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Feels So Raw

Feels So Raw – Buzzy electrolytes & super anti-inflammatory health benefits

Celery: super for the waist line & calms you down! Coriander: regulates insulin levels, prevents water retention. Cucumber: good source of B vitamins. Aids a hangover or headache.Parsley: for a healthy heart & helpful with rheumatoid arthritis.Romaine: more vitamin C than an orange. Rich source of Vitamins A & K.Spinach: green juice loves fighting the toxins in the cells.

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£5.00 Available to purchase online www.bobosjuicery.comm Also at The Grocer in Notting Hill W11, The Grocery on Kingsland Road E2 and St Clements SW6 (London).

Feels So Raw Reviews

Product Tested by: Chloe Cooper

Tested By
Chloe Cooper

Awarded The Feels So Raw BoBos Juicery Juice 4.4/5

was delivered in a well-protected package with a handy little ice-pack
included. The bottles are aesthetically pleasing and a good size for a juice
serving. The contents look interesting if a bit scary..! Really nice bottles
made with no evil materials which is impressive. The lid seals tightly, so
transportable, and although 100% recyclable, I have reused the bottles to store
dried herbs and spices. Feels so raw – I’m not a fan of celery, so this took a
little getting used to, I found it quite bitter at first, but the aftertaste
was really nice and the unusual flavours definitely grew on me by the end of
the bottle and it certainly felt revitalising. These juices are clearly of a
high quality. The ingredients are exotic, and blended in challenging combinations.
The process by which the juices are made is nothing short of impeccable,
nothing bad here. It does offer value for money in that the ingredients are
rare, hard-to-find, and often expensive. At 250ml, the portions are fairly
small but enough for a large single serving. Similar drinks bought in shops
made to order are about the same price but when ordering a minimum of 3 at a
time it does make for an expensive habit. Still cheaper than producing them
oneself. Perhaps I would purchase out of curiosity for the other flavours, but
not a product I would order regularly unless I earned a little more. If I saw a
new flavour it in a health food shop I would definitely buy it. I would
recommend as they are healthy, inspired flavours with a good range to choose
from, although I might suggest not going for the very complex juices, sometimes
with potent ingredients less is more. A good experience which re-awoke my
interest for raw food. This is a product for anyone serious about raw and
healthy food and familiar with some of the more challenging ingredients. Otherwise
3 products at a time is a lot to handle. The shelf life of the juices is
certainly adequate and I had no problem in drinking mine, although personally, I
would prefer slightly simplified contents. Chloe Cooper

Tested By
Nicola Freeman

Awarded The
Feels So Raw BoBos Juicery Juice 4.3/5

bottles. Simple packaging and labelling.
Simple packaging, if anything, a bit bland.
The labelling of ingredients is clear but I think more should be added
on the proportions/percentages of each ingredient, as well as a bit of
information about the potential benefits of each juice on the labels – either
from the individual ingredients or overall.
Lots of people won’t have heard of many of the ingredients so it could
be useful to help know what you’re about to drink and why. Like the stickers on the lids. Good that the bottles are recyclable – given
the specific size and shape of the bottles, BoBos could consider collecting the
old bottles when they make a new delivery, perhaps for discounted juice, to
make it a bit more eco-friendly.
Usefully delivered with small cool packs to ensure freshness. Lovely refreshing light juice which felt like
it was cleansing on the way down.
Personally, I prefer the taste of lime rather than lemon in juices, but
that was the only negative to this. On the whole, from what I can taste, very
good. I don’t know of any other
juice/smoothie companies that use the range of ingredients that they do, or
that attest to being completely additive free, raw and non-pasteurised so
that’s a real benefit. At £5 per bottle,
I think it’s at the top end of the juice market, but you’re paying for quality
juice combinations made from quality ingredients which are cold pressed and
non-pasteurised so do not lose their natural benefits. I’d be very interested in trying the other
flavours. But I’m unlikely to purchase
these juices on a regular basis.
Presumably to feel the benefits of the juices, you’d be advised to
consume the juices over a sustained period as part of a balanced diet. The price-tag is high. I do understand why, however, as you get what
you pay for with quality and rare ingredients chosen for their health
benefits. But the minimum order for the
juices is £30 for 6 bottles which, given the short shelf-life, would have to be
consumed within 3-4 days. And ultimately,
that is a slightly larger financial commitment on juice than I’m prepared to
make at present. May perhaps purchase as
a one-off if I saw them on sale somewhere whilst out and about. I would definitely spread the word about their
existence whilst adding a word of caution about the price. Lots of comments
above, but overall, I think the smoothies are of a high quality and are very
drinkable. On the pricey-side, but
understand why. Nicola Freeman

Tested By
Isle Anhaeusser

Ilse Awarded
The Feels So Raw BoBos Juicery Juice 3.8/5

good size – nice packaging. Packaging is simple and uncomplicated – it lists
the ingredients. I would have liked to
see some kind of indication as to what the juice can be used for e.g.
energizing or immune boosting etc. Personally I was not as keen on this juice
as felt it tasted too much like grass for my liking. Great quality juice and packaging – no
nasties or artificial ingredients and they were quite filling so I could see
these being great for doing a juice cleanse or fast. Compared to shop bought
products they are probably expensive but compared to other juices and products
of this kind I would say the price is fair. This is a personal choice but I
would not purchase this one again. I
would recommend this to anyone wanting fresh juices with just a few great
ingredients. Great concept for getting healthy – if I were to do a cleanse or
fast I would definitely buy the juices in.
Uncomplicated packaging and a decent amount of juice per serving. Fresh ingredients. Isle Anhaeusser



A good experience which re-awoke my interest for raw food. This is a product for anyone serious about raw and healthy food and familiar with some of the more challenging ingredients.


Chloe Awarded The Feels So Raw BoBos Juicery Juice 4.4/5

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