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Ferrosi Hoody

A breathable, durable soft shell jacket suitable for most activities from climbing, ski mountaineering, and mountaineering too an end of the day pub crawl.  Its abrasion and wind resistant has an adjustable hood plenty of pockets and is available in 3 great colours and there is also a women’s version.

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Ferrosi Hoody Reviews

Product Tested by: Jennifer Morgan - Marley 2 Years

Product Tested By Jennifer Morgan – Marley 2 Years

Jennifer Awarded the Ferrosi Hoodie 4.3/5

My first impressions were that it didn’t look up to the product description, I thought it seemed very thin and lightweight but after comparing it to other products in the same kind of category – ie hillwalking, mountaineering, realised that it was up to par with the rest of the windbreakers. I liked the two tone colour and loved the added bonus of the sewn in loops in the pockets to attach keys – knowing they can’t fall out let’s you get on with things without that worry! I’m a keen cyclist and the jacket doubles up great as a piece of cycling apparel. I found that it really cuts the wind at high speed while also being lightweight and comfortable. As stated in my initial impression, the fabric is very thin, but it is of high quality – breathable and so much lighter that many other similar types of jacket. Well deserved top marks for this! Wonderful, especially when cycling. No added weight on my body, which is absolutely ideal when cyclingI find the sleeves a little tight and restrictive, but this is the only issue I have with this garment. I’ll definitely continue to use this, especially as the weather is getting colder. Great jacket for out walking but the sleeve issue may be quite an issue when trying to erect tents and especially if climbing. Love it for cycling, although this isn’t it’s advertised purpose and it’s so easy to wash. Quite fashionable looking too, even if a little expensive for some average budgets. Jennifer Morgan – Marley 2 Years

Product Tested By Rebecca Berridge – Caelan 2 Years

Rebecca Awarded the Ferrosi Hoodie 4/5

First impressions were that the jacket looked very stylish and practical in its design. However, the item was to be tested by my husband who is a british size large and on receiving the product it was too small for him so was passed on to my dad who is a size medium. He has been happy with it but feels that there are cheaper alternatives that do the same job. He thought the material was of good satisfactory quality, and he also found the jacket comfortable to wear. He liked the look of the jacket because it looked very stylish but he would not pay this much money for something just because of it’s fashionable look. Overall, a great jacket with lots of benefits, but the price may put a lot of people off purchasing the product. Rebecca Berridge – Caelan 2 Years


I’ll definitely continue to use this, especially as the weather is getting colder.


Jennifer Awarded the Ferrosi Hoodie 4.3/5

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