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Father Christmas Letters

Personalised letters from Santa.  We send every letter ordered to reach our customers in time for Christmas. Unfortunately some letters occasionally get lost or delayed. If you ordered a letter directly from us and the letter did not arrive in time for Christmas, please email us on [email protected] with your order number. We will issue a full refund when we re-open in January.Our offices are closed between 16.00GMT 24th December and 6th January

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£5.99 Available to purchase online

Father Christmas Letters Reviews

Product Tested by: Sharley Phillips – Olivia 3 Years


Product Tested By Sharley Phillips – Olivia 3 Years

Sharley Awarded The Father Christmas Personalised
Letter 4/5

the idea and the simplicity to creating the letter. Looked too much like a business envelope just
with a bit of fancy writing and colour. Would be better to have an unusual
sized envelope in full colour with a graphic maybe. Was very pleased with the web site and with
the final product it was written well and clearly. Maybe could have various
options for child ages so something a bit simpler and more pictures for younger
children. Think it would be better value
if there were a few more options. E.g. when asked for best friend have option
to have more than one (would think most children wouldn’t have just 1 friend)
When asked for child’s age remind of when letter would arrive as my daughter’s
birthday is early December. As mentioned before have options for type of letter
dependent on age and a better envelope would be better. Would buy it again, may shop around to see if
other companies offer more options or something more for my money but would
start with this one again. I think it’s
a great idea and is easy to use when compiling the letter. Just a few things that I have mentioned would
make me rate higher if they were changed.
Like the product and the website but feel that there is a bit of
room for improvement still. Sharley
Phillips – Olivia 3 years

Product Tested By Gemma Marshall – Jacob 

Gemma Awarded The Father Christmas Personalised Letter

really like the idea of the Father Christmas letter, it’s something a bit
different and it could really make a child’s Christmas very exciting. It was a
bit disappointing when it arrived though as it looked a like a bill! The envelope was a normal window
envelope with a reindeer and sleigh design in one corner. It wasn’t what I
expected as it looked a lot like a bill or circular. I was expecting something
that looked a bit more handwritten and personal. It was average in quality. The paper
was standard office paper with a Christmassy design. I didn’t really feel it
was that appealing for children. It’s a
nice idea and with adjustments to the product I think it would be better but
I’m not sure it’s worth £5.99. I don’t
think I would be happy to pay £5.99 for it as it is simply a mail merge of the
options provided on the website. However my little boy got very excited by it
and even though he can’t read he was pleased that he had a letter of his own
from Father Christmas. I think it’s a
nice idea so I would tell family of friends about it if they were looking for
something like this. The website was
easy to use but the letter itself was a bit disappointing. Gemma Marshall – Jacob

Product Tested By Emily Bradley-Smith – Isabelle 5

Emily Awarded The Father Christmas Personalise Letter 3/5

picture on the envelope, though otherwise very basic and similar to other mail
posted on the same day. I like the
‘postal stamp’ stating it was from the Lapland Postal Company, however there is
a return address of Cambridge just next to this on the front of the envelope
which spoils the illusion. The letter is a basic A4 sheet of paper with a cartoon picture of Santa on
the top. It’s a shame the wax seal on
the bottom is a picture and not more realistic.
An embossed foil stamp might have been more effective. It seems
quite easy with today’s technology to recreate something very similar to this
on a basic home computer. I expected a lot more for its price of £5.99. This product is too expensive in relation to
the quality of the product. There is no
option of having a letter to siblings, and spending £5.99for each letter is far
too expensive for a lot of families.
Especially when you can recreate something very similar yourself. I didn’t give this to my daughter as the
quality was not good enough for the illusion it had to provide. The personal
information I provided to help create the letter could be developed more to
help the letter become more personal to the child. It is currently too expensive for something I
can create myself. Emily Bradley-Smith –
Isabelle 5 years



I think it’s a great idea and is easy to use when compiling the letter.                


Sharley Awarded The Father Christmas Personalised Letter 4/5

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