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Faye & Lou’s Rainbow Muslins

One of the first of many surprises for new parents is the importance of muslins. These versatile cloths are essential and have an extraordinary range of uses.  Rainbow muslins are made from luxuriously soft, highly absorbent muslin. Where white muslins can become grey and dull, Rainbow muslins stay bright and colourful. They are  made from super soft 100% cotton and each pack contains 7 muslins in 7 eye-catching colours. Size – 60 cm x 60 cm100% cotton Machine washable at 40c.They are perfect for: keeping baby clean whilst feeding and catching dribbles protecting your clothes when winding your baby putting under baby’s head in Moses basket/cot instead of a daily change of sheet lining a cold changing mat wash cloth security blanket and much more….

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£28.95 pack of 7 Available online

Faye & Lou’s Rainbow Muslins Reviews

Product Tested by: Amber Logan-Rayne - Echo 18 Months and Xavier 5 Months

Product Tested By Amber Logan-Rayne – Echo 18 Months andXavier 5 Months

Amber Awarded The Faye & Lou Rainbow Muslins 4.6/5

My initial impression was beautiful colours and looked like a top quality product. They were well packaged to show off the product. I loved the design of the muslin; beautiful, soft, no loose weaving like with cheaper muslin cloths. They were a perfect size to use as a dribble bib or to lie out on a change mat. Thick enough to absorb easily and not so thin I would have to change it too quickly. They are well manufactured; tight weave. They felt lovely and soft and didn’t cause any irritation on my baby’s skin. They easily washed with other items too. I was worried they would run die to the bright colours but they didn’t at all. If you like them smooth they would need an iron as they are slightly thicker and didn’t dry smooth on the line/clothes horse. I used them as a burp cloth too; very effective and held plenty of fluid! I also used them on my 5 month olds change mat to take the chill off and they worked fine. The cloths are gorgeous, well made and obviously a quality product. I do feel they are expensive for muslin cloths however; a lovely gift for someone perhaps?  I will continue to use them. I would recommend them because they are lovely, the colours are beautiful and I was amazed they did not run in the wash. I do feel they are a little over priced however. Overall they are easy to use, multi-purpose and brightened up all our feeding sessions! AmberLogan-Rayne – Echo 18 Months and Xavier 5 Months


Product Tested By Kristeen Anderson – Aria 12 Weeks

Kristeen Awarded The Faye & Lou Rainbow Muslins 5/5

The box the Muslins came in was pretty, but it was bashed in the post (not a hugely important fact but if I had bought as a gift, then it would be annoying). The Muslins themselves were gorgeous; really bright and looked great. The design is pretty much the same as any other Muslin; a large square. So I would say it was what I expected. The muslins are a really good size. They were big enough for a variety of uses. Shape is pretty standard as Muslins go. Thickness was perfect I think; light enough that you could use if for a variety of things but didn’t feel cheap. The quality of the fabric is brilliant; these are by far the best muslins I own. There is no fraying, it holds it structure really well, doesn’t feel flimsy or cheap. They felt soft enough to use on my baby. These are very easy to launder. I’m going to be honest, everything gets chucked in my washing machine on eco wash; I don’t even separate colours. These washed up on my eco wash no probs. I put it in with whites and the colour didn’t run at all. I also hate ironing and was delighted when this came out the tumble dryer still in tact without shrinkage/wrinkling like many other types of muslin I have. Even after multiple washes the colours are still vibrant with no fading. My daughter suffers from reflux and vomits quite frequently. These muslins soaked it up a treat. I used them for burping, as a light blanket, playing peek-a-boo and changing mat. I also used it as a nice bright sling for my eldest daughter who fractured her collarbone but was fed up of the boring white sling. They offer excellent value for money. I will continue to use them in fact they are the only ones I use since I got them. I would recommend these because of the quality of the fabric, the fact they are so easy to wash and don’t lose their shape and the beautiful colours. These are fabulous in beautiful colours; a must for all new mums. Kristeen Anderson – Aria 12 Weeks


Product Tested By Rebecca Harvey – Elisah and Charlotte– 3 & 1 Year

Rebecca Awarded The Faye & Lou Rainbow Muslins 4.9/5

The product arrived well packaged. Looked very stylish and the contents were good quality and fantastic colours. Very pleased! Muslin cloths are so versatile and a must have in any change bag. The simplicity of the product is amazing and the colours were great. Much better than the standard white. The product was ideal for the job. No concerns about the design they are a good size for everything. They are an ideal size for an emergency change mat! The quality was fine. They washed really well and expect them to be very durable. After a quick wash I was happy to use them for all sorts of things on my children. With a 1&3 year old I found plenty of uses.  No irritation, they have been absolutely fine no complaints. I have washed these products in my dark loads as I did not want to risk colour running.  However I have found that they all wash well and look fab on my washing line! I have not used this as a Burp cloth. I have used it as an emergency bib on a few occasions and once during a juice spill and it absorbed well. We used this as changing mat, a table cloth, a towel on a trip to the beach for feet, a bib, a picnic blanket and my eldest used it as a cape. If you had asked me if I would spend this much on muslin clothes beforeI had these I would have said no.  But now I have tried them I would say at £4 each for a stylish, colourful and practical change bag necessity it does offer value for money. Even as my children get bigger I still think that they will be on an essentials list for picnics and days out. They are so versatile. I would even say they will be put away should I ever feel the need to have another. They are lovely and have already considered buying them for a friend. A delightfully stylish and fun makeover of a seemingly boring yet valuable baby product. Rebecca Harvey – Elisah and Charlotte – 3 &1 year


Overall they are easy to use, multi-purpose and brightened up all our feeding sessions!   


Amber Awarded The Faye & Lou Rainbow Muslins 4.6/5 

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