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Faye & Lou’s Muslin comforters

Muslin Comforters – Playing, Teething, Cuddling 

These muslin comforters are soft enough to snuggle up to and perfect for tiny hands to play with.These gorgeous animals are made from Faye and Lou’s Super-soft muslin, they are made in the style of Origami and have lots of folds and tucks for your little one to play with and explore.There are 3 in the range Ellie Elephant, Baxter Bunny and Winston Whale, each with their own unique character. Babies love to chew muslin when they are teething and these are perfect for teething babies. They contain no wadding and are safe even for small babies. They are machine washable at 40c and have been fully tested.

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Faye & Lou’s Muslin comforters Reviews

Product Tested by: Hayley Archer – Isaac 6 Months

Product Tested
Hayley Archer – Isaac 6 Months

Awarded The Faye & Lou’s Muslin
Comforters Toy 5/5

thought what a lovely, bright, colourful product we had received, it looked
very well made, and was packaged lovely. No damage. Very professional packaging, arrived in a
cardboard box, no damage was done. No instructions really needed, however was
important to review information on how to wash which I did. Very happy. He has
sucked and chewed the product, and it has remained intact, with a good shape
and no colour discolouration. Very good quality very impressed. Lovely
material. I think the product is a little expensive, but for the quality it is
understandable. I would expect more people to buy the product if it was
retailed at £9.99. I will definitely buy
another for my son. I already have recommended
too many of my friends. I loved this
product and so did my son. Very very
impressed! What a lovely product, bright colours and very well made. My son has
loved it and sleeps with it every night, and it goes everywhere with him. It
has really helped settle him at night. 10/10. Hayley Archer – Isaac 6 Months

Tested By
Joanne Edwards – Harry 6 Months

Awarded The Faye & Lou’s Muslin
Comforters Toy 4/5

chose to test the whale which when it arrived I loved the bright colours of
blue and orange. I liked the whale design too. I thought the packaging was
quite sophisticated in its colour scheme and looked like a premium product. The instructions really only involved washing
prior to use, which I did, so there was nothing too difficult. Harry is in full
teething mode at the moment and did enjoy grabbing this and chewing. It was
easy for him to pick up and had a texture that was slightly rough, which he
needs right now. I wasn’t worried about him chewing it and he opened the
different flaps to chew as well. This was nice thick muslin which would not rip
or tear easily and could cope with a baby tugging at it. It also has coped well
with being washed several times without any colour run or fading. I felt that a
price point of £11.95 seemed rather high for this product as it is marketed as
a comforter and if Harry loved it I would have to buy a couple more to keep as
spares. Harry was excited by the bright colour of the whale and did explore it
slightly, but very soon put it down after a bit of a chew. He isn’t really
interested in it being used as a comforter. I can only go on the reaction of
Harry. He didn’t become attached to it despite me ensuring it was within his
reach most of the time. I loved the colour and designs but I would only
recommend something my kids loved. Great looking and great quality but not
comforting enough for my son. I
thought the whale looked really nice when it arrived through the post for me to
test. I washed it as per the instructions but have to say I was slightly disappointed
that it didn’t look as good once washed; I was very tempted to iron it
afterwards. I did feel that a comforter should be slightly softer, Harry is
much happier with ordinary muslin square that he can put over his face and stroke,
they seem a lot softer. He loved the colour and was immediately drawn to it but
soon forgot it unfortunately. I did like the look of this with the packaging
and thought it looked premium in quality. Joanne Edwards – Harry 6 Months

Tested By
Hayley Topley – Zoe 4 Months

Awarded The Faye & Lou’s Muslin
Comforters Toy 3.6/5

product, brightly coloured and appealing. Came in a clear cellophane wrapper,
no branding or anything eye-catching other than the product itself inside. There
were no instructions, self-explanatory simple item to use. Zoe has spent a lot
of time chewing the comforter (as she chews everything at the moment!) and it
seems to have kept her occupied and helped with the soreness in her gums. There
was loose thread on it when received which I had to remove before giving to Zoe
so she wouldn’t accidentally swallow it. Otherwise, fantastic quality. In terms of as a teething aid, I would say
not really as cheap plain muslin does the same job when chewed on. However, it
is an attractive product and could almost be used as a puppet, which Zoe
enjoyed that aspect of also. The price
is just too high for what the product is.
I would recommend as it is a good product, I just don’t agree with the
price point. Overall, a lovely item and relatively engaging for a baby. Overall,
we’ve enjoyed using the comforter – as an item for Zoe to chew on to help with
her teething pains, and as a puppet also to help distract her, which she liked.
The experience has been a good one, and the quality, colours and animals the
product comes in are great. Hayley
Topley – Zoe 4 Months



Very very impressed! What a lovely product, bright colours and very well made. My son has loved it and sleeps with it every night, and it goes everywhere with him. It has really helped settle him at night. 10/10. 


Hayley Awarded The Faye & Lou’s Muslin Comforters Toy 5/5

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