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Fairy Non Bio Gel

Fairy Non Bio Gel uses less to give you more.  Gel format comes with a closing cap with the unique bottle, allowing you to close with high precision in just one squeeze.  The cap is then placed straigh into the centre of the wash for maximum washing results.  The closing system and thick gel has been designed to prevent over usage which means minimal wastage, drips and spills.  You can use as much or as little as you want, depending on the size of the load, giving you more control over your washing.  The concentrated format means just one squeeze into the closing cup is enough for a hwole family load.  Find out more

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£4.89 - 18 Washes, £6.99 26 Washes - Available in all Major Retail Stores Nationwide

Fairy Non Bio Gel Reviews

Product Tested by: Catherine Oliver - Edward Aged 2 Years

Product Tested By Catherine Oliver – Edward Aged 2 years

Catherine Awarded Fairy non-bio gel Top Marks 5/5

Impressive design and a brand I trust. The company has an excellent website – very professional and easy to navigate, simple and straight forward. It’s very easy to use and I really like it. It is a very innovative product and I think it’s an excellent idea. By using the cap you don’t have an additional item to misplace. The liquid is a nice thick consistency and easy to pour into the lid. The laundry smelt better than I thought it would – I was impressed. Excellent cleaning – even at low temperatures! My son’s clothes can often be a challenge to get clean! There was no skin irritation and my son has sensitive skin so I am very particular with what I use. It is good value for money. I could not be more impressed. Fairy is a brand I trust and this new gel has lived up to my expectations. Catherine Oliver – Edward 2 years

Product Tested By Sarah Hales – Baby Tamsin 6 Months

Sarah Awarded Fairy non-bio gel 4.2/5

Fairy is a trustworthy brand! Clear and precise instructions, with diagrams backing up the text. Instructions could be slightly larger font for visually impaired people. The upside down bottle means you can get the last drop out the bottle, which is handy. Many other brands seem to have a separate measuring cup which is often misplaced or lost. With this design it all stays together. With the gel you get a lovely wash time after time. It leaves clothes smelling very fresh but not too over perfumed for baby clothes. It even washed some slightly more stained garments. An easy too use, effective, yet gentle wash that gets clothes clean and fresh. Sarah Hales – Baby Tamsin 6 Months

Product Tested By Lena Planson -Baby Joe-Kenzie 7 Months

Lena Awarded Fairy Non-Bio gel 5/5

I think the website was very inviting. There were not many products on offer but what is available I would recommend. The site was helpful with the questions and answers part. Very simple and easy to understand.  The upside down bottle is Much easier to use. Does not leave any drip marks down the side and easy to use when holding baby. Excellent idea. I always use too much. Thought this was fantastic and does not cause any mess. Quality is very good and smooth. Extremely fresh. found it removed stains from clothes without having to wash them twice. I think this is very good value for money. Excellent product. This product was fantastic. Easy to use and gives you correct amount to put in machine. Removes stains first time. Would definitely recommend and keep buying. Lena Planson -Baby Joe-Kenzie 7 Months

Fairy is a brand I trust and this new gel has lived up to my expectations.


Catherine Awarded Fairy non-bio gel 5/5

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