standard green ones readily available. They keep you warm and dry too, practical but pretty. Charlene Mansfield

lots of lovely designs available, these are so much better than standard wellies and are well priced.


Katy Awarded the Evercreature Adult Welly Boots 5/5

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