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Fill n Squeeze Weaning Pouch System

The Fill n Squeeze Weaning Baby Food Maker contains; 

  • 1 x 500ml Baby Food Maker
  • 1 x Jug Closure Cap
  • 1 x Hand Masher (which doubles up as a plunger when the plunging cover is used)
  • 5 x 150ml Fill n Squeeze Reusable pouches sterile and ready for use
  • Pouch Cleaning brush.
  • 2 x Zipper Bottom Pouches, 150ml each (Brush inside bottom of pouch not included) FREE

The Original Patented Fill n Squeeze Weaning and feeding baby food maker with reusable pouches for babies, toddlers. BPA Free No Leak Squeeze Pouches.

Easy Fill & Clean – Reusable Baby Pouches For; Weaning, Travel, Pureed Fruit, Organic & Homemade Baby Food, Babies Toddlers & Kids.

The Fill n Squeeze baby food maker and baby organiser storage is the world’s first reusable baby food maker.

Invented by a British mum in 2013 who wanted to make healthy homemade food for her baby daughters.  Batch cook, freeze and warm up when you’re ready to feed!

Buy the Fill n Squeeze weaning pouch system here 

Price £22.99 Available online

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Fill n Squeeze Weaning Pouch System Reviews

Product Tested By Hayley Topley – Alexander 9 Months

Hayley Awarded The Fill n Squeeze Weaning Pouch System 4/5

Well packaged, interesting product and keen to get started. It’s a great idea to make food easier to serve on the go rather than taking tubs of purées out in the changing bag. Instructions pretty self-explanatory and straightforward. The hand masher was effective as a plunger, though didn’t need to use as a masher so can’t comment on that. The pouch filler jug is a clever design, only slight flaw was when removing the cap to attach a pouch, some liquid would spill out. So learned quickly to tip the jug backwards a little to avoid this when removing the stopper! The cleaning brush was very useful for cleaning the pouches. Still always going to be a little fiddly to clean out, but reassuring to have a brush that fits in to scrub the insides. Overall the process of using the jug and filling, storing and cleaning the pouches was simple and easy. Alexander was non-plussed – he enjoys all food whether pouches or finger foods, so he happily ate them regardless. we didn’t freeze any of these pouches due to using them within a couple of days of filling and storing in the fridge only.  I used the pouches for pureed veggies and a couple we used to decant potted natural yogurt into. These are just as simple to take on your travels as any shop bough pouch. We used the full set roughly once per week for our general daily outings across mealtimes.  I would say yes good value for the most part, perhaps a couple more pouches provided with the set for that price would be good. I liked the ability to make your own pouches and reduce bulky tubs being taken out and the chance of leakages in the changing bag. It’s a clever product and reusable so money and resource saving over time. I would recommend especially for parents wanting to make and transport their own baby food, it’s a good invention. Useful invention, clever design, reusable. Would score a 5 if somehow the valve didn’t leak when removing the stopper, and if a couple more pouches were included for the price point. Positive experience using this product and having a less bulky way of taking food out, with no chance of it leaking like tubs can if the lids get knocked off. Hayley Topley – Alexander 9 Months

