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First Years Buzzing Bee Massaging Teethers

Offer baby the ulitmate teething relief with this unique massaging teether. Baby’s bite activates massaging action which will relieve and entertain. Tubular design is easy to hold and great for those hard-to-reach molars. Lightweight and built-in handle shape makes it perfect for little hands to manipulate.  Massaging affect relieves sore gums when baby bites on bee antennae. Tubular flower petals are great for teething plus lightweight. Bright cheery colours will visual stimulate baby. Assorted in pink and yellow teethers. Measures 11.5cm x 10cm x 1.9cm

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First Years Buzzing Bee Massaging Teethers Reviews

Product Tested by: Samantha Southwell

Product Tested By Samantha Southwell

Samantha Southwell Awarded the Learning Curve Massaging Teether 4/5

Very good as a teether – colourful and the vibration is a unique selling point for teethers. Easy to hold for an older baby although a three month old may struggle to hold it. Company has a Colourful and pretty website although it could be easier to navigate. When I was searching for teethers I had to go through categories, soothing and then teethers to find it. It might be useful to have some buttons on the side for easy navigation. A button to return to the home page would also be useful. The search functionality was fine – the term teethers easily brought up the product.  It might also be useful to have it broken down into age as all the products were for different ages.  The packaging was simple but did not clearly state washing instructions which for a teether with batteries as it should have. There is no need to do anything different to the product. It said three months+ was for teething so it was clear who it was for. Quality of the product is more than satisfactory; it’s a unique teether with the vibrations that my little one likes to use. The vibration however means that she only wants to chew on it for short periods of time otherwise I think it gets too much for her. The product is easy to hold and the vibration is strong. As stated before there are no clear instructions as to washing that I could see but I just rinse it under the tap or wipe it as I do any other teether so it’s no harder to keep clean then any other product. The size of the teether is great, very suitable. The shape is also very good – it is easy to hold/use and is lightweight. It can easily be attached to links so that it does not get lost. My baby liked this teether a lot and it did comfort her when she was upset. This product offers great value for money and I will continue to use it now that I have tested it. Would recommend this product to others although I am not sure how much younger babies of three months could hold it. It certainly does relieve teething pain. This is a very good value for money teether that offers a good way of relieving teething pain. Better instructions would be more suitable though as to how to clean and how to (if you can) change the batteries. It certainly helped to calm her down when she was upset with her teething.  Samantha Southwell


Product Tested By Suzanna North – Baby Sophie 8 Month

Suzanna North Awarded the Learning Curve Massaging teether 4/5

The teether looked very interesting and colourful when I first saw it. The company’s website is also very colourful. However, I did not find it simple to use because one link I clicked on didn’t work and then I had no way of getting back to the home page. So I had to keep clicking the backspace button. The packaging of the product clearly states that it is for teething; with all teething products it is very difficult to know whether they will soothe your child. The quality of the product is very good. It has been used a lot, cleaned and dropped many times and is still in good condition and full working order. The teether is not very easy to clean because due to vibrating mechanisms you can’t sterilize or soak, so have just to wipe it over. The size and shape of the teether are perfect for my child and Sophie seems to be happy with using it and has used this one more than other ones I have bought. My baby loves this teether and I think it is of reasonable price for what it is. Because it is a very original teether with the vibrating mechanisms, so I think it is worth the money. Now that I have tested this product I will continue to use it because Sophie would be very upset if I took it away from her. I would definitely recommend this product to others because I have previously wasted a lot of money on teethers, but I believe this one is great in all aspects and is more than worth the money.  Suzanna North – Baby Sophie 8 Months


Product Tested By Claire Cook Toby & James 11 Months

Claire Cook Awarded the Learning Curve Massaging Teether 3/5

I wasn’t very impressed by the product on arrival, and wasn’t sure if it was any different from the other products available on the market. I thought that the packaging of the product was quite brief because it did not say that the teether vibrated so I did not realise until my baby used it. The quality of the product is great, it is strong sturdy plastic. I did not find the teether very easy to keep clean however because there are lots of little hoops attached to it which makes it quite difficult to wipe easily. The size is average but it is very thick making it quite heavy.  The shape of the teether is too complicated because there are too many hoops coming of it making it difficult for the babies to hold. I didn’t sterilize it as it had a vibrating feature I wasn’t sure whether you could put it in an electric sterilizer or not. (The last teether I did put in melted!) My babies were shocked at its vibrating at first and have used it occasionally but don’t often choose it from their other teethers. Personally I don’t think this product offers great value for money. Claire Cook – Toby & James 11 Months

This is a very good value for money teether that offers a good way of relieving teething pain.


Samantha Southwell Awarded the Learning Curve Massaging Teether 4/5

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