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Flambards Theme Park Cornwall

Flambards is the West Country’s leading family attraction with rides for everyone, family fun and entertainment. Don’t forget to visit the award-winning and unique exhibitions including the The Victorian Village and the Britain in the Blitz.

There is so much to do at Flambards.  Whatever your age, whatever your interest, there is something for everyone!

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Double Ticket 1 adult & child £16, Child under 90cm Free, Adult £19.95, Child under 15 Years £12.95 - Check full prices online

Flambards Theme Park Cornwall Reviews

Product Tested by: Elizabeth Kerr – Daisy and Jovi 11 Months and 15 Years

Product Tested By Elizabeth Kerr – Daisy and Jovi 11 Months and 15 Years

Elizabeth Awarded The Flambards Theme Park 4.4/5

It looked like there were lots to do for all ages and I was looking forward to the exhibitions.   Used the sat Nav in the car to get there.  It did try to take us the wrong way when we were near the park but luckily I could see where to go.  It was a little confusing as to which way to go and park. The car park was covered in little stones so a little difficult to push the pushchair over.   It was quick and easy to pay with the entrance nicely laid out. No queues because there were a couple of staff members taking money which was great. It was easy to walk around with a baby in pushchair and it was signposted in plenty of places. Lots of places to sit down which was good.   There was a good mixture of rides for adults, teens and young children. Daisy loved going on the younger rides especially the merry go round. The indoor attractions were good and interesting, plus educational for all the family.  Both baby and teenager enjoyed their day out which is brilliant because there’s not much you can do to keep different aged children entertained normally!  Both myself and husband enjoy visiting theme parks as well as the children.  There were plenty of toilets around the park and were kept clean and tidy. The food was expensive which we did expect. Quite a good choice of different foods and it was enjoyable.  Yes we did feel safe during our visit to Flambards theme park. There were always members of staff around.  I did feel it was quite expensive for a fairly small park.  It was good that you didn’t have to pay extra for rides but did have to pay extra for the go Karts which were very expensive.  If family or friends were going to be near the area I would say go and visit.  It’s a lovely park but would have expected a bit more for the cost of visiting the attraction. An enjoyable day out for all ages!  Elizabeth Kerr – Daisy and Jovi 11 Months and 15 Years

Product Tested By Siobhan Jameson – Robert, Jamie & Susan Aged 19, 12 & 7 Years

Siobhan Awarded Flambards Theme Park 4.9/5

We checked out the facilities online and looked like something for all of us.  Very easy to find as we just used our Sat Nav to direct us there.  The car park was not as well sign posted as it could have been.  However, found it and parked with ease.  Entrance good and quick and easy to pay and go through.  Well manned and got through easily.  A lot on offer and something for all the family.  My eldest is interested in history and aviation so he and my husband headed for the Aviation exhibition and Britain in the Blitz which they really enjoyed.  I took Jamie & Susan off to the main rides.  It was good to see so many rides on offer for all ages and Jamie and Susan had a ball.  They both loved the Flume ride, then who wouldn’t as these are always a favourite.  The park is well laid out and map easy to follow.  Once my husband and Robert had been to the exhibitions they caught up with us and Robert and Jamie went off with hubby to try out all the older rides.  I took Susan round some of the smaller rides and we also managed to visit the Victorian Exhibition which Susan loved.  Overall this was a great family day out for all of us as something to please everyone. We have been to many theme parks in our time and now take our own packed lunch.  This park had lots of places to sit down and eat our lunch.  The rides are good, fun and we all had a ball and the exhibitions are educational and we all enjoyed our visit.   A great theme park as so much on offer for everyone.  They have a lot of food places open so if you do not take your own food can purchase a variety of bites to eat during the day.  As with most theme parks these are expensive but it is the same at everyone you go to.  The facilities were good, toilets clean and easy to find.  A very nice laid out park, safe for all the family and just so much to see and do for all ages.  The entry fee is on a par with all theme parks and personally I think with so much on offer this really is a great day out for all the family.  One to definitely visit in the future.  We will go back again and would certainly recommend.  As a family we had a wonderful day out.  Could have spent more time there but a fun day for all of us. Siobhan Jameson – Robert, Jamie & Susan Aged 19, 12 & 7 Years

Product Tested by Charlotte Aston – Daisy & Harvey – 3 Years & 20 Months  

Charlotte Awarded The Flambards Theme Park  3.6/5

The first day we attempted to go, it was closed.  I did check the leaflet before we departed for opening times, but had assumed that it would be open every day; therefore I should have read the leaflet more carefully.  However as we weren’t the only family to make this mistake, as there were two others there, perhaps Flambards should make this clearer on the leaflet and on the entrance to the theme park.  The shutters were open but the gates closed to.  There were no signs to say it was closed so I had to telephone their main number from my mobile to clarify.  We did find the park fairly easily but perhaps leaflet could say it is located next to Sainsbury’s to be clearer for a driver. There were no people directing you to parking spaces but as it was in the week, it was quite quiet.  I was happy for my children to walk close by me and do a bit of running if they wanted to as you only had to be mindful of Flambard’s vehicles.  The changing facilities for babies weren’t the best I’ve used unfortunately.  As my daughter is only 3yrs and my son 20mths, I was very impressed that they could go on quite a few rides.  My husband and I enjoyed the undercover streets, e.g. Pharmacy, but we couldn’t stay as long as we would have liked as our children were too young for this and got tired easily.  Both or our children loved the rides, especially the log flume.  We haven’t been to a theme park before with the children, but would consider it again.  Eating and drinking facilities were less than average I think.  The toilets were clean but old and the baby changing facilities weren’t very good.  We felt very safe during our visit to the park.   It is very good that you don’t have to pay for the rides, but I did think it was quite expensive for a family day out.  I think now that we have been our children would need to be quite a few years older to appreciate all of the facilities on offer at this park.  It is somewhere you can visit with young children and feel very safe.  It was lovely to see the children’s faces light up on the rides as they had never been on anything like them before – but they made the day for me and not the park!  Charlotte Aston – Daisy & Harvey – 3 Years & 20 Months  

It’s a lovely park and an enjoyable day out for all ages! 


Elizabeth Awarded The Flambards Theme Park 4.4/5

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