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Face Tan Water


Self tanning Face Tan Water is a gradual liquid tanning toner, especially created for face, neck and décolletage! Face Tan Water builds to a beautiful glow, creates a youthful radiance and even reduces the need to wear foundation! It contains nothing artificial and is free from synthetic ingredients. Instead, it is made with only certified organic and natural ingredients sourced from Mother Nature. Our self tanning Face Tan Water is also vegan and cruelty free!

To keep that summer sun-kissed glow on your face all year round, without the sun’s harmful rays, apply self tanning Face Tan Water 2-3 times a week. Since Face Tan Water is non-comedogenic, it is formulated to lock in moisture without clogging pores. So it’s lightweight moisturising properties leave your skin feeling soft and hydrated, never greasy!

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Easily add Face Tan Water™ to your beauty routine – ditch your foundation and get a sun kissed glow with Face Tan Water™ instead!

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Bizziebaby Gold Award Winner 2019 Organic & Tanning Lotions & Creams Category 

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Face Tan Water Reviews

Product Tested By Sarah Carter

Sarah Awarded The Face Tan Water 5/5

I thought that the product looked great, really highly established, great bottle, very professional looking, as though the developers have really made extra effort for the product to look smart, unique, I was very impressed with the product straight away and it looked like a trustworthy product to use, it had lots of information on the bottle, which is important to the customer, it’s well designed and I couldn’t wait to begin to use the product. The concept is great; it’s a wonderful idea for those like me who don’t really use tanning products.  I love how this will create a slight tanned look without the need to use all those strong smelling, dark creams and sprays, which most of them go patchy and look very orange.  This is a great idea to be able to have that natural glow, without the need of using a sun bed.  I love how it gives a glowing, fresh faced complexion and you don’t need to wear foundation.  Plus, there are no hidden nasty ingredients in it which won’t be harmful to the skin, doesn’t clog pores and has organic ingredients. The instructions on the bottle are great, a little bit small, so you do need to look closely, but they are embossed & white against the dark bottle so that makes the instructions easier to read.  The instructions clearly explain what you need to do to use this product and explain how many times to use it to have an effect on the skin.  I love how it advises to use a patch test before using the product fully; this is sound advice in case of allergies.  I also like how it advises what temperature to keep the product in to avoid damage to the product. Overall good instructions, just a little on the small side maybe. I love the style of the bottle, it’s a fab shape, easy to use, easy to open and close, it has a great design, and the font has been nicely chosen and well presented.  I like the embossed, white writing against the dark bottle, I love how it has symbols on the back of the bottle to inform customers this product has organic ingredients, its Vegan friendly, where it was made which was Australia, and that it’s certified toxic free.  I love the whole design from back to front, the logo used is simple but affective, the different coloured writing underneath the logo fits in well with the whole design, and it’s an overall stylish, eye catching, professional, well established looking bottle for a great, trustworthy brand. The product was very easy to use, the bottle opened and closed fine, no problems there, the bottle was easy to hold, the product was easy to put into my hands or sponge and I liked the fact it had a little applicator at the opening so it didn’t spill everywhere, the tan water itself was easy to work into my skin, it didn’t cause any mess or fuss, no irritations and overall a pleasant experience using the product. The tan water was very easy to apply, it was easy to put into my hand and apply to my skin, without any mess or staining, it soaked into my skin well, not leaving any stickiness, it glided on lovely, the product was a lovely consistency so it wasn’t oil or messy and made my skin feel great. Overall a very pleasant product to use, with no problems at all. The self-tanning water most definitely created a youthful, glowing and radiant look to my face, neck and décolletage and I can honestly say I feel and look a little younger, far more radiant and glowing than I have been in a very long time as my skin isn’t getting any younger and with the dry atmosphere in the house, pollution, lack of sun, lack of vitamin D and lots of other factors my skin was dull, less radiant and glowing and very pale.  I haven’t had a glow like this for some time.  The process was gradual, and I do have very pale skin, so it’s taken a few weeks but now I am noticing a huge difference and I am very impressed and pleased how the product works.  It has made me feel more confident and younger.  I have hardly used any foundation or powder on my face which is great as my skins looking healthier and smoother.  This is why this product has worked for me, because its helped me achieve the glowing look without the need of tons of other products on my face, which aren’t no good for my skin and dry it out.  