Product Tested By Julie Griffiths – Mason 9 Months

Julie Awarded The Fill n Squeeze Weaning Pouch System 3.7/5

I thought that the packaging looked good and made the product look interesting. When I opened the box, at first I was confused and could not see any instructions on how to use the system. I eventually saw that there are some small instructions on the beaker. I was concerned about how difficult it might be to clean the pouches. I think the concept is really good. Pouches are a really effective way of storing and serving baby food. The fact that they are reusable is also good for the environment. It is nice that you have the option to fill the pouches with whatever food you like, rather than being limited by what is produced by baby food manufacturers. The instructions included in the package were very poor. There is writing on the box in foreign languages but not in English. I received a cover letter with the product but it was not clear if that information is sent to everyone. Without the cover letter I would not have been aware of the YouTube videos available online with further help and guidance. These videos are really helpful, but as a parent to a young baby I don’t really have much time to spend watching YouTube videos, so would have preferred the option of having an instruction booklet. There are very limited instructions on the actual tube but these are only on how to fill the pouch, nothing regarding cleaning it or heating the food etc. The hand masher was effective for mashing food for a baby of my son’s age, but if your baby was only 6 months you would need to puree the food in a food processor before filling the pouch. It worked quite well which I was surprised at as it is only plastic. As the instructions were not very clear for the Pouch filler jug and closure cap I had to work out what this was for. It worked quite well but took a few practice attempts to fill the pouch without any air pockets. The flexibility of the cleaning brush makes it really effective for cleaning the corners of the pouches. It might be useful to be able to purchase additional brushes for when this one becomes tired. The pouches are easy to use but do take quite a bit of time to do. This would put me off using them as opposed to something like a small Tupperware container.  My baby seems to love any food that comes out of a pouch, so they were really good for getting him to eat the same family meals as us instead of having a shop-bought pouch. These pouches are really easy to store in the freezer as they take up very little room.  I just took them out the night before I needed to use them. I used the pouches for overnight oats, mashed banana, mashed potato, cheese and beans and beef casserole. These are easy to take on your travels.  However the food I cooked tended to need refrigerating or freezing, the food in the pouches was cold, whereas the shop-bought pouches are at room-temperature when I serve them. This was ok for my baby as he doesn’t mind the food being cold, but may be an issue for some. I used the pouches a couple of times per week. I think the price is quite high and I think it would be better value if it were below £20. Over time it will obviously become more value for money as I get more use out of it, as homemade food is much cheaper than shop-bought baby food. The pouches look really cute for baby and I enjoyed serving him my own cooked food from these, knowing exactly what I have put in them.  I personally would not buy this set as the price is too high for me.  I would just use small Tupperware containers that I already have. I will certainly recommend the pouches, especially the mums who enjoy cooking homemade food for their babies. I think the pouch system is a great idea and gives parents the opportunity to store their own home cooked baby food in a new way. However, I did find it fiddly to clean and I do feel the price is slightly too high. Overall I enjoyed using the pouch system. I didn’t know that such a product was even available before testing it and it was quite good fun to try something new like this and to see baby enjoy it when I was feeding him.  I did put off using it for a couple of weeks initially as it looked too complicated and there weren’t any written instructions in the box. When I eventually had chance to go on YouTube and watch the videos on how to use it I realised that it is not as complicated as I first thought and then started to use it. It was really handy for doing overnight oats, so his breakfast was ready to serve as soon as we woke up, and for storing food in the freezer. The spoon that attaches to the pouch was useful but I felt that the hole was a bit too small for my son’s food as he has started to have some lumps for consistency now, so I stopped using this.  It was quite time consuming to use the pouch system, particularly with cleaning it, as you can’t just pop it in the dishwasher.  This would put me off using it more often as time is precious when you have a baby. Julie Griffiths – Mason 9 Months

Product Tested By Emily Smith – Araminta 8 Months

Emily Awarded The Fill n Squeeze Weaning Pouch System 3/5

Well packed and presented. Good idea, not sure what it adds that you can’t get using tubs. The instructions were OK.  The system is quite instinctive to use though. The hand masher did not mash smooth enough and the plunger handle was flimsy. I found the pouch filler jug did not empty effectively. I thought the cleaning brush was very useful. The pouches were good to use but I found them really fiddly to clean. My baby did use the pouches but she prefers to eat her food with a spoon rather than pouches. I did not freeze these as there were so few in the kit. I used the pouches for apples, carrots, sweet potatoes and swedes. I personally feel these pouches are no different to having tubs to take food out when travelling. I used these pouches every other day due to cleaning and filling. Maybe for £9.99 it would be but you would need to purchase 3 or 4 extra packs of pouches for it to be worthwhile and they aren’t cheap either. Good concept if you are lucky enough not to have a clingy baby and it looks good. I personally would not buy this set. Disappointed, the masher didn’t do the job properly and was poorly made. The kit is just too expensive and messy to use to be practical and the pouches are far too hard to clean. Emily Smith – Araminta 8 Months







I would recommend especially for parents wanting to make and transport their own baby food, it’s a good invention. Useful invention, clever design, reusable.  Positive experience using this product and having a less bulky way of taking food out, with no chance of it leaking like tubs can if the lids get knocked off.


Hayley Awarded The Fill n Squeeze Weaning Pouch System 4/5

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