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Feel Good CD

Featuring the feel good friends on this marvellous CD! Feel happy.. Feel calm.. Feel Magical, feel GOOD!

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Feel Good CD Reviews

Product Tested By Hayley Barraclough – Georgia& Brodie 4 & 2 Years

Hayley Awarded the Feel Good Journey CD 4/5

I was excited to receive this CD, I had never heard anything quite like it so was interested to see if it would be stimulating or not for my children. They both get really fidgety and disruptive on long car journeys, we travel a lot to Hastings to see the grandparents so the CD did get a lot of thorough use! The quality is great and we had no trouble with the sound. It requires quite a bit of concentration so we had to be extra quiet when we had this on for the kids. I think the stories are very good, both Georgia and Brodie really engaged with them and they were definitely a lot more settled and occupied on long journeys. The price is good and I think this really is a lovely, unique idea to entertain the kids! Hayley Barraclough – Georgia & Brodie 4& 2 Years

Product Tested By Karen Finch – Rebecca, Emily, William, Katie andAbbie Ages 9, 8, 4 & 1 Years

Karen Awarded the Feel Good Journey CD 3.8/5

I wondered at first what the CD was all about and which age group it was aimed at. The company has a very informative web site and they have some very different things to buy. I’ve not seen anything like this before, I like the idea of the game and I am thinking of buying that for the older girls. The CD case is very colourful and interesting, at first I didn’t realise that it was for car journeys and we couldn’t find the time to use the cd. But when we did use it the older children love listening to it but, with a car full of people it’s hard to hear. The quality and content of the CD is very good and Rebecca aged 9 loved listening to it. When we first listened to the CD my in-laws were here also they and my 9 and 8 year old closed their eyes and really enjoyed the stories but not in a serious way they were laughing but I think that’s a very good thing! It’s not a very quiet household here and they got disturbed a lot, so we listened to it in the car and it was much better. These are lovely little stories and help the girls feel happy about things and themselves! Karen Finch – Rebecca, Emily,William, Katie and Abbie Ages 9, 8, 4 & 1 Years

Product Tested By Donna Maclean-Walker – Daisy & Jessie Ages 3 & 2 Years

Donna Awarded the Feel Good Journey CD 3/5

The product looks good on first impressions.The packaging is pleasing and attractive to children too. Twice we listened tothe first two journeys on the cd but I did not try it on a car journey as thecd cover recommends that you don’t. The quality was good although I did have to turn the cd player up quite loud to hear it. It was not really my cup of tea but we did persevere. My 3 year old enjoyed a dance around to the cd but I think that perhaps they are a little too young to appreciate what the cd is about and it takes a bit of concentrating which doesn’t help. I will probably try this cd again in a year or two and would anticipate it would be appreciated more. The cost is about average although I would say it should be slightly less. A well-presented product nicely produced but not something we need so I would not recommend. Donna Maclean-Walker– Daisy & Jessie Ages 3 & 2 Years

I think this really is a lovely, unique idea to entertain the kids!


Hayley Awarded the Feel Good Journey CD 4/5

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