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First Aid for Babies (Online Course)

This course is designed for parents and grandparents and for anyone who would like to learn how to help with common medical emergencies in babies. We will cover what to do if they are unconscious; CPR and recovery position specific to babies; choking, drowning, head injuries, bleeding, burns, fitting, meningitis and much more.The course consists of illustrated step-by-step directions, flow charts, diagrams, videos and a short test yourself section fully compatible with all computers and mobile devices. You will be able to stop and start as often as you like and on completion you will be able to print your certificate.It is impossible to cover all eventualities within this course, or to equip you with the knowledge and skills to appropriately diagnose and treat in unpredictable real life situations. If you suspect illness or injury, you should always seek immediate professional medical advice.The author has made every effort to ensure the accuracy of the information contained within the course, however this course is merely a guide and the author does not accept any liability or responsibility for any inaccuracies or for any mistreatment or misdiagnosis of any person, however caused.The course material has been written by Emma Hammett, qualified nurse, first aid trainer and founder of First Aid for Life in conjunction with other medical and first aid professionals. If you have any queries concerning this course, please contact [email protected]

Course Content Includes:
Action in an emergency Keep yourself safe Priorities of treatment Preparing for an emergency Helpful information What to put in your first aid kit Information to give the emergency services Role of the first aider The primary survey – how to help in an emergency DangerResponse AirwayBreathing Unresponsive and breathing Unconscious and not breathing Breathing problems ChokingHow to help a choking baby DrowningStep-by-step – how to help a drowning casualty Croup Anaphylactic shock Wounds and bleeding How to treat a bleeding wound Types of wounds Dressings Embedded objects How much blood can you afford to lose?Symptoms of shock Treatment of shock Amputated parts Internal bleeding Knocked out teeth Eye injuries Nose bleeds Objects in nose Objects in ears Burns Poisoning Head injuries Fitting/seizures/convulsions Medical conditions and childhood illnesses Septicaemia/sepsis MeningitisUseful advice Accident forms Final lesson
Bizziebaby Silver Award Winner 2016 and Bizziebaby Silver Award Winner 2019

£97.00 Available to purchase online

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£97.00 Available to purchase online

First Aid for Babies (Online Course) Reviews

Product Tested by: Melissa Richards – Sophie 7 Months

Product Tested By Amanda Hayes – Ethan 6 Years

Amanda Awarded First Aid for Babies Course 5/5

My initial thought was that it could be better named as Babies made me think it wasn’t suitable for me. In actual fact it was perfect as it was for both babies and children.I thought it was great. I have done a first aid at work course, but it was a while ago and it didn’t prepare me for what to do with mine or a friends child should the need arise. Without any training the initial thought is panic but after the course I feel I am much better prepared to think and focus before acting. The step-by-step directions were easy to follow, no real problems. I really found the videos useful, people learn in different ways and for me to put my headphones on and watch and listen was very beneficial for me.The tests were really useful. They made you think back over your learning and check you were taking it all in. Any that were wrong it gave you chance to go back and re-learn. I have done a first aid at work course but I was around 7 years ago. This has definitely made me feel more confident. As noted above I don’t think I would panic anymore but take a second to focus and handle the situation calmly. This course enables you to stop and start as often as you like and this was really useful feature.I was doing this alongside a full time job and looking after my son. Completing it in one go would have been difficult. I learnt about the CPR techniques for small children and babies which I didn’t know before. It also refreshed a lot of things for me, especially the more common occurrences like burns and especially nose bleeds which can seem worse than they are. Very good quality and content pretty much all of the basics covered.It was value for money based on the fact that it could be done in your own time and not taking time off work together with the important fact that it could save a life. For me the best bit was the video content that I could watch and learn. I don’t learn as well just reading. Upon completing the course I was proud, the certificate was great but it was more the sense of achievement. I would purchase this course. I would definitely recommend. We are an outdoorsy family with similar friends who also work full time so a course like this that could help with common injuries as well as serious ones in our spare time is really useful. I found this to be a great product. Easy to use and easy to follow. I like the way you could do as little or as much as you liked in one sitting. It wasn’t cheap but it is value for money and it could well save someone’s life. Initially thought I would not have looked at the course thinking it for babies only. Amanda Hayes – Ethan 6 Years