This has been a wonderful product to use to help me get the look I wanted.  I used this product as advised 2-3 times a week, but sometimes I used it 4-5 times to make sure my glow was continuous, more so after baths and showers, my glow is still there and I love how much the radiance and glow is lasting, it’s wonderful.  This is a high-quality product which is made to last. This was most definitely affective, I haven’t had any clogged pores, greasy skin, and I can feel the moisture being locked in whenever I use the product because of the lightweight formula.  My skin looks and feels very moisturised, soft, hydrated, radiant, glowing and not greasy at all.  By not using any foundations and only this toner water, it has helped my skin become more healthier, softer, moisturised, non-greasy, hydrated and looking better than it’s been in a long time. It has only taken around 3-4 weeks which is brilliant as I have very pale skin, so I thought this time scale was perfect.  I liked how it’s been gradual as this has given the perfect tone to my skin and I am not overly tanned.  I am very happy with the lasting results and the length of time it took to achieve the look I have wanted as all good things come to those who wait. The final results have been spot on, I couldn’t feel more confident within myself at the moment, and this product has given me that confidence.  Being a mum and always taking care of my 4 children, I hardly get time to pamper myself and lost a lot of confidence in myself, my appearance, my skin wasn’t getting the treatment it deserved because of being so busy, but due to this being a product which is easy to use, easy to apply, has lasting effects, helps skin feel radiant, glowing, hydrated and beautiful, it’s given me that boost I needed, made my skin feel amazing and all in one bottle without the need of using lots of different products.  The convenience of it is great and helpful for mums with busy lives. I most definitely agree this is a product I can use all year round, whether it is winter, autumn, spring or summer.  To know I can have an all year-round sun kissed glow is great and reassuring.  I don’t have to worry about damaging my skin with chemicals or sunbeds.  I don’t have to dry out my skin and cause damage to my skin using other products including foundations, which cause spots and pores to dry out.  I love how this product can be used so easily and keep my skin moisturised as well as tanned throughout the whole year, but looking radiant, glowing and hydrated at the same time.  This is what my skin has needed for some time and I am so grateful for the chance of using it. These aspects are most important when purchasing products for my skin, not only because I don’t want to damage my skin with chemicals but also because they’re eco-friendly, animal cruelty free, help me maintain my skin in the most natural and healthiest way, don’t damage my skin or cause irritations.  Our skin goes through so much and with products such as this one, we don’t need to worry as we know were getting a high-end quality product, which is trustworthy, healthy for our skin, eco-friendly, safe to use and it’s not going to cause us any harm. this product dried well, it didn’t take too long, but it didn’t dry instantly which I always believe is a good thing as that proves there are moisturisers in the product and needs working in.  If there were no moisturisers in the product, it would absorb too easily.   This product dried perfectly and I was very happy with how it dried.  None sticky and non-greasy either. I used this product 2-3 times a week, sometimes 4-5, more so when showering or bathing.  I found this was perfect for me, due to my skin tone. This product took around 4-5 weeks for me to see the preferred results and so far, also the result is lasting as I am still using the product 2-3 times as week as a kittle is proving to go a long way. I will continue to use this product all year round to keep my desired look and preferred results, this is a product that can be used all year round to keep that amazing sun kissed glow, to help me feel confident week in week out.  I will not go back to using foundation and other products as longs as I have this amazing product, I have been lucky enough to test and from now on is my go-to product. I did start seeing slight results around 3-4 weeks, but I am very pale, so the desired look took slightly longer. I only needed small amounts but using it 4-5 times a week as a little certainly goes a long way and I made sure I am working in the tanning water so that it covered vast areas at one time without wasting the product or using too much.  I love the aroma; it smells beautiful, fresh, clean, refreshing, left my skin smelling amazing and fresh and it lasted well, all day every time I applied the product.  I loved how it had orange peel and rose geranium in the product, it is really appealing, and you can smell them aromas in the water. A perfect combination of aromas has been used.  I think the quality is great, it is well presented, looks high quality, well established, well thought through by the company, the design of the bottle is perfect, the embossed lettering is nice and stylish, plus the colour choices of the fonts are nice too.  Its overall a great looking product, one which looks classy, trustworthy, high-end, well-presented and one you feel safe using.  