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First Years miPump

The easily portable miPump electric breast pump from The First Years is not only up to 60 per cent faster than other pumps on the market, but is also up to 60 per cent lighter and quieter as well.  Added to this, the easy Flexi-Fit shields offer a comfortable fit on the breast.  Complete with its own discreet carry case, the electric pump is small enough and light enough to carry in a handbag!  The new miPump meets all breastfeeding mums’ requirements for a portable, efficient, easy-to-use pump that is both comfortable and discreet to operate.  Great for breastfeeding mums who still need to get out and about. 

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First Years miPump Reviews

Product Tested by: Pippa Hussey – Alfie 2 Years & Baby Daniel 13 Weeks

Product Tested By Pippa Hussey – Alfie 2 Years & Baby Daniel 13 Weeks

 Pippa Awarded the First Years miPump 4.7/5

This is a lovely looking product. Although the assembly is not that complex, the instructions are very confusing, they cover 8 languages, which is great, but you have to search for the bits relevant to you and the writing is very small so hard to find. They are on both sides of a big fold out flyer and also on another 2 smaller flyers. It would be better if the instructions were all in one place and the languages were also grouped together. You currently need a large area to open the instructions and find the bits you need. The usage and the assembly instructions are in the same place so the same as above. I didn’t look at the instructions until after I had assembled it. I just wanted to make sure it was correct. The pump stands on its own and the hose just pulls out. There are jus 3 pieces that need washing so it’s nice and easy. I’ve used electric pumps with stronger suction, but certainly not as quiet. I don’t think the pump would do much on the lowest setting. It is most effective on full power but feels like you should be able to turn it up a little more. It is very comfortable due to its silicone cup. Expressing took about 10 minutes, a little slower than with another electric pump I use but much quicker than a hand pump. I thought it was very slow the first few times I used it but then I realised the bottles are very wide and give the illusion that they are filling very slowly. The bottles are clear, with good quantity markings on them, the milk goes straight into the bottle after each pump so it’s very easy to see how much you have expressed whilst still expressing. It’s comfortable, easy to use and you get a bottle full of milk fairly quickly. One great thing, they do tell you to look at your baby or a picture of your baby whilst expressing, also they tell you to drink lots of water whilst you’re doing it. These are SO important as no pump is effective unless you get your let down. You can take it to work to express, well anywhere actually. It also comes with a pretty trendy, discreet hand bag that it all fits in. It’s simple to take apart and there are no complicated bits that need cleaning just the shield, the bottle adapter and the valve that is easy to remove and clean. They do fit in my sterilizer… BUT… The instructions do not state in BIG letters that you should not put them in the microwave. I only have a microwave sterilizer. Thankfully my microwave has broken so I have been sterilizing things by boiling them. It was only when I re-read the instructions to write this report that I read some tiny writing about not putting the parts in the microwave! If my microwave had been working I may have damaged the components. The fact that microwave sterilization should not be used should be written on the box as so many people use this form of sterilization. It is good value for money. The thing that bothers me the most is that the breast shield it is SO wide at the neck. It feels like your nipple is being sucked into a great open space! It feels very unnatural. When it’s in a baby’s mouth it tapers much more as it sucks. I think the pump would be much more effective if the breast shield was more tapered or had a compressing massage cushion. It’s very quiet… This is its best selling point. Expressing is very private; if you don’t feel comfortable then it doesn’t work. This pump is so quiet that I don’t feel uncomfortable using it when other people are in the house. You can sneak off and use it without sounding like you’ve just stepped into a very noisy milking parlour! I can’t really fault the product apart from the size of the neck of the breast shield. If this was narrower then it would be 5/5. This pump has made expressing a very pleasant experience, it’s tidy, comes with a great carry bag and it’s so quiet and portable. I have taken it away and used it to discreetly express milk in a fairly public place. Pippa Hussey – Alfie 2 Years & Baby Daniel 13 Weeks

Product Tested By Catherine Oliver – Baby Arthur Nathaniel 6 Weeks

Catherine Awarded the First Years miPump 4.2/5

At a first glance I was a little overwhelmed by the sheer size of the instruction sheet, but I was able to put the pump together no problem. I even did this at 4 am one morning! Very easy to follow instructions – the hardest bit was finding the English section!  I was surprise at just how easy it was to assemble. I am usually rubbish at anything like that and get my husband to do it. I felt really pleased with myself once I had assembled it. Easy to disassemble. I was very nervous using the pump, as apart from in hospital I have never used an electric pump. I found the suction stronger than I thought I would but found the pace quite slow. It was also a little uncomfortable at times. I found it quite difficult to feel confident that my nipple was in the right place. Expressing took much longer than I thought but this could have been as I was a little scared of it! I found my hand pump faster. not very easy to monitor how much milk was being expressed, while expressing. It’s really important for me to see how much I am getting out as it keeps me going. I could only really see how much I’d expressed when I’d finished. You get your milk out but I did not enjoy the experience. it is portable and has a bag and everything to carry it around in. I have a large sterilizer so all of the bits fit in. I think its a little over priced, I would have been disappointed to have spent that much money on it.  the breast shield is not very comfortable. It’s hard to know if you have positioned your breast correctly as the shield is not see through. It also does not have a soft insert like other pumps I’ve used. I probably wouldn’t purchase this product  mainly due to the comfort factor and the noise. I did not find this pump easy to use and preferred my hand pump. Looks good but disappointing performance. Catherine Oliver – Baby Arthur Nathaniel 6 Weeks

Product Tested By Katherine Williamson – Baby Kieron 8 Weeks

Katherine Awarded the First Years miPump 4.5/5

Looked very interesting and seemed like lots included in box.  Was eager to start using.  Instructions were very detailed and informative and found it easy to set pump up.  Very easy to assemble and dissasemble. I have used electric pumps in the past so was comfortable trying this one out.  The suction was effective and strong enough for my needs. Once you are confident using this then they are a godsend when expressing. Expressing time was virtually the same as other pumps I had used in the past. I also found it easy to monitor just how much milk I was expressing each time. This comes with a great little nifty carry bag and has everything you need to take when on your travels so you can express when needed.  Loved the bag. No problem fitting all of these items in my sterilizer and cleaned easily.  Breast shield was very easy to use and comfortable.  Very pleased with this item, easy to use, good quality and you can take anywhere so ideal to express at work or when travelling.  I did find this a little expensive, but the quality is good, and I have enjoyed using it.  You have to pay that little bit extra for good quality.   Overall very effective, loved the case and will certainly recommend to friends and family. Katherine Williamson – Baby Kieron 8 Weeks

This pump has made expressing a very pleasant experience, it’s tidy, comes with a great carry bag and it’s so quiet and portable.


Pippa Awarded the First Years miPump 4.7/5

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