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Feber Minnie Mouse 6v Car


Feber Minnie Mouse 6v Ride on Car is great for little ones keen to get behind the wheel. It comes with a rechargeable battery for hours of fun. There’s a forward and reverse gear, so your youngster can zoom around in any direction, along with a foot accelerator and a foot brake to make sure they can stop and start with ease.Suitable for ages 18 Months and above it has a cute pink and white colour scheme with chunky wheels and a bow shaped seat. There’s also a Minnie Mouse image on the windscreen so your little one can take Minnie for a spin. Features: Includes a 6 volt rechargeable battery and charger. Includes forward and reverse gears. Includes a foot accelerator and electronic brake

Age range from 18 Months Plus  – L 88.5 cm x H 40 cm x W 55 cm 


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£129.99 Available to purchase Toys “R” Us and other leading toy stockists or click online to find local stockist

Feber Minnie Mouse 6v Car Reviews

Product Tested by:

Product Tested By Michele
McLean – Lucy 20 Months

Michele Awarded The Feber Minnie Car 4.7/5

It’s a very cute car and sturdy looking. Little Minnie Mouse
fans would love to own it. The car came well packaging. The main assembly of
the steering wheel didn’t take very long; it was the stickers that took the
time. The stickers are numbered but some are so tiny they are hard to find and
there are so many of them. I had no concerns at all with Lucy playing with this
car; the sides are high enough that I didn’t fear for my small 20 month old
falling out. My 4 year old boy loves this car too and both have played at
driving to the shops, the play area and to grans house. It is a hit in this
house. Playing with this car has helped Lucy to understand steering to go left
and right and also how to use her feet to make it move. This car does keep her
attention and she will happily sit in it and drive around for a good 20 minutes
at a time, this is a feature in itself for an active, curious 20 month old! Lucy
uses it to sit in and watch TV and both kids like to hide behind or in it when
we play hide and seek. It is big enough! The quality is excellent; it is very
sturdy and well made. The putting on of the stickers is so fiddly and time
consuming! For the price of the car I
would happily pay a bit extra for it to come with the stickers already on the
car or it could be made easier without stencils and what felt like a million
single white dots to stick on! Also the wheels just spin on a laminate floor
and the car will not move at all. I solved this by putting a large rubber band
around the centre of each wheel, this worked great. A lot of houses have
laminate flooring so I think the design of the wheels is not that good. It’s
quite expensive for those on a budget but has provided hours of entertainment
and lots of happy faces in this house so I would buy it. I would consider
buying it and recommend it to others but would make them aware of the wheels if
they had laminate flooring. This is a great looking sturdy little car, my kids
love it and it is a permanent fixture in my lounge as I am not allowed to put
it away. Michele McLean – Lucy 20 Months

Product Tested By Michelle
Camfield – Amelia 21 Months

Michelle Awarded The Feber Minnie Car 4.4/5

My initial impression of this car was great; good colour and
seemed well built. The packaging was excellent. Assembly of the car was very
quick but putting on the stickers took time and was a bit fiddly. The
instructions are easy to follow. I would have been easier if only covered the
one toy. It covered a variety of toys i.e. buggy and car. To make the car move
you have to push down the foot peddle which I was not sure the lower age group
would be able to achieve as 18mths +. Also there is no seat belt and at 21
months my daughter does not like to sit still. This car allows pretend play. My
daughter likes turning the wheel and changing the gear. She keeps trying to
sound the horn like other car toys but this is not a feature of this car and is
slightly confusing for her. As the car does not have a door, it is developing
my daughters climbing skills! My daughter is happy to play for very short
amount of time outside the car. After the first play where she heard the sound of
the motor she has been too scared to get in the car. My daughter only likes to
turn the wheel from the outside of the car. She likes to stand behind in and
pretend to push it. Having got friend’s children to play with it I feel it
would be better if the wheel had some grip. My husband put a rubber belt around
the drive wheel and it works so much better. I dislike how loud the motor is; some
form of soundproofing is needed maybe. My daughter will not play with it as it
scares her. My 3 year old niece on the other hand is fine; I think it’s the
age. This may suit 3 years better. Looking around this is about the same price
as other cars but may offer better value if parent had a control option also. I
would consider buying it but not until my daughter is older though; probably
her 3rd birthday. I would recommend it to others. Family and friends children
love it. First thing they all want to play when they arrive at my house. Having
some grip on the wheels and try to sound proof the motor noise would make this
product 5/5. This is a great toy for my 21 month old in a few years’ time. Michelle Camfield – Amelia 21 Months

Product Tested ByEmma Bell – Brooke 18 Months

Emma Awarded The Feber Minnie Car 4/5

This is a great little car for any Minnie mouse fan. The
packaging was fine. It came in a box with a picture of the car on. It took a
while to connect the steering wheel into place, and a long time to stick all
the dots and other stickers on. I would say it took around 2 hours in total.
The instructions were ok; we couldn’t understand the way the steering wheel
connected and it just wouldn’t fit at first, after some time we managed to get
it correctly set up. When I was told I was getting this I was told it was for
18 months and over. Brooke is almost 18 months and I’m happy for her to get in
and out herself. She can’t work it but enjoys playing in it. Her sister is 4
years and loves it. Both girls have played in it saying their off to school or
the shops (the 4 year old) Brooke gets in and out with her dolls, she also points
to the Minnie Mouse stickers. I guess this car helps with balancing skills as
she climbs in and out. Also she is learning to take it in turns with her
sister. It’s bright and both my girls love Minnie Mouse. It’s a shame it doesn’t
have a horn or played a tune etc. Brooke has used it as a chair to watch
television in or have a snack. Quality is ok, although some of the stickers
tore when we carefully pulled them off the sheet. Some off the stickers are
coming un-stuck now also. I love the look of the car but it’s a shame a door
didn’t open though. It does offer value for money but me personally I would not
spend that much on it. I feel that a 3 year old would only get a year’s use out
of it because of the size. I would consider buying it if it was cheaper. I
would recommend it to family and friends; it’s a lovely little car, I can’t
imagine anyone not liking it. Although there are a couple of issues I still
think it is a good car. For any Minnie mouse fan this is a great little car,
shame about the cost though. Emma Bell – Brooke 18 Months

This is a great looking sturdy little car, my kids love it and it is a permanent fixture in my lounge as I am not allowed to put it away.   


Michele Awarded The Feber Minnie Car 4.7/5   

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