Product Tested By Nicola Jenkins – Nathan 1 Year

Nicola Awarded The First Aid for Babies Course 5/5

I was impressed with the quickness of receiving my first introductory email followed by a prompt email with my log in details. I had a quick browse of the website and it looked really straight forward and user friendly. I think it’s excellent, very informative and particularly well designed to help you remember important information. I definitely felt that the course made me feel prepared for anything that may happen in the future. All the information was very thorough and explained in great detail. I particularly liked the videos as it helped me visualise what the written information was explaining. I definitely found the step by step directions easy to follow. I also had my 3 year old daughter assist me which made the course fun for both of us. The flow charts, diagrams and videos were very helpful. Particularly the videos, they helped me a lot. My mind can sometimes wander when reading scripts but the videos definitely helped explain more. The tests were definitely beneficial to me. I did get a few questions wrong so going back and trying to correct my errors helped to register information in my memory.I went on a first aid course about 7 years ago and so I found some things a refresher but other’s that I had completely forgotten or never learnt. I now feel more confident should I ever have to use anything that I have learnt.The stop start feature was definitely beneficial to me. Particularly because I have a 3 year old and 1 year old, I don’t have time to sit for long periods of time. Besides those reasons, I feel like taking a break from learning helps you learn better. I have never learnt about burns before, or drowning. Both of which I found were explained in great detail. I also never knew you had to lean forward if you have a nose bleed, I always thought you had to lean backwards.I found the content to be very detailed and I was impressed with all of it. You can’t put a price on the saving a life. Clearly a lot of detail and effort has gone into the making of this course and the quality of the explanations and videos are excellent. I loved the videos and the tests. The videos helped me visualise what was written and explained. The test helped refresh my memory and helped me remember the most important parts.I’m very happy to have completed the course and to be able to say I’m first aid trained. I would purchase this because it’s information that could save a life. I would recommend as a lot of family and friends would benefit from the knowledge I have learnt . I really enjoyed using this course and have taken away a large amount of useful knowledge. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to review this course. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed it and would definitely recommend. Nicola Jenkins – Nathan 1 Year

Product Tested By Stephanie Rolfe – Freddie 20 Months

Stephanie Awarded The First Aid for Babies Course 3.7/5

All relevant information contained within the email with quickly and easy link to course. It’s a good idea however I am not sure how many parents would both have the time to read through it all or actually sit down and read it all. The course was useful however I complete first aid at work yearly in more depth. The step-by-step directions are easy to follow, although I do find learning in action better. I did find the flow charts, diagrams and videos helpful. The short test was good, although I was able to answer the questions before reading through the content, so maybe a little too easy and obvious answers. I have yearly First Aid Training at work. Extra content around croup was useful as not always covered in First Aid Courses. I did think the stop start option was good although I think people would forget after a while and maybe not get around to completing it. I found out more about Croup which was helpful. Up to date information although at times a little too much content to read through on some areas. I think this is a lot of money. My son’s nursery offer a first aid course covering all content for £20 and is practical learning. This may appeal to some; maybe grandparents who have more time and it may be some time since they have had any training. Already being qualified I was just pleased to get to the end. Even if I didn’t complete first aid at work there are cheaper options with practical learning. I think where you have the option to dip in and out I would either take forever to complete it or just never get around to completing it.I would tell others about it with no positive or negatives and let them decide on whether they thought it was value for money. Content very good although a little long winded in some areas, quiz questions a little too simple and do not require you to actually read the content first and last I feel it is expensive with other products offered through schools, nurseries, communities. Having completed first aid yearly for over 13 years I found it more of a quick refresher. That said topics around croup were very useful as this is a topic not always covered. Had I not have been off work I’ll I probably wouldn’t have completed it. Stephanie Rolfe – Freddie 20 Months

As I said above I think this product is vital for all parents. It will also make parents more confident to carry out first aid. The product was so easy to use and the videos gave you a good insight into how to carry out the first aid. In addition to this I thought the course was good how it also linked into how you would adapt this for an older child or adult. Great product and will definitely be recommending!


Amanda Awarded First Aid for Babies Course 5/5

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