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Feisty Pets & Mini Misfits

Feisty pets come in a wide selection of characters

  • They’re cute and sweet, but they’re feisty!
  • Collectible animal figure, Collect them all, each sold separately!
  • Unique, interactive design
  • Press the top of the head to change expression from cute to fur-ociously funny
  • Eyes rotate & arms swivel up together when head is pushed down
  • They each have a list of likes and dislikes
  • Approximately 10cm tall

Price: Feisty Pets £7.99 and Mini Misfit £3.99

Available Amazon, Argos, Morrisons, Smyths, Tesco, The Entertainer

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Feisty Pets & Mini Misfits Reviews

Product Tested By Krishna Topan – Maya 8 years

Krishna Awarded The Feisty Pets Mini Misfits 4/5

We were very excited to open the feisty pet and mini misfit. It made her laugh as they are cute but every time you press the head it makes a fierce expression. She enjoyed making stories with the 2 pets and playing with them but they only make the one change of expression.  They are cute and each one is individual.  They change as soon as you press their head.  She enjoyed playing with these a lot at the beginning but then that’s all it does.  I think this would be more suitable for younger children. She looked through the likes and dislikes and was commenting how they were similar or different to hers. She included their likes/dislikes into her stories. I think it would be more fun if they had more of the feisty pets so they can see the different faces each one makes. On their own they are very limited. She went around showing people her new toy and watching their reaction to when the pet made the feisty expression. Played with these a lot at the beginning but now wants to buy more pets to add to her series so she really likes it. She liked the Feisty Pets Mini Misfits and the little basket they came in.  She did interact with Mini Misfit toys and then tried copying their expression. They are great fun with their different expressions but limited in what they do. The quality is good very sturdy and strong. It would be great if it could do more than 1 expression.  I liked how sturdy they are and do withhold constantly being pressed.  I would purchase as my daughter wants to add to the collection.  I would recommend as they are original. This toy is original and was a lot of fun.  Having them have likes / dislikes is really good to make them more interesting.  Think they are limited by the 1 expression and maybe could be sold in pairs so that the child can use their expressions to interact with each other and make more stories. Krishna Topan – Maya 8 years

Product Tested By Katie Easby – Lydia 8 Years

Katie Awarded The Feisty Pets Mini Misfits 4/5

The item was well packaged and my daughter was excited to open the parcel. I think they’re different to anything else on the market. Lydia enjoyed playing with the pets and putting them in the doll’s house. She also enjoyed upsetting her two year old brother with them. She found them funny and not at all scary. She really liked pressing the top and watching other people’s reactions when expression changed. She did not interact with the list of likes and dislikes.  She enjoyed playing with it and getting people’s reactions to it…then the pet was given a special place on her shelf.  Lydia enjoyed pranking her 3 year old cousin and brother.  The pets were played with quite often to begin with but now they mainly sit on her bedroom shelf.  She thought the mini misfit was cute and liked the pet carrier it came with.  Lydia chose to play with the feisty pet and mini misfit separately. The mini misfit has not been played with as much as the bigger feisty pet. Lydia played with the feisty pets for a good hour and kept them sat next to her when she wasn’t playing with them.  I think the pets have been made well and are of good quality.  I would be happy to pay the price of the feisty pet if it was something that my child wanted. My daughter liked that it was a unicorn and it was good size not too small and not too large. I would buy this if my daughter wanted it; I feel the price is reasonable for the quality of the toy.  I would recommend this for older children, whilst I realise there is a recommended age on the toy and packaging, these older children may have younger siblings, my son (2) found them incredibly scary and distressing…even bravely picking one up and depositing it in the bin! So I would take into consideration other children in the house that may be exposed to these toys. Overall my daughter enjoyed playing with them and they were of good quality. Katie Easby – Lydia 8 Years

Product Tested By Kelda McMichael – Naylan 7 Years

Kelda Awarded The Feisty Pets Mini Misfits 4/5

It was cleverly packaged and they looked fun. It’s a fun idea and a unique twist.  Both my 7 year old and 4 year old enjoyed playing with them. My 4-year-old daughter role played and used her imagination more in the way she played with them. My son used them with his dinosaur Lego and playmobil toys. My 4 year old girl thought they were hilarious and took a shine to the unicorn one – she kept stealing it off her big brother.  They loved pressing the top of the head to see their expression change and this was the favourite thing for them to do. My 7 year old did initially interact with likes and dislikes on opening the packaging but didn’t any further after that, my 4 year old kept the card with the details for future reference. They loved pretending it was a poor little unicorn or bunny and then it becoming evil! They tried to prank us multiple times. They would sit it down in the bedroom or on a shelf and then come back to it later. It wouldn’t be used for prolonged play all at one time, (unless being used in role play with other action figures) but they did go back to it regularly.  They liked the Feisty Pets Mini misfit toy and liked that is had a little carry cage and were as enamoured with that as the big ones. It would be something they would play with for 5 to ten minutes put down and then come back to again later. Both my son and daughter played with them while winding down and about to go to sleep in bed. My daughter would use her imagination and role play with the toys.  This did keep them entertained and they would pick back up a day or two later and play with again.  I thought the quality was good. I think they are value for money, particularly when you take into consideration of the cost of LOl dolls. The marketing to me seems to be aimed at creating a sort of need to collect the different versions like my younger daughter does with her LOL doll collection. My son enjoyed the toys for what they were but he did not ask to collect any more. Perhaps if he saw them on product display in a store he would do, but he didn’t specifically ask to do so.  I would consider buying as (part of) a gift or as a surprise for my children. I would recommend as a fun little extra or as an alternative to a children’s magazine.  As a little reward or surprise or as an extra in a gift package I think this is a great idea. I can imagine this gift being a bit of a spur of the moment purchase so might be best displayed at point of purchase or for sale in service stations etc. Kelda McMichael – Naylan 7 Years





I would purchase as my daughter wants to add to the collection.  I would recommend as they are original. This toy is original and was a lot of fun.  Having them have likes / dislikes is really good to make them more interesting.


Krishna Awarded The Feisty Pets Mini Misfits 4/5

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