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Femme Elite 3-in-1 pre-set unit

Femme Elite is designed for all your feminince needs. Using the latest technology, this 3-in-1, pre-set unit can be used for pelvic floor stimulation (PFS), pain relief (TENS) and muscle toning (EMS). You can strengthen your pelvic floor muscles, relieve period and back pain or tone your abdominal and thigh muscles. Just choose between the 3 different modes.

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Femme Elite 3-in-1 pre-set unit Reviews

Product Tested by: Davina Fox - Chloe and Abbie Aged 6 Years and 3 Years

Product Tested By Davina Fox – Chloe and Abbie Aged 6 Years and 3 Years

Davina Awarded The Femme Elite 3-in-1 Unit 4/5

Was really surprised how small the box was upon receipt.  It comes with it’s own lilac storage pouch to store all but the sticky pads.  I really loved the minimal packaging as such a small compact item.  This also comes with 2 booklets which are guides to TENS and EMS and are helpful reference booklets.  Reading through the insturctions they were all clear for each mode you wished to utilise.  When using the PFS mode it did feel a bit stange at first, but then you get used to it and can adjust to setting to suit your needs.  Must admit it feels nothing like doing your pelvic floor exercises.  However it did seem to help tone my pelvic floor muscles.  With the muscle toning mode I certainly noticed a difference.  With the TENS mode I used for onset of migraine and if I used it early enough it certainly helped.  The pads supplied are fine for placing on your body, but I do feel they should supply you with smaller ones when you need to use these on your neck for migraines and headache.  This is a versatile product and while using the TENS mode and the EMS mode you can certainly carry on doing other things around the house.  However, with the PFS mode I found it more comfortable sitting down during the treatment.  When using this for the PFS then you do need to continue using for a few weeks but I really noticed an improvement.  The Femme Elite is well made and I like the fact this does more than just one thing.  This is so small so nobody will know you have it on, unless you thell them.  The pouch makes it so easy to transprot without loosing anything.  Definitely good value for money as something you will use time and time again and deals with more than one problem/ailment.  I would certainly consider purchasing one of these and have recommended to friends and family.  A great little 3-in-1 product that helps you tone your muscles, firm your pelvic floor and also offers TENS pain relief.  Portable, value for money and great product for women.  Davina Fox – Chloe and Abbie Aged 6 Years and 3 Years

Product Tested By Cindy Wallis

Cindy Awarded The Femme Elite 4.5/5

I was looking forward to trying this product out as I had heard and read so much about it.  Packaging was compact and secure.  This was also supplied with booklet which informed you of your options and choices on how best to utilise this product.  I really liked this extra touch as it was an easy to follow guide book.  The instructions were fairly clear, only they did not indicate how long you should use each mode which is important.  I tried the Pelvic Floor mode and you could certainly feel it working.  I have not used the PFS much, but am sure it would make a difference long term.  Although another aspect to using this mode was I did find myslef practising my pelvic floor exercises a lot more.  I did try the EMS muscle toning mode, but really have not noticed any difference and was not too impressed.  Using this for Pain relief was a help.  I used the TENS mode for Migraine and back ache and it was effective. Also liked the fact that you could attach the pads to deal with back ache and still be mobile as such a small discreet unit.  The pads were good quality and stuck well.  Overall this is a very good product and in general a good item to have.  I would not use this anywhere other than privately, but transporting was very good as so small.  Very good value for money.  Only suggestion would be to improve pad instructions and to also detail how long to use.  I would certainly recommend this to friends or family who are having problems with their pelvic region.  I will continue to use this for PFS and TENS and nice to know you have a versatile product handy when you need it.  Thank You.  Cindy Wallis

Product Tested By Louisa Adams – Sienna Aged 4 Years

Louisa Awarded The Femme Elite 4.8/5

First impression – loved the colour but the probe looked a tad intimidating!  I was so surprised how small and compact this was.  Actually expecting something that has so many uses to require a much larger box.  Instructions were a bit on the sparse side and I was probably expecting en ancyclopedia to be able to use the product properly as so many uses.  However, after using the product I realised there is not that much to know to enable you to use it effectively.  My pelvic floor was very weak and frequently had embarassing situations.  Usually if I trip or make a sudden movement – parr for the course when you have had 3 children.  This has certainly improved my pelvic floor and totally stopped any accidents that were occurring.  I can now sneeze and trip with confidence.  The muscle toner worked very effectively although I found that the results required maintenance – it was an easy fix to my flabby belly but with healthy eating and regular use I am convinced I will see good results.  TENS was used for headache instead of taking a tablet.  I must admit did not expect the TENS to work as my headaches are quite intense, but will try this as a permanent alternative to taking paracetamol and see how it goes. Also used the TENS for back pain and it worked. The pads supplied are east to stick and unstick and did not notice them loosing any of their grip.  I also made sure I was careful I did not get anything on the pads and put away safely after use.  I also noticed on their website that you can purchase new pads when necessary.  This is a good quality item that “does what it says on the box”.  This product is not a cheap item and you definitely get what you pay for.  It does offer value for money although I would really toy with the idea of buying one as it is one of those items you do not know if it is going to work for you.  It did work for me and it is definitely worth £60 and money well spent.  Only one suggestion for improvement, the clip on the back of the unit to clip to your clothes could do with being stronger as it did ping off a couple of times.  The biggest improvement for me – pelvic floor – It is hard to find the time to tone it and this product does the job for you.  Louisa Adams – Sienna Aged 4 Years

Product Tested By Angie Norris – Daisy 10 Months, Amber & Lucy 5 Years

Angie Awarded The Femme Elite 4.7/5

Nice and compact.  Also comes with a nice little case to make it discreet.  Found the Women’s Guide to Drug Free Pain relief booklet extrememly informative and useful.  Instructions very concise and easy to follow.  When first tried the PFS for pelvic floor did feel a bit strange at first, but soon got used to it.  I suffered from stress incontinence after birth and saw an improvement after a couple of weeks. The EMS for toning muscles I used on my knees to tone the muscles and worked really well.  My knee muscles tend to be weak and my knees can give way and this really helped.  The TENS I used for my migraine and have seen a great improvement.  Also used the TENS for my back pain and it was brilliant.  The pads were very easy to use as well.  Such a small compact unit and was able to walk around and carry on doing general thigs while using the Femme Elite.  My husband also borrowed if for his back! (thought I was not going to get it back).  This is a verstile and superb product and you can take it anywhere as can use discreetly and comes in its own little carry pouch.  Good value for money, but could come with more gel and a spare battery.  Would certainly consider buying this and have already recommended it to a few friends.  Discreet and easy to use pain relief and meant I could carry on with day to day chores.   Angie Norris – Daisy 10 Months, Amber & Lucy 5 Years

A great little 3-in-1 product that helps you tone your muscles, firm your pelvic floor and also offers TENS pain relief.


Davina Awarded The Femme Elite 3-in-1 Unit 4/5

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