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Flash-A-Casha Poncho

The knitted Casha poncho is available in one size. Our current colours are elegant, neutral and easy-to-wear – Ocean Grey, Warm Beige and Midnight Black.

Now available in 10 colours Including
midnight black, ocean grey and warm Biege


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Prices £160 plus £5 p&p uI and £10 overseas Purchase online at

Flash-A-Casha Poncho Reviews

Product Tested by: Sarah Wan – Bump Due In 2 Weeks

Product Tested By Sarah Wan – Bump Due In 2 Weeks

Sarah Awarded the Flash-A-Casha 5/5

Beautiful soft fabric with a lovely complementing colour. It is also so easy to wear. My baby is due in two weeks and this has been a life saver – it has been lovely to have something to wear on warmer days and so nice to leave my maternity coat at home! The poncho looks so stylish without any effort, a pregnant ladies dream! I also think it will be invaluable when my baby is born for popping in my changing bag, great for a little extra privacy when breast feeding or just for a little extra warmth instead of taking a coat. I was a little unsure what to wear it with to begin with, having never owned a poncho before, but the pictures on the website gave me inspiration. Absolutely beautiful, feels like a dream and shows no sign of wear despite me taking it everywhere for the past six or so weeks! Without a doubt, probably the most comfortable item of clothing in my rather extensive maternity wardrobe!  I have hand washed the poncho once and it washed perfectly – it really hasn’t taken much care or got very dirty. This might change when my baby arrives, but I am confident that it can take regular washing. This is a beautiful, beautiful poncho and it is obviously very high quality. If I was looking for a poncho, I’m not sure I would spend so much on the strength of the website alone, but if someone I knew had one, I would want one! And I think for the quality and because it is so versatile ‘price per wear’ works out pretty low. I have loved this during pregnancy and been able to wear it afterwards is a great bonus. I would advise all my pregnant friends to get one! It looks great on, so versatile and will last for years. Amazing – a little luxury goes a long way when you’re expecting and been able to throw this on and have both a practical and stylish look has been just lovely. Sarah Wan – Bump Due In 2 Weeks


Product Tested By Sharon Smith

Sharon Awarded the Flash-A-Casha 4.8/5

My first impressions of the product were, oh my god! It’s gorgeous! Brilliant, perfect design that doesn’t have to be worn one way, you can turn it around and wear it whichever way you wish! I chose the black colour, which went with all my outfits.  It was a perfect size to pack and ideal for a long flight I took. Being cashmere it was a dream to wear.  It’s luxurious & soft on the skin and lovely to snuggle into.  It wasn’t heavy or over warm.  It was just right when the weather has been nice enough not to want to put on a coat. I haven’t washed it yet, but will probably hand wash to be on the safe side!  It doesn’t wrinkle easy, so have not had to worry about ironing it yet either!  I have never bought anything this expensive before & priced at £130 is probably not something I would personally buy.  But being cashmere you would expect to pay more. Without a doubt, it is a lovely versatile accessory. I loved this product and it’s a real treat to wear. It is definitely a luxury item though, maybe a nice gift for someone special.Sharon Smith


Product Tested By Natasha Poffley – Amelie 2.5 Years

Natasha Awarded the Flash-A-Casha 4/5

Lovely quality, very soft and simple to wear.  It is so simple to wear and great if you are pregnant as I am. You can slip it on over anything to achieve a great stylish look. It can be worn casual or smart. I have been wearing it all the time every since I received it. The fabric is beautiful; they are so soft and comfortable. It was extremely comfortable to wear and I had no irritation from wearing it at all. I think the product is a little expensive I would have thought £80 – £100 RRP was a more realistic price to pay, that is my only fault with the product. Overall, it’s a lovely wearable product for any occasion, which is simple to wear and beautifully soft and comfortable on your skin. Natasha Poffley – Amelie 2.5 Years

a little luxury goes a long way when you’re expecting and been able to throw this on and have both a practical and stylish look has been just lovely.


Sarah Awarded the Flash-A-Casha 5/5

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