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Femmecup is a reusable menstrual cup worn internally just like a tampon except it collects menstrual flow instead of absorbing it.Femmecup forms a gentle seal with your vaginal walls and any flow is contained in the cup. It is then simply removed, emptied into the toilet, rinsed with water and then reinserted; Femmecup is always with you when you need it most!Femmecup is non-absorbent so it can be left in place for up to 12 hours with no risk of Toxic Shock Syndrome; you may want to empty it more on heavier days and less often on light ones, it really is your personal choice as long as you always keep to the 12 hour rule. In between periods your Femmecup should be sterilised either by boiling in water for 2-4 minutes or rinsing with sterilising fluid such as Milton.Femmecup holds up to 30ml, that’s 3 times more than tampons or towels can absorb; so Femmecup is great on heavy days and light ones too. Femmecup is easy to insert and remove.
Femmecup is 50mm in length and 45mm at its widest point. It holds 30ml of fluid (approximately one third of your entire monthly flow). It is worn internally but unlike a tampon it collects the flow instead of absorbing it. When inserted Femmecup forms a gentle seal with the vaginal walls so there is no leakage. Femmecup is reusable and lasts around 5 years so it is highly cost effective.The stem at the base of the cup is 15mm long and aids easy removal, it can be trimmed to any length; some women even remove it altogether.
Price £21.99 Single pack or £37.99 Twin Pack
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Price £21.99 Single pack or £37.99 Twin Pack

Femmecup Reviews

Product Tested by: Abigail Lyes

Product Tested By Abigail Lyes

Abigail Awarded The Femmecup 5/5

I thought the product looked interesting and I was excited to see how it would work for me. The packaging was minimal, simple and could be recycled which is great for this kind of product. The instructions were detailed and showed lots of ways to fold the Femmecup and insert it; I found it easy to understand. The quality of the product felt excellent, the cup was smooth and pliable and it felt like it would be comfortable to use. I felt like I needed a little time to get used to using the Femmecup for the first time, it was ok to insert, I was a bit tense so I think relaxing helps. I don’t really suffer from cramps but I have been told it can help reduce them, I did find that I didn’t have as much cervical pain which is what I normally get. Once it was in I found it very comfortable, much better than any other product I have used, no dryness. I wore the Femmecup overnight after using it for a few times as I didn’t want to leak, it was really nice to be able to feel free at night and I did not have any leaks at all. I do a lot of walking and I was worried that this may make the Femmecup move about or lose suction, but it didn’t, in fact it was only when I went to the toilet that I remembered I was on my period!! On the first day of my period when I am really heavy I found that the Femmecup just didn’t hold the flow well, it was not full up but it leaked and the suction kept going, so I decided not to use it on the heavy day for now. The cup was totally more convenient than any other product; I have now bought a nice little bag for it as I don’t like having the brand name so large on the bag supplied. It is so easy to take it out and about with me, fits perfect in my baby change bag or my handbag. For the amount of time this product will last it is fantastic value for money, it will save so much money over the next few years. I think for me the cup is a perfect fit, its size & length of stem is great, it may vary depending on how many children you have had or how big or small you are but I think it is great. I would definitely buy another Femmecup, it is totally worth it once you get used to it. If the conversation came up I would jump at the chance to tell my friends and family about it. I love it! Overall, totally worth the learning curve & time spent on getting used to it, I will never go back to anything else. Abigail Lyes

Product Tested By Michelle Rowley-Hill

Michelle Awarded The Femmecup 4/5

Because of the material of the cup I found it quite difficult to use when first arrived. Comes in a handy little bag which is very discreet. The instructions were very clear and easy to read. Personally I was not very keen on the material used for this as found it to be very slippery, but this is a personal opinion. I was quite happy to try the Femmecup for the first time. I do not actually suffer from cramps so the fact this could help ease cramps would not be applicable and I could not comment on this aspect of the product. When this was inserted correctly it was very comfortable to wear. I also used the Femmecup overnight. I have not used this though when playing any sports. I must admit this did last longer than my normal tampon brand. Over time the Femme Cup would be good value for money. As a personal opinion I felt material used too slippery and could be made from a thicker material which was not so smooth and slippery. Love the idea and the concept of the Femmecup, works but just did not like the feel of the material used. Michelle Rowley-Hill

Product Tested By Renee James – Julie 14 Years

Renee Awarded The Femmecup 5/5

I had never heard of this before and was interested to see if it worked. Packaging simple and discreet. Instructions very easy to follow and outlined how to insert and use. The quality is excellent, easy to use and durable and very well made. As it is so soft and bendy this is very comfortable to wear. I did have a few attempts at first and once you get to know just how easy this is to use it is a lifesaver. I do suffer from cramps, but did not find any difference using the Femmecup still suffered slightly every month, but I am used to that. I have used tampons all my life but I am now a convert. This is absolutely fabulous. I have saved so much money and you can use this over and over again. I have used this during the day, overnight and also when swimming and playing tennis and badminton. It is great, well for me. No leaks, so comfortable to wear and certainly excellent value for money. I have since purchased 2 more and my youngest daughter is now using this too.  This has been perfect for both of us, and once you get over the initial trying out period you will feel more confident and amazed at how this little item can be so effective. I have also raved about this to all my friends as when you take into account how much money you spend on tampons, sanitary towels every month you cannot go wrong with the Femmecup. Myself and my daughter will use this always. Thank you so much for introducing me to this it has changed our lives. Renee James – Julie 14 years

I would definitely buy another Femmecup, it is totally worth it once you get used to it. If the conversation came up I would jump at the chance to tell my friends and family about it. I love it! Overall, totally worth the learning curve & time spent on getting used to it, I will never go back to anything else.


Abigail Awarded The Femmecup 5/5

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