It has explained all about the product, good instructions, explains what’s in it and where the product was made and that’s important for customers, so I am very happy with it. I would agree this is value for money, but also it could be aimed at being slightly expensive for those who couldn’t afford to pay that much.  It is a fantastic product and one that is affective and works so well, I wouldn’t have an issue in paying what it costs, but this price tag sadly may not be suitable for all.  I think perhaps a bigger bottle would maybe be more appealing for the cost.  But overall, I think you pay for what you get, and here you’re getting an excellent product which is cost affective over a long period of time and could save customers money in the future because this product goes a long way. What I most liked about the product is that it is eco-friendly, vegan friendly, has organic ingredients, the design of the product, the ease of use, the lasting effects, the amazing aromas, it doesn’t damage skin, it doesn’t cause irritations, it helps skin look glowing, smooth, soft, refreshed, hydrated and smell great, also the fact it’s made in Australia, the one place I would most like to visit in all the world, it’s just a beautiful well-made product and there isn’t anything to not like about it. I would most definitely consider buying the product, as soon as the bottle I have is all gone, I will be purchasing some for myself, as I would like to keep up the sun kissed skin, to feel confident, hydrated, soft, smooth and looking amazing. I don’t think I will want to use anything else, as this has been a huge treat and a wake-up call that compared to what I was using; this is the product I have been missing in my life. I have already recommended this to family and friends, my daughter wants to also follow this amazing beauty regime and is considering buying this product for herself as she can see my skin has become so much better since testing this product out.  I have had compliments on my skin, which is something I haven’t had in a long time.  Family and friends have been well informed. I give this product an overall 5/5 as it well and truly deserves it.  It’s a very special product, which has lasting effects, smells amazing with the beautiful aromas, it helped boost my confidences in myself and my skin, I love the long-lasting sun kissed glow it creates.  I love how its eco-friendly, vegan friendly, has organic ingredients, the design is well established and presented, it got amazing aromas, helps maintain healthy skin, no harsh chemicals, well worth the price, helps keep skin looking smooth, soft, hydrated and radiant, which is the best skin to have.  It has good instructions of how to use it, easy to use, easy to store and it works well into the skin.  I like how the applicator helps you not use more than you need, and it is easily stored away.  The consistency of the toning water is perfect; it’s non-greasy, doesn’t make the skin sticky and doesn’t irrigate the skin at all.  This is a wonderful product, one I would highly recommend.  It does what it says on the bottle and it’s great that one product does all. My overall experience of using this product has been excellent.  I have realised this product is something my skin has needed in a long time.  It will help me not revert to using my old products, ones which caused irrigation to my skin, as well as my skin to dry out and make it hard to repair. It has helped my skin feel super soft, hydrated, radiant, looking younger, but most of all it has a beautiful sun kissed glow.  I love how this product is only using natural, eco-friendly, vegan friendly, organic ingredients and beautiful aromas to help keep skin looking healthy and replenished.  I love how it can be used all year round, without the need to use anything else, products that harm the skin.  This is a product which can be used with or without make up, it blends into the skin well but gradually, so that way you know there are moisturisers in it.  The product doesn’t leave any greasy residue or stickiness on the skin; it is a luxury product which has been well thought out, well made, its high-end and one we can trust.  I haven’t felt this good about my skin in a very long time, and to know that there’s a product out there to help me overcome my lack in confidence about my skin is overwhelming.  My foundation will be thrown out now and this is the product I am going to continue to use.    I feel that I have been given an opportunity to show what my skin can look like without all the fake powders and it can look glowing with one amazing product instead of lots of dull products. This product is value for money, its well worth paying a little extra for something extra special, which this is.  The design of the bottle is very appealing to the eye, its well-presented, looks like a luxury product you can trust and won’t be worried to try.  With all the natural ingredients you cannot go wrong.  I love that it made in Australia, one of the most beautiful countries in the world, where no doubt there able to source all-natural ingredients easily.  I have absolutely loved testing this product so much, I will be purchasing once I have used the last of my tester.  I am so happy I have been given this opportunity to test such a luxury product and I am overwhelmed by how well it made my skin look and feel.  Highly recommended to all.  Sarah Carter

