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Fleur Back Fastening Comfort Bra with Medium Support

This medium support back fastening comfort bra is wonderfully soft and comfortable, as well as beautifully feminine. It is ideal for women who have undergone breast surgery or are having chemotherapy or radiotherapy treatment. It is also very popular for pregnancy and nursing. The combination of fabric and design features in this bra offer greater comfort to those suffering from skin itching, blistering or peeling due to radiotherapy. It is also perfect for those who suffer from skin conditions such as eczema, psoriasis, epidermolysis bullosa and ichthyosis.Features include:The unique bamboo mix fabric has proven healing properties. It is antibacterial, breathable and capable of drawing moisture away from the skin faster than 100% cotton.There are no seams, tags or wires to irritate sensitive skin, scars or wounds.Front adjustable straps allows for the reduced arm mobility which you may experience after surgery.Front opening allows ease of access for examining wounds.Gentle moulded cups with pockets on the inside for the insertion of your softie or breast form (supports prosthesis up to an E cup).Comes with removable modesty pads to give gentle shape where needed.Designed to look and feel like regular lingerie.

Bizziebaby Bronze Award Winners 2018 Pregnancy Category

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£41.00 Available House of Fraser and online Theya Healthcare

Fleur Back Fastening Comfort Bra with Medium Support Reviews

Product Tested by: Katrina Lewis – Mum to Be

Tested By Katrina Lewis – Mum to Be

Awarded The Theya Healthcare Fleur Back
Fastening Comfort Bra with Medium Support 4.7/5

My initial
impression of this was good. The packaging was good. You could clearly see the product inside. The
instructions were simple and easy to follow. The fit was perfect for me. It was
very comfortable to wear. Due to the
soft material and design I found this a joy to wear, just so comfortable. It
fitted well and gave me plenty of support. It is very easy to wash and still
looks good as new. The thing I like most is how comfortable this bra is to
wear. A lot better than others I have at the moment. The quality is excellent.
The material is lovely and soft. I think it offers excellent value for money. I
have seen online it is also for women who have undergone surgery or treatment
and I can totally see the benefits for this. I would consider buying this again
if I needed a new bra whilst pregnant. I have already recommended it to a
friend of mine. This is a great bra, it’s a simple design but I loved it. Katrina

Tested By Juliette Poulter – Mum to Be

Awarded The Theya Healthcare Fleur Back
Fastening Comfort Bra with Medium Support 4.5/5

This looked good quality, simple design and seemed
as though it would be comfortable to wear. I must admit the packaging did not
really promote the fact this is the ideal bra for pregnancy and when checking
online it is designed for women who have undergone breast surgery. So would not stand out in a store if I was
looking for a pregnancy bra. The instructions were tops and loved the fact it
was made of bamboo mix material as natural and nice to wear. The sizing was
ideal for me as not a large lady, even though expecting so good fit. The
material was lovely, and loved the fact no support wires which can dig in. When
I had this on never felt too hot, was nice and soft against my skin and so
comfortable. So easy to wash, pop in normal wash and came out perfect every
time. I loved the fact it fitted perfectly and the material used. This is
excellent quality and a really lovely design making it comfortable to wear and
giving you the support you need. Value for money is a difficult one. It is expensive for a pregnancy bra and you
could not continue to use if breast feeding.
It is so comfortable to wear though and I would wear this after birth as
a normal bra. I can also see how
important this bra would be for anyone who has had breast surgery as it would
be the ideal bra to purchase and would not irritate any scar tissue so for this
I would say if you have had surgery this is a top investment. For me not really
a pregnancy bra but for anyone with skin complaints as so soft against the
skin, and for anyone who has surgery in the breast area I would highly
recommend. This is a high quality bra, great design just so lovely to wear,
great fit and thank you for giving me the opportunity to review. Juliette Poulter

Tested By Samantha Smith – Mum to Be

Awarded The Theya Healthcare Fleur Back
Fastening Comfort Bra with Medium Support 4/5

was impressive, the bra had a lovely feminine touch to it with the pink
flowers, and it was soft to touch. The packaging was very attractive and gave a
premium quality appearance; however it didn’t stand out to me as a pregnancy
product as it’s called a recovery bra. The instructions say it is for wear
following all type of breast surgery, which means in a shop or online I
wouldn’t assume it’s appropriate. Instructions are the best I’ve seen with any
bra – clear instructions with pictures and detailed washing instructions. It also
clearly states the materials used. Personally I prefer bras in the
standard bra size format rather than small/medium/large. As I would class
myself as between a medium and large according to the instructions I would be
reluctant to order before trying. I was sent a large, which did fit but was a
tad small on the cups once breast pads were also in place. The bamboo material
is lovely and soft and keeps you cool. I liked that there was no wire to dig in
anywhere. The removable pads were a good addition. Nice comfortable support but
I wish the cup size was a little bigger for a large. The chest band never dug
in compared to some of my usual bras. Simple instructions for machine
wash, no problems during washes. I really liked the fact the material was so soft, and the lack of wire
meant it was comfortable whilst still providing adequate support.
Clearly the material used makes this a high quality product, I experienced no
quality issues during the time tested, even with regular washing. I
would have liked it to be suitable for breastfeeding considering the price as
its more expensive than any of my own maternity bras. I do think it represents good value. Personally I’m not sure at £41 I would
justify it and the size is only suitable for pregnancy, and as the straps don’t
facilitate breastfeeding it would be a lot of money to spend just for pregnancy
use. However I can see the benefits it used for following breast surgery as
suggested in the instructions. I would not recommend for a pregnancy bra due to the price, but I
would for anyone who wants a nice soft comfortable bra for following any breast
surgery. Lovely soft comfortable bra
with pretty feminine design however I wouldn’t say this is primarily aimed at
use in pregnancy, and this is clear in the marketing of it. I would suggest
going for the bigger size if you’re between sizes, and removing the pads if you
want to insert breast pads for a more comfortable fit. At first I thought the
bra could be used for breast feeding as the shoulder straps unhook at The
front, however there is no strap underneath As with breast feeding bras to keep
It in reaching distance to hook back after feeding, the strap would just fall
off your shoulder! Or behind your shoulder! Therefore I wouldn’t say its value
for money for pregnancy; however I can see the appeal as a bra post any breast
surgery. Samantha Smith


This is a great bra, it’s a simple design but I loved it.


Katrina Awarded The Theya Healthcare Fleur Back Fastening Comfort Bra with Medium Support 4.7/5

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