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FeedyEasy Feeding System

The FeedyEasy feeding system is a simple tool designed to help you feed your toddler a healthy and well balanced diet every day. It consists of Toddler Food Scoops to help you with portion control, as well as the Toddler Food Record and Toddler Food Planner to lend a hand with all your meal planning.

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£15.00 FeedyEasy Feedign System with boards - Also Available with Magnetic boards and check online for prices and further inforamtion

FeedyEasy Feeding System Reviews

Product Tested by: Lisa Seager - Lewis Aged 1 Year 2 Months

Product Tested By Lisa Seager – Lewis Aged 1 Year 2 Months.

Lisa Awarded The FeedyEasy Feeding System 4/5

I thought this was a great idea for parents who wanted to see exactly what their child was eating day to day.  Packaging basic, could have been a bit brighter.  Instructions were clear and concise.  The concept of measuring your baby’s food is a good idea but personally I found it a bit time consuming.  However, during the test this has certainly helped me feed my baby more confidently.  I must admit I did forget to write everything down my son was eating although I did try to catch up through the day.  I was not aware a product like this existed.  Thought there might be something although I had never seen one before.  Went onto the website and bright and colourful and you can ask questions online which is a good idea.  The quality of the product is superb and loved the fact I could stick the chart on the fridge with the magnets.  Only suggestion would be to improve the holder for the pens as they did not stay attached for long.  An easy and practical product that helps you with portion control and and healthy eating pattern.  Lisa Seager – Lewis Aged 1 Year 2 Months

Product Tested By Joanna Huntley – Harrison Aged 1 Year 8 Months

Joanna Awarded The FeedyEasy Feeding System 3/5

First impression smart and simple to use.  Packaging basic and the instructions aver very clear and easy to follow and understand.  A good idea in theory, but not very practical and a bit fussy.  You can measure out your child’s food to your heart’s content – it doesn’t mean the child will eat it!  Then you just worry more as you know exactly what they’re missing out on.  I was very dilligent and ensured we listed feeding programme on boards every mealtime.  I must admint I was not aware this product existed.  Also checked out the website and nice design and very easy to navigate.  Mealtimes are often a battle ground for mum’s but would not say this product helped prevent any feeding battles you encounter with your child.  Quality of the product is fair.  During the test I found the pen nib was too thick which meant you couldn’t write enough in the small boxes.  Either the pen nib needs to be thinner, or the spaces to write in need to be larger.  I would recommend this to someone whose child isn’t fussy, but where the parent is just unsure of what food types/amounts they should be giving their child, as it is quite educational.  A good way to educate parents about feeding their toddler nutritious and well-balanced food.  Joanna Huntley – Harrison Aged 1 Year 8 Months.

Product Tested By Amy Parrott – Louis Aged 1 Year 4 Months  

Amy Awarded The FeedyEasy Feeding System 4/5

I was quite impressed and thought this was a innovative idea and good idea for parents to keep note of daily food intake for child.  Packaging is sufficient, as not worried about packaging more product inside.  Instructions are very easy to follow.  It helps and advises you how to measure you baby’s food and keep check on food they are eating daily.  Took a bit of getting used too, but was worth the effort.  This has helped me and made me more conscious of what I feed Louis every day and quantity.  I never knew this sort of product existed and for a first time mum I thought it was a good idea.  Website is easy to navigate and also has lot of information available.  Quality is really good and expecially liked the chart with the fridge magnets (this is where I keep all my important things).  Would like to have a few more pens supplied as I lost mine.  I think this is a good concept for first time mums as helps you with portion control and also keeping an eye on food intake and ensuring your baby is eating a healthy diet.  A reasonable price, good concept, just a bit time consuming, but worth it in the long run.  Amy Parrott – Louis Aged 1 Year 4 Months  

An easy and practical product that helps you with portion control and and healthy eating pattern. 


Lisa Awarded the FeedyEasy System 4/5

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