Product Tested By Lucy Thompson

Lucy Awarded The Face Tan Water 5/5

When this arrived looked nice and came in nice packaging. A good idea as I try and keep my face out the sun and always use SPF 50. Instructions easy to understand how to use.  Nice bottle design. Very easy to use and apply. It gave me a really natural healthy glow, I really liked it. I used it about 2 times a week for several weeks to judge the effect and I think its fab. I will keep using. This was very kind to my skin and did not give me any spots. I have very pale skin so could tell after one application.  I was very happy with the final results. I definitely agree this is great to use during the colder months.  I will keep using this through winter.  A product being organic and natural is very important to me. Once applied I found this dried very quickly. I used 2-3 x a week for a few weeks. It was very easy for me to work out the colour I wanted and it lasted a while once applied. Two applications was perfect for me. It did not smell too biscuit like which is good! As I find most fake tans do smell. Quality is excellent. It is a bit pricey but worth it. I loved the fact it worked so well. I would buy this as I really like it.  I would recommend for all the reasons above. I really loved this; it gave a nice subtle glow, without foundation. It was very easy to use. I liked it lots. Lucy Thompson

Product Tested By Louise Lamb – James 3 years

Louise Awarded The Face Tan Water 5/5

I wasn’t sure when I first saw the product liquid how it was going to work as its clear and just like water. It’s in a brown bottle so that does make you feel like it’s a tanning product if you know what I mean. I wasn’t sure at first and still not sure how to apply it correctly as I’ve been using my hands to try an avoid wastage but its great. It doesn’t feel like I’m loading my face with a lot of rubbish so I like that. The instructions are clear enough; I just assumed there would be a need for some kind of sponge application. Although this doesn’t seem to be the case so maybe make a note of that to avoid confusion. Nice bottle, looks high end and makes you feel like it’s a tanning product being brown. Very easy to apply to face using hands. At first I wasn’t sure because I was using it in the summer so I was never sure if it was the tanner or the sun. This just goes to show how natural it is. I used this nearly every day and I had a natural tan. I avoid tanners on my face as I get prone to spots and blackheads but this one didn’t give me any. It took a couple of days to achieve the tan I wanted.  It was a nice natural tan. I would use this now during the colder months. I keep meaning to use it this week because I’ve got that pale sick look of winter. I have not really looked for products that are organic, natural, cruelty free in the past, but I do more and more so now. This dried super quick, much quicker than creams. I used this nearly every day. I would say my tan would last maybe a week. It did give me a really natural looking tan. I did not have to use a lot at all, just a splash a day.  I also liked the aroma of this face tan. Good for your skin, bottle is good although I worry about dropping it in the bathroom if I’m honest. Good quality product that leaves skin in good condition. I love how quickly it dries and gives you a natural tan. I would buy this because it works and it leaves skin in good condition no spots. I would recommend for the same reason. I really like this product because most other tanners seem to give me a reaction on my face; it’s a good natural tan and dries quickly. Louise Lamb – James 3 years




The design of the bottle is very appealing to the eye, its well-presented, looks like a luxury product you can trust and won’t be worried to try.  With all the natural ingredients you cannot go wrong.  I love that it made in Australia, one of the most beautiful countries in the world, where no doubt there able to source all-natural ingredients easily.  I have absolutely loved testing this product so much, I will be purchasing once I have used the last of my tester.  I am so happy I have been given this opportunity to test such a luxury product and I am overwhelmed by how well it made my skin look and feel.  Highly recommended to all.


Sarah Awarded The Face Tan Water 5